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  1. Nora Cason: A Client Success Story

    We couldn’t be more proud of our client, Nora Cason! She is proof that consistency pays off. We’ve been working together since 2018, and she has overcome so many obstacles along the way! Congrats, Nora! Nora Cason is 61 years old, and two years before joining YPB, she broke a foot and was unable to […]

  2. Healthy Tips for this Summer

    Summer is a good time to remind ourselves about some healthy lifestyle choices. So, let’s review how to make the most of the season.

  3. 10 Lessons for Healthy Living

    Healthy Living Today: Top 10 Lessons

  4. Use the 4 Elements to Lower Stress

    Back to the Real Basics: Lower Stress with the 4 Elements

  5. Will this Pandemic Impact Your Health?

    Obesity among older people is a growing problem in North America, Europe and the entire developed world. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic crisis, it can complicate health even more for the millions of people who are overweight.

  6. Online Yoga Is Great

    If you don’t have much experience with yoga, this might be an ideal time to take some introductory lessons. Even if you’re an experienced yogi, online classes are readily available, safe and effective.

  7. Coronavirus and Smoking

    Coronavirus is one more reason to quit smoking.

  8. Jackie’s Success In Spite of a Catch 22

    Huge congratulations to our client Jackie Ray, who has made incredible progress towards her goals! Not only is she making a physical transformation, but she is helping inspire so many others during this global disruption. Check out her story. Jackie Ray is a 62 years old sales manager for Omni Corpus Christ Hotel and has […]

  9. Jeanette Zamzow’s Success Story

    Hi, I’m Jeanette Zamzow, 71 years old, a retired CPA.  I began working out at YPB because I wanted to improve my bone density and osteoporosis in my hips.  This disease pressed me to call several gyms, including Your Personal Best. I decided that their program for the over-50 population was the one for me. […]

  10. What’s So Funny

    We could all use something to laugh about these days, right? Well, we don’t need anything funny to get the health benefits of laughing.

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