The Power of Fitness in Menopause

Functional Aging

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  1. The Power of Fitness in Menopause

    Selene Yeager was in her late 40s when she started noticing strange changes in her body and mood. A lifelong competitive athlete, Selene noticed that her training wasn’t having its usual effect. She had night sweats and anxiety, but she brushed it all off. She learned later that she had begun going through menopause. Now […]

  2. Fitness Helps with Recovery from Drugs & Alcohol

    With drug and alcohol abuse affecting millions of people, it’s likely that we all know someone who is involved in recovery or needs to consider it. That includes people over 50 using drugs and drinking alcohol more and more each year. If we add include other compulsive behaviors like eating and gambling, then we see […]

  3. 6 Healthy Tips from a ‘Nurse-Coach’

    If nurses are the most trusted healthcare professionals, then what could be better for active agers than bringing them into the fitness realm, as well? “Nurse coaches” are just that: people trained as both a nurse and a personal trainer. It’s part of a growing effort to bridge the gap between traditional health care and […]

  4. What We Can Learn from ‘Blue Zones’ about Longevity

    Do you want to live a longer, healthier life? Then you’ll want to learn from the world’s “Blue Zones.” The idea of blue zones was popularized by author Dan Buettner in his book, “The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.” He discovered five places in the world where […]

  5. Resistance Training Prevents Obesity, Study Indicates

    Women and men over 50 who want to avoid obesity should be lifting weights regularly. That’s the finding of a large new study of how resistance training (weights, bodyweights, yoga, resistance bands, etc.) can improve and lengthen lives. We tend to think cardio exercise, like jogging, to fight fat. The researchers followed 12,000 people for six years, […]

  6. It’s No Time to Neglect Your Immune System

    After the pandemic, we all know how important it is to keep up a strong immune system, particularly among people over 65 or so. And now that the worst of Covid-19 seems behind us, you want to devote your new awareness to take positive steps for your health every day. Regular exercise is among the […]

  7. Need Motivation for Fitness Over 50? Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

    Did you or any of your kids have braces growing up? You probably remember how hard it was to understand that the benefits from the sacrifice would long outlast the temporary inconvenience of wearing them. Maybe you learned to focus on the smile you would have ever after – rather than on the metal you […]

  8. Staying Strong Against Ageism

    Ageism is ugly, mean and stupid – and it’s also dangerous to your health. The good news? By exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle, you’re achieving two awesome tasks: Overcoming ageism’s negative effects on you Setting an example to show other people over 50 they can do the same The UN and the World […]

  9. Why There’s No ‘Low Protein’ Diet

    You’ve heard of low-carb diets and low-fat diets. But you’ve probably never heard of anyone telling you to avoid eating protein – especially after age 50 or so when we need to double our efforts to get enough of it. You need protein to grow and maintain muscle mass, which we naturally lose as we […]

  10. Laura’s Fantastic Progress in 2 Months !

    Need a dose of motivation? Check out Laura’s fantastic progress. She started working with us in March 2021 and is killing it with her health and fitness goals! Meet Laura Holmgreen, 63, who works at an independent Wealth Management company and found our training studio through her husband John, who participates in a Rotary group […]

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