The 7 Types of Rest We All Need

Functional Aging

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  1. The 7 Types of Rest We All Need

    Have you ever felt so exhausted that all you needed was a good night’s sleep? Everyone has. But have you ever STILL felt exhausted, even after plenty of shut-eye? We wrongly think that “rest” means “sleep,” when in fact, there’s more to it than that. So says Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, author of “Sacred Rest: Recover […]

  2. How Exercise Boosts Your Metabolism

    You might’ve heard people talk about their metabolism and how it relates to their weight, maybe in statements like these: “I never gain a pound – I guess I just have a high metabolism.” Or: “I keep gaining weight since I turned 40. My metabolism must have slowed down.” But have you ever wondered what […]

  3. Success Story: Focus on the Fun and Don’t Look Back

    You’re never too old to get back to doing the physical activities you used to love. Just look at Kay Glynn, a 68-year-old grandmother who regained her athletic devotion after she saw other “older” people having fun running on a track. Back in high school, she had set a long jump record that held for […]

  4. Join the Return to In-Person Workouts

    Surveys and media reports recently are suggesting that people are losing their pandemic-fueled fever for at-home workouts – and returning to the gym and fitness studios like before. And that’s great news for people over 50 – who were hit particularly hard by Covid-19 and who often need to focus on social interactions to overcome […]

  5. Exercise Boosts Creative Thinking

    Exercise boosts creative thinking of all kinds. Want proof? Michael, a corporate attorney, solves his complicated work problems while swimming. Todd, who manages PR for a large communications firm, likes to have one-on-one meetings with his direct reports at the company gym. And Lyndsey, a photographer, cleared her head to open her own business while […]

  6. 5 Fast Facts about Lowering High Blood Pressure

    Everyone knows high blood pressure is a killer. It’s the No. 1 cause of heart attacks in the United States, and the most important risk factor for strokes. And we know it’s a bigger problem later in life, afflicting up to 65 percent of people 60 and over. But do you know the best ways […]

  7. What Muscle Means to You after 50

      What does it mean to have muscle? When we were kids, we probably thought of athletes and superheroes. In our 20s, we might have associated muscle with lots of weightlifting in the gym and young men with bulging physiques. But later in life, we need to realize that muscle means more than big biceps. […]

  8. Top 5 Tips to Better Mental Health

    It’s understandable to get stressed these days. But it’s not a requirement! But we can take steps to protect our mental health every day, just like we can exercise physically to improve our bodies every day. (And, yes, exercise is good for your brain, too!) So, in addition to regular workouts, here are our top […]

  9. Top 10 Tips to Enjoy Fitness

    Let’s talk about a few things that are boring. Just for a minute. There’s a long, pointless lecture about an obscure subject, right? And, say, an endless game of Monopoly no one can seem to win. But do you know what’s NOT boring? Taking care of yourself through regular exercise and eating right as an […]

  10. The Power of Fitness in Menopause

    Selene Yeager was in her late 40s when she started noticing strange changes in her body and mood. A lifelong competitive athlete, Selene noticed that her training wasn’t having its usual effect. She had night sweats and anxiety, but she brushed it all off. She learned later that she had begun going through menopause. Now […]

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