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  1. Why Our Clients Love Us!

    John Owen
    An interview with Coach Juan
    While this client WIN might not be our typical post, we KNOW that you WILL be inspired and motivated by his success. There’s a perfect chance that you KNOW him as well. He’s a leader in our community; we have come to know him through our Rotary participation.
    So, take 5 and check out John’s story, including how (as a person with paraplegia) he could get back up when the arm broke off his wheelchair and spilled him to the ground. Boom! Fitness goals met!
    It’s an honor and a privilege to work alongside John Owen, whose hard work is definitely paying off.
    Click the link to see the full story…(Video link here)
    Greg Gamble
    Do You Know the Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss?
    Our client Greg Gamble (61), has had excellent results with YPB in as little as six months. In this video with co-owner Juan Guerrero, he shares a bit about what brought him to YPB, what it’s like to train with us, and what sets us apart from other gym experiences he’s had in his life.
    You will hardly believe the amount of fat Greg’s lost and the muscle he’s gained without this being his primary goal. Watch the video to learn more, and congratulate him in the comments.
    This is how to get it done … (video link here)
    The Holmgreens
    Client Shoutout!

    👍💥That moment when your clients John and Laura Holmgreen message you that their training has paid off! They climbed 469 steps to the top of the Duomo in Italy! #proudcoach!

    Talk about active living! And check out these gorgeous pictures!

    Bertha “Betty” Garcia
    👍💥 That moment when your client Bertha Garcia comes up to you after her workout with a picture of herself from years earlier.
    Way to age backward! Losing 75 pounds is life-giving, and life lived well! Thank you for sharing this! #proudYPBcoach
    Who’s next? We might just be a “fit” for each other! Join our 21-Day Longevity & Strength program if you are over 50-years-old to find out more >>> https://www.ypbstudio.com/21day <<<
    Nanette Hasette
    📢🔥Quick shout out to Nanette Hasette! We are completely blown away by her hard work and consistency. We couldn’t be more proud of her! Not only has Nanette shown physical health results, but she shares how YPB has helped her mental health!
    “I joined YPB in 2018 when I was at my lowest state of mind and health. I had chronic health issues that affected my well-being. With the encouragement of my husband and his insistence to invest in your health, I joined YPB.
    At first, I was hesitant, but after my first and second challenges, I felt so much better mentally and physically that I decided to continue investing in my health.
    I am happy to say that my chronic health issues have been resolved, and I feel so much better now than I have been in years!!
    I am so grateful to the YPB coaching staff for their care and advice. YPB has been an investment with a 100% return!
    Thank you for being part of my journey! “
    🎉🥇Helping people achieve their goals is the reason I do what I do every day! Thank YOU for letting us be part of your journey, Nanette!
    Nanette recently finished the 10 Day Total Mind & Body Detox Challenge, where she came in first place with 35 points!
    Which is an addition of
    – Body Fat Percentage Loss
    – Fat lbs Loss
    – Inches Lost
    – Lean/ Muscle Gain
    – Facebook Participation Daily Check-in
    – Coach Catalysts Check-in
    🏆👏🏻 Real people getting REAL results! So happy for you, Nanette!.
    🎉 Let us be part of YOUR story! Right now, you can sign up for our 21Day Longevity and Strength Challenge coming up! Here! -> https://www.ypbstudio.com/21day 
    Liz Torresson
    💪🏻🔥Need a dose of motivation? Check out Liz’s amazing progress. She started working with us just a year ago, and she has been absolutely killing it!
    Meet Liz Torresson, 76 years old retired from Nursing until was hired as a Wellness Nurse to give COVID vaccines and do health screenings.
    Liz has only been with us for a year and has shown amazing results. Watch her full story about how she overcame her shortness of breath obstacle and has continued getting stronger, increasing her balance and how she uses it in her everyday life now!
    🎉🥇Helping people achieve their goals and live a longer and healthier life is the reason we do what we do every day! Thanks for letting us be part of your journey, Liz!
    Worried it’s too late to start? DON’T BE! Look at Liz, her story, and what one year of commitment and dedication can do! Let’s start your journey now!
    DM us or go to -> https://www.ypbstudio.com/21day <- to give our 21-Day Longevity and Strength Program a try! BUT hurry only a few spots are left!
    Watch her full testimonial here! -> https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1389687078122374
    Rey Juarez
    👍💥That moment when your client Rey Juarez messages you regarding his passions, and he includes Your Personal Best Training Studio and our Team in all his accolades. #proudcoaches!
    “I am doing a Happy Dance around my Exercise Ball this morning after receiving your Awesome package. Thanks for the personal support I am getting from each of you folks.
    I try hard to be the best of myself in my efforts. It is terrible to lose your hearing, for like other physical deficiencies, it can lead to other problems. So I hope to keep ahead of it.
    I believe in eating (nutrition) to beat disease and preserve or improve what we have. So I have my goals, especially soon with cycling activities, and hence I came to you folks to help me get stronger overall.
    Our lives are fascinating from the standpoint of spiritual, physical, and emotional soundness. So yes, I feel comfortable knowing being in your gym will add to my physical and emotional needs.
    Thanks, I can talk forever about these passions of mine.”
    Maureen Charleston
    🏆👏🏻I couldn’t be more proud of Maureen Charleston! She is proof consistency pays off … we’ve worked together for two years, and she has hit so many milestones along the way!
    Congrats, Maureen!
    While she got off to a slow start with us, little by little, she learned how to get out of her own way and “trust the process”! To date, Maureen has changed her body composition by losing 22.5#s of body fat, gaining strength, losing 11 inches, and dropping her negative self-image.
    🎉🥇Helping people achieve their goals is why I do what I do every day! Thanks for letting me be part of your journey, Maureen.
    👍🏻💪🏻If you’re” interested in creating your own before & after story, just send me a message, and we can set up a success session OR join our 21-Day Longevity and Strength Program to give us a try and to see if we are a fit for each other.
    Space is limited this month; click here for more info –> https://www.ypbstudio.com/21day.
    Sharon Trott
    Sharon’s Success with ZOOMED Workouts

