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  1. Meet the Team

    Lisa Wright

    Board Chair, L.G.W. Fitness, Inc.
    FAS – Certified Functional Aging Specialist; AHA – CPR
    E5Collective Coach

    Specializing In: Sports Nutrition, Low Back Conditioning, Fitness and Pregnancy, Physiology and Exercise, Fitness and Fibromyalgia, Shoulder Complex: New Advances, Fitness, Posture, and the Aging Spine as business marketing to the aging population. E5Collective (aka Bootcamp with a Purpose)


    Lisa ran and taught aerobics classes in 1997-98 but struggled with “Skinny Fat”. She discovered resistance training and, more importantly, “Right Nutrition” in late 1998, which led her into the sport of Natural Body Building. She won awards in three shows and was privileged to judge several bodybuilding shows.

    Lisa continues to brisk walk/run, road cycle, mountain bike, lift weights 4 -5 times a week and jump rope to maintain a “toned” and functionally strong body at 62. Married to a retired pharmacist, John Wills, they recently purchased a home in Wimberley, TX, to spend more weekend time with grown daughters, Sarah Wright and Holly Maxwell.

    Lisa founded Your Personal Best Training Studio in 1999 and specializes in helping people over 50 achieve their personal best!

    Lisa’s Strengths:

    • Can create alternative ways to proceed. Quick to spot relevant patterns and issues.
    • Go with the flow. “Now” person who can take things as they come, discovering the future one day at a time.
    • Likes to figure out the best way to get things done and keep it simple! 
    • Has faith in the link between all things, i.e. body-mind-spirit, and prefers to live one day at a time. 
    • Enjoys the thrill of turning strangers into friends.

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    Juan Guerrero

    Co-Owner/Director of Operations/ Fitness Professional YPB Training Studio
    TAMUCC Bachelors in Kinesiology 
    ACE – Certified Personal Trainer
    FAS – Certified Functional Aging Specialist; AHA – CPR 

    Specializing In: Group Training, Fascia Release, HIIT Training, Progressing Beginning Clients, Strength and Cardio Circuits, Fun, and Functional Training

    Interests Are Sports Health and Fitness Nutrition How exercise can save lives Finding ways to motivate people Strength and agility exercises Dieting Neuromuscular training Fighting Obesity Juan says, even though most people do not like to exercise, just by doing a simple walk 30 mins a day can have positive changes in your life. People like to make excuses for not working out, but walking for 15 minutes around the block and 15 minutes back won’t kill or hurt anyone. Juan says he exercises because it helps him relieve stress, and he actually enjoys working out. Now that he is working at YPB, he realizes that the toughest part for people is actually getting to the gym, but we know that once you are here, we will do our best for you to achieve Your Personal Best!

    Juan’s Strengths:

    • An instinctively accepting person, respectful of individual differences.
    • Loves to solve problems and return people to a healthier and more fit lifestyle.
    • Can sort through the “clutter” of a solution and find the best route.
    • Dependable and easy to trust.
    • Can work long hours without burning out, understanding what it takes to achieve “Your Personal Best.”

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    Cathy Hart

    Elite Fitness Professional at Your Personal Best Training Studio
    Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Texas with Two Master’s Degrees from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
    FAS – Certified Functional Aging Specialist; AHA – CPR 

    Certified Tai Chi Instructor

    Specializing In: Group Training, HIIT Training, Progressing Beginning Clients, Strength and Cardio Circuits, Fun, and Functional Training, Tai Chi

    Interests Are:  

    Away from YPB, I work on my Norwex business and spend time cooking, gardening, reading, walking, riding my bicycle, visiting with friends and book club members, and doing (beginning) yoga and various crafts, including mosaics, embroidery, and needlepoint.  I have many interests and like to keep my creative juices flowing.

    My husband and I love music and have been working our way through an (unwritten) “bucket list” of performers we want to see “live” before they stop touring.   Before COVID stopped our plans, we saw several of our ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s favorites, including America, John Mellencamp/Carlene Carter/Emmylou Harris, (my all-time fav) James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, K.D. Lang, Carole King’s show “Beautiful,” Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie (formerly of Fleetwood Mac), Alison Krauss, and Diana Krall.  In the last two years, we’ve seen James Taylor again (did I mention he’s my all-time favorite?) with Jackson Browne, Diana Krall (again), The Chicks, Patty Griffin, and Alison Krauss (again) with Robert Plant.

    In addition to the above, my life is focused on my husband, my daughter and son-in-law, who live in North Dakota with my two adorable grandbabies — Maggie, who is 2, and her brother Forrest, who was just born this past spring.  Unfortunately for me, my son-in-law’s military service keeps my babies WAY too far away for me to see them as often as I would like.  I also am actively involved in the care of my stepfather, and I love spending time with my three 4-legged babies (I think some people call them cats) and assisting with activities at my church.

