Strength Helps Him Be an Active Granddad

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  1. Strength Helps Him Be an Active Granddad

    What type of grandparent do you want to be? The strong and healthy kind that plays with the grandkids, even learning new sports later in life? Or the frail, retreating kind that sits and watches instead? Well, we all know which we would rather be: strong and healthy, right? Strength makes all the difference as […]

  2. Science Shows the Benefits of Exercise on Brain Health

    Here’s further proof that exercise is good for us, body and brain alike. In recent months, research has been published showing that exercise is the “top theoretical treatment” for Alzheimer’s disease, jibing with previous research about how it fights dementia. Moderate physical activity among mature women helps lower the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia […]

  3. Invest the Time and Money – You DO Have Both!

    Here’s the thing about excuses: They’re nonsense. (There’s another popular term we won’t use here.) Do you ever find yourself saying you “don’t have time or money to take care” of yourself? How about “I’m too old” for good measure? Those are the most common barriers to fitness that we hear. They are all NONSENSE. […]

  4. Physical Exercise Is Essential for Mental Health Too

    At every stage in life, physical health is tied to mental health. When we feel good physically, we’re more likely to feel good mentally, as well. And with dementia, depression, anxiety, and loneliness higher among people later in life, this is one more reason to get or stay physically fit. The World Health Organization has […]

  5. Studies Link Obesity to Smaller Brains

    Being obese means having a bigger body, of course. But research indicates it also means having a smaller brain – and a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. “The more we understand about (body fat), the clearer it becomes that belly fat is its own disease-generating organism,” said Dr. Lenore Launer in a statement by […]

  6. New Book Highlights Exercise for Long ‘Healthspan’

    What’s the most important thing you can do for long-term health and quality of life? Nutrition? Sleep? Stress management? Nope, although those are all important. It’s exercise, hands down. That’s one of the many powerful points in a new book, “Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity,” by Peter Attia, MD, with Bill Gifford. “Exercise […]

  7. Regular Exercise Can Help with Problem Drinking

    Alcohol abuse can sneak up on us later in life, experts say. Many people lose their partners, job-associated identity, and a sense of purpose that guided them for decades, and some can develop or worsen a drinking problem. The pandemic, and the isolation it brought, led millions of older adults to drink more, surveys found. […]

  8. Workouts Improve Outdoor Sports Performance

    Golfing, tennis, running, and other outdoor sports are just as important later in life as they were in our 20s, 30s, and 40s. You still want a strong drive on the golf course, a good serve in tennis, and the stamina to enjoy a run. Come and Join our 21-Day Balance and Strength program today! <<< […]

  9. How This Accomplished Athlete Found Out The Importance Of Healthy Eating

    You can see right away that Deb DeHaven is an athlete. She’s 5 feet 2, weighs 100 pounds, and stays strong by lifting weights three times a week. Here’s what you can’t immediately see: Deb’s doctor recently diagnosed her with hypertension at the crisis stage (180/100). “This is something I never would have expected,” says […]

  10. friends and fitness

    Friends And Fitness Make The Difference

    Here’s a universal story about the power of exercise and friendship, even if it involves circumstances, locations, and activities most people might never do. Exercising with a group helps ensure success. And sometimes, nothing’s more important than good friends. That’s what Diane Firmani has learned in recent years. “Being in a group appeals to me […]

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