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  1. Spring into Fitness Starting Now

    It might not seem possible now, but springtime is just around the corner. Whether you’ve been staying active all winter or not, it’s not too soon to start thinking about amping up your exercise routine and paying more attention to your diet. Here are some tips to have in mind and put into practice. Spring […]

  2. Exercise Makes Us Better Lovers at Any Age

    Fit people make better lovers. It’s true at any age, even later in life. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone. If you’re stronger, more agile, and have better stamina, then chances are you’re going to have a more satisfying sex life – and help your partner have one, too. Scientific research backs this up. In one […]

  3. Don’t Let Fear Stop You

    In this “scary” season, let’s talk about fear. The fear that keeps you from improving your health and quality of life. The fear of starting your fitness journey or, if you’re already on it, the fear of pushing yourself to new heights. It can keep you frozen in your tracks worse than Dracula or the Wolfman. Fitness fears are […]

  4. ‘Blue Zones’ Series Shines Light on Longevity

    Do you want to live a longer, healthier life? Then we have a show for you. The idea of blue zones was popularized by author Dan Buettner in his book, “The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.” He discovered five places in the world that have greater longevity and […]

  5. Stretching for Health, Fun, and Fall Prevention 

    Balance and flexibility are key facets of physical fitness. Like endurance and strength, they diminish with age unless we work on them. Working on balance and flexibility helps prevent falls, which can be disastrous. And just like it’s never too late to start working on them, it’s also never too soon. Anyone engaged in fitness should […]

  6. Success Story: Back from the Brink of ‘Indulgence’

    Nate Wilkins was living the good life. He was traveling a lot for work as a parks and recreation administrator in Florida. He was eating out and indulging in business lunches and happy hours. Sure, he noticed he was packing on pounds, but he was busy — dealing with that would have to wait. Then one day, […]

  7. Healthy Recipe, Watermelon and Feta Tartines

    Watermelon and feta have made a popular snack in the Mediterranean for ages. The combo has caught on elsewhere, too, usually in the form of a salad. In his new cookbook, “I Could Nosh: Classic Jewish Recipes Re-vamped for Everyday,” Jake Cohen provides the perfect appetizer for a sunny cocktail gathering or lunch. Ample olive […]

  8.  Embrace the Season – and Power – of Change

    September is a time of change, as temperatures get cooler, days get shorter, and leaves start to fall. As the famous words – from the Bible and a 1960s hit song – tell us, “To everything turn, turn, turn… There is a season… and a time to every purpose under heaven.” So, what can we learn about our […]

  9. Healthy Recipe, Coconut-Oat Truffles

    If you’re scrambling for a token of affection to share with your loved one that won’t knock them off with their healthy-eating regimen, consider blending up a batch of this no-bake, power-packed treats. The recipe, adapted from “A Return to Ireland: A Culinary Journey from America to Ireland” by Judith McLoughlin (Hatherleigh Press, $30), is […]

  10. Gift Guide: Keep Your Sweetie Sweating

      Regarding Valentine’s Day gifts, anybody can come with a box of chocolates and red wine. Not that there’s anything wrong with either one! But… wouldn’t you be showing a more supportive love with a fitness-related gift to keep your sweetie encouraged? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking in the right direction! […]

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