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  1. Perfectly Seasoned Oven Baked Chicken Breast

    Here’s my go-to recipe for Perfectly Seasoned Oven Baked Chicken Breast that comes out perfectly flavored and moist every single time!

  2. Creamy Apple Celery Salad with Protein

    ​If your sweet tooth is acting up again right before bed then consider trying this crunchy, sweet, creamy salad.

  3. Healthy Recipe, Minestrone

    Try this great butternut squash and kale in this hearty vegetarian soup!

  4. HEALTHY French Fries

      Yes, this is happening! Real healthy fries that taste AMAZING and are made with BAKED PARSNIPS! Most people love fries, however, regular fries really are so bad for our fitness. All that unhealthy fat and all of those calories are hard to justify eating very often. And having a belly full of greasy fries […]

  5. Still craving the wrong foods? Here’s how to stop…

    Let’s face it, we live in a world where food temptations are everywhere! Here’s how to stop…

  6. Healthy Recipe, Jamaican Jerk Chicken

    The spices and peppers in this low-sodium, high-protein dish will transport you to a whole new taste from “Heart Healthy Home Cooking African American Style” by the National Institute of Health.

  7. Success Story: She’s Living Proof about Fat Loss after 50

    Denise Wehrkamp is living proof that fat loss after 50 is possible – if you stick with the program of exercising and eating right.

  8. Fat Loss after 50: Five Easy Tips

    Fat loss after 50 seems hard for most people. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep a healthy weight through exercise and eating right.

  9. Healthy Recipe, Pumpkin Veggie Burger

    A light and flavorful pumpkin veggie burger with white beans and quinoa.

  10. How Exercise Is Key to Overall Wellness (and Quality of Life)

    You know that exercise is the key to physical fitness, especially later in life. But did you also know that fitness is, in turn, the key to wellness, or our overall wellbeing, as we age?

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