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  1. Take Action Against Breast Cancer

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month organizers emphasize the need for more than mere awareness of the disease. “We know that to help those facing breast cancer, awareness alone isn’t enough,” reads the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. website. “This October, get involved. Get screened. Make a donation. Take action. Make this (month) about more than awareness.” […]

  2. Success Story: Back from the Brink of ‘Indulgence’

    Nate Wilkins was living the good life. He was traveling a lot for work as a parks and recreation administrator in Florida. He was eating out and indulging in business lunches and happy hours. Sure, he noticed he was packing on pounds, but he was busy — dealing with that would have to wait. Then one day, […]

  3.  Embrace the Season – and Power – of Change

    September is a time of change, as temperatures get cooler, days get shorter, and leaves start to fall. As the famous words – from the Bible and a 1960s hit song – tell us, “To everything turn, turn, turn… There is a season… and a time to every purpose under heaven.” So, what can we learn about our […]

  4. How Many Steps?

    No one’s sure where we got the idea that 10,000 is the ideal number of steps everybody should take every day. It doesn’t seem to be based on anything scientific or medical. And the number might be daunting to people who are new to the idea of daily exercise. But a new analysis says the magic […]

  5. Want Better Skin? Lift Weights!

    As if better balance, improved heart health, and sounder sleep weren’t enough to get you into strength training, here’s one more reason that might do the trick: Weightlifting is good for your skin. That’s the finding of a study published in Scientific Reports, which found that both aerobic exercise and weight training altered gene expression and […]

  6. 3 Strikes Against New Weight-Loss Drugs

    This year, there’s been a lot of news about new prescription drugs to fight obesity. Maybe you’ve heard about these medications — with names like Wegovy and Ozempic – and wondered if they could give you a magic solution. But how far does your interest go? According to a new poll from KFF, a non-profit […]

  7. ‘Make Up Your Mind’ to Be Active at Any Age

    Judy Young has been swimming since she was a child. But this year was her first time competing at the National Senior Games. Judy, of Youngstown, New York, is 97. She underwent two surgeries last year and says swimming helped her recover. She’s dedicated to remaining active and enjoying her life. “I don’t have many […]

  8. At 100, This Athlete Says It’s Simple- ‘Keep Moving’

    Roy Englert survived not only World War II in the Navy, but he also survived being part of the historic D-Day invasion. Decades later, he’s also managed to become just one of two competitors to participate in all the National Senior Games, which have been held every two years, essentially, since 1987. “I’ve always had […]

  9. Exercise Keeps You Safer from Flu And Pneumonia

    Most people probably know that physical exercise is good for their health. But now, a new study makes the connection even more powerful. If you’ve been waiting for one more piece of evidence to convince you to exercise, this might be it. Meeting guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise cuts the risk of dying from […]

  10. Study Underscores Importance of Sleep and Exercise

    If you’re among the statistically few older adults who exercise regularly, congratulations! Keep it up. But remember how important it is to get enough sleep, as well, in order to gain the most health benefits from your physical activity. That’s the message in a new study from Britain funded by both the UK and US […]

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