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  1. Retiring Where You Can Be Active

    It used to be conventional wisdom that everybody wanted to retire to Florida or another sunny spot, find a comfortable place to sit, and… wait for life to wind down. Today’s active agers aren’t settling for that. Sure, some people want a slow pace and lots of sunshine. But we’re also looking at other criteria for our […]

  2. Success Story: ‘This Is Not OK’

    Tom Bass knew his wedding day would mark a new beginning. But he wasn’t expecting it to become the turning point in his health and fitness. “I was shocked when we got the photos back a few weeks later,” recalls Tom, 59, a retired chef. “I had no idea I had gotten so big. I said, ‘This […]

  3. Summer Living: Healthy Tips for the Season

    Everybody loves summer, right? The sunshine and warm weather can lift our spirits and encourage healthy living. Jogging, gardening, hiking, outdoor swimming… the options are endless with the longer days.  Summer is also an excellent time to remind ourselves about healthy lifestyle choices. So, let’s review how to make the most of the season. Hydrate YourselfThat’s right – […]

  4. Success Story: Back to Health – and Fun

    Many people reach a turning point when they realize they must start living healthier. For Rose Newman, it came on vacation in Costa Rica. At 59, she was disappointed to find herself hanging back at the hotel with the older relatives when others were hiking and enjoying the outdoors. “I was the fat lady who didn’t want to […]

  5. How Does Your Fitness Horizon Look?

    How old is too old to start exercising? Is it 40? 55? Maybe 70? We know the answer. It’s never. Personal examples and scientific research back this up. If you want to feel, move, and look better – if you want to live on your own terms and enjoy a high quality of life – then you […]

  6. Don’t Worry: Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts 

    Oh, no! Father’s Day is almost here – and you’re without a gift? No worries. We’ve got you covered with many awesome ideas for Dad or Grandpa to encourage his health and fitness activities. Finally, talk to us about our services that would complete his day. The main thing is to show your support for […]

  7. Check Out These Over-50 Fitness Influencers

    We love bringing you news and information that will inspire your fitness journey. And on social media, particularly Instagram, there’s no shortage of interesting, helpful fitness influencers in the over-50 fitness category. In fact, we would never try to pick a “Top 10” list.  We are more than happy to share a few that we think you […]

  8. Sometimes, It Takes Personal Modification

    Tony, a lifelong tennis player, is now in his mid-50s. When he started noticing his game wasn’t as sharp as it used to be, he thought gym workouts might help restore his power and relieve some pain. However, the trainer he used ignored Tony’s personal needs and past injuries, even when Tony said he didn’t […]

  9. Diet Is More Than What You Eat

    When someone asks about your diet, you naturally think about food, right?  But what if we expand our ideas about the word “diet” to include everything we consume in other aspects of healthy living? What would your exercise “diet” be? What would your emotional diet, your spiritual diet, etc.? It’s more than just an interesting way to […]

  10. Are You Ready for the Summer?

    Peter likes to run the trails in his neighborhood and work out on equipment in the park. Maria is crazy about hiking with her weighted backpack. And Joe rides his bike as often as possible, even to the grocery store and his favorite watering hole. These are just three of the responses we received recently […]

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