    Meet Sharon Trott, our latest client success story who is retired and 67 years old. Her goals when she hired YPB were to keep moving, get stronger, and stay as healthy as possible growing older. 

    “When I retired in 2018, I decided I had more time to commit to staying healthy. I have always exercised, mostly walking in the park or on the treadmill, but I decided it was essential to add strength training to my already active routine when I retired. Also, lifting weights was something I’ve never been able to do on my own and achieve much in the way of benefits. So that was my primary interest in joining YPB.”

    Today, Sharon says she is stronger, looks fit, and feels good. In addition

    “A year ago, my total cholesterol, bad cholesterol, and triglycerides had all crept up to just past the upper limit of where they should be. Last month, when I did labs for my cardiologist visit, they were all well below that limit and in the ‘good zone.’ 

    All my numbers looked good, and my doc called it the perfect lab report! Then, she asked me what I had been doing, so I got to brag on Your Personal Best. The workouts and what I have learned through the meal challenges about eating healthier have all contributed to this good lab report.”

    Sharon’s Biggest Challenge – 

    My biggest challenge was that I did not know if I could stay committed to going to a gym twice a week. So when COVID came along, we went to zoom workouts, which became a huge plus for me. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the time that I worked out at the studio, and I miss the group of people I worked out with, but I prefer the Zoom workouts. I feel that I am making progress even from my living room. 

    The YPB Coaches don’t let me slack off! While I already had some equipment, I purchased a couple of heavier dumbbells, two heavier kettlebells, a foam roller, and a stability ball. 

    I like Zoom workouts because I can add 10 to 15 minutes of additional cardio or stretching exercises before or after the YPB workout. That helps me reach my goal of 150 minutes of exercise, on average, each week.”

    Sharon’s Advice for Anyone Considering Giving YPB a Try – 

    “Just do it! 

    Don’t try to do so much that you become bored or feel you don’t have the time to commit to it. Thirty minutes twice a week with YPB keeps me plenty motivated to continue and motivates me to add other workouts on the days I’m not doing YPB.”

    Watch Sharon tell her amazing story here –> https://youtu.be/qjPuY4BfGG8 

    Are you like Sharon? Active and looking to keep moving, get stronger, and stay as healthy as possible growing older? Come give us a try with our 21 Day Strength and Longevity Program! Let’s get you started. -> https://www.ypbstudio.com/21day 

    Jeanette Garcia
    Our clients are crushing it – and we couldn’t be more proud.

    And you’re going to want to pay attention because Jeanette will share the primary key to her
    success below.

    Meet Jeanette – she’s a busy wife and mom over 50 years old who works full-time and was beyond ready to start moving better, feeling better, and stepping up her game toward aging

    Initially, she joined our 21-Day Longevity and Strength Program in January of 2021 via ZOOM training and has successfully participated in several of our challenges. 

    Check this out as of lately. In just four weeks as a result of our New Year’s Transformation Challenge, she has: 

    • ACCOMPLISHMENT 1: Body metric change by dropping 13.5 pounds of fat, lost inches, gained muscle and reached her all-time lowest body fat percentage since she started with us over one year ago. 

      “Through live ZOOMED in workouts, I’ve been able to increase my upper body strength with the help and guidance of my coaches at YPB