    Cathy’s Strengths:

    • Intellection:  is introspective and appreciates intellectual discussions
    • Deliberative:  takes serious care in making decisions and choices; anticipates the obstacles
    • Responsibility:  takes psychological ownership of what she says she will do; values honesty and loyalty
    • Individualization:  is intrigued with the unique qualities of each person
    • Relator:  enjoys close relationships with others; takes satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal

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    Judith Cutright

    Elite Fitness Professional at Your Personal Best Training Studio
    FAS – Certified Functional Aging Specialist; AHA – CPR

    Specializing: Group Training, HIIT Training, Progressing Beginning Clients, Strength and Cardio Circuits, Fun and Functional Training.

    Interests Are:

    Judith has a passion for exercise and good nutrition.  For decades, she has worked to share her knowledge, experience, and expertise to improve her client’s health and fitness.

    Hailing from Indiana, Judith has participated in diverse sports and dance from a young age.

    Although she only stands 5’3 ½ inches tall, she was a varsity basketball and field hockey team member and a member of her high school modern dance club.  After graduating from college, Judith continued graduate studies in community health administration, teaching exercise and dancercise classes on the side while working in various capacities in broadcasting and for a major corporation.

    Communication is also another one of Judith’s passions and areas of expertise. Read more – 

    Judith’s Strengths:

    • Judith’s mission in life is to be an inspiration to others.
    • She strongly believes we must care for our mind, body, and soul, accomplished by forming good habits, and is a proud member of Your Personal Best Training Studio’s Team.
      The YPB team’s efforts collectively help those over 50 form good habits leading to a healthy, productive life for decades.
    • As a certified functional aging specialist, Judith realizes it is vital she continues to develop her skills to have a positive and lasting impact on her clients’ lives.  Seeing her clients progress brings her immense personal joy and satisfaction.
    • Most importantly, she wants her clients to know that she deeply cares about them and is committed to helping them reach their health and nutrition goals.  Even if it means being a nudge at times, she will see those she’s privileged to help stay on track.  You can count on that!

    Michele Howard

    CPT – Certified Personal Trainer with Expert Rating
    FAS – Certified Functional Aging Specialist
    AHA – CPR
    Certified E5 Collective Instructor

    Previous Career: Retired Certified Secondary Science Teacher, Principal, and Special Education Director in Texas.

     Interests Are:

    I have always been interested in a healthy lifestyle, including eating well and physical activity. As an educator in public school for 35 years, I now enjoy the opportunity to educate men and women over the age of 50 in the area of functional aging and physical fitness. 

    Outside the training studio, I enjoy cross-stitching,  quilting, studying my ancestry, and reading. However, my focus has always been on my family: my husband, four grown children, three grandchildren, an extended family, and two dogs who enjoy a long walk almost daily.

    Michele’s Strengths:

    • Prefers high levels of activity: staying busy and being on the go (travel)
    • Believes that humans are generally good and mean well
    • Highly values treating others fairly
    • Desires to work hard and keep promises
    • High interest in intellectual experiences such as new learning


    Claire Arredondo-Lemons

    I am so excited to be part of the YPB family!  I love meeting new people, being of service, and helping others!

    CPT – Certified Personal Trainer with Expert Rating
    FAS – Certified Functional Aging Specialist; AHA – CPR/ 

    Occupation: I have worked in Spanish Television (Univision) for the last 35 years and have been in Sales for 18 years.  I love the opportunity to meet people, learn about their businesses and help small local businesses expand and grow!

    Interests:  I have always enjoyed exercising and doing some form of it my entire life.   I have always loved that “high” you get from exercise.  Through my job in sales, I get the opportunity to educate people about the best ways to grow their business by targeting their audience on Spanish TV.  And now, I can educate and help people with their fitness.  Outside YPB, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family. I love reading a good book!  And getting together with friends.


    • I enjoy meeting new people.
    • I love a challenge.
    • I enjoy reading and learning new things.
    • Dependable
    • Trustworthy
    • I make people feel at ease and comfortable around me.
    • I’m motivated by things I am passionate about.

    As a coach, I want to motivate people about exercise and nutrition and make it fun and exciting.


    Emily Duprie

    YPB Client Happiness Specialist / Administration
    TAMUCC Bachelor in Biology
    Minor in Marine Biology

    PADI- Certified Open-Water SCUBA Diver

    OSHA- Certified Oil Spill Responder


    I have worked in various guest services positions for the past 6 years, including a managerial position at a high-end beach resort in Port Aransas, TX. I love the opportunity to meet different types of people and hear their stories- but most of all, I enjoy making sure everyone is having fun!

    My Interests Are:

    My passions lie in nature, where I spend most of my free-time birding, surfing, scuba diving, creating art, and writing! I’ve lived in every corner of Texas, and have traveled to every continent (except Antarctica)! I love exchanging stories and discovering new perspectives on life’s everyday wonders. I practice QiGong and am a two-time State qualifying tennis player, anyone up for a match?

    Emily’s Strengths:

    • Communication
    • Problem-solving
    • Trustworthiness
    • Innovation (I love finding new solutions!)
    • Writing literature and published articles

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