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  1. The Power of Consistency

    What did you do on the Fourth of July? Apply the inspiration of two gentlemen (over 70-years-old) to your gym workouts, yoga practices, golf game – whatever you enjoy now and want to continue enjoying.

  2. Are Smartphones Making Us Fat? Convenience Comes with a Cost to Our Health

    If Baby Boomers wonder why they struggle with weight, they might look no farther than their hand. First, smartphones and other conveniences are essentially adding 500 calories a day to our diets compared to a few decades ago, a new book says. That translates to about a pound a week if we don’t exercise enough.

  3. Success Story: A Painful Moment Helped Her Make Important Changes

    Big life changes often follow a moment of clarity that can be startling, liberating or even painful. For Gina Gross, 59, her epiphany came while she and her husband were taking a tour of a gym in their new community.

  4. Terry’s Health Impacts His Loved Ones!

    Starting a new fitness journey doesn’t always mean that we have to go it alone.  Having a good support system or someone to join you on the journey can make for a great experience. Terry Lemons has been working with a Functional Aging Specialist for over a year now, and the impact it has had on him has been life-changing.

  5. How Working Out Can Help You in the Garden

    Amanda Hockley loves gardening in her backyard. But a couple of years ago, painful arthritis began getting in the way of her favorite hobby – which requires stamina, flexibility and strength. Since exercise can relieve arthritis pain, Amanda joined a functional fitness personal studio for small group personal training sessions a year ago. Read her story -

  6. A Love Story in Fitness

    The couple that exercises together stays together. Here are five ways working out together can help a romantic pairing.

  7. Greg is aging backward at 70!

    Greg Kiel at 71, has been working with a Functional Aging Specialist for almost three years and has noticed a huge change in his life. Read his full story

  8. You Got to Have Friends

    Exercising with a group helps ensure success. Some people prefer to get fit alone. Others are joiners – happiest when they’re working out and playing with friends or other folks. That’s Diane Firmani, a 64-year-old multi-athlete who stays active outdoors all year long in Wasilla, Alaska. Read her story

  9. Let Bill Motivate You to Age Backwards

    We love this quote and want you to meet 69-year-old Bill Gregorcyk, who has come to benefit from the functional fitness workouts at YPB Training Studio.  He enjoys the people, trainers, exercising, and especially the feeling he gets when his workout is over

  10. How One Client is Going to Stay Fit for the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us! It's that time of year again when people tend to have the least amount of energy, overeat and gain the most body fat.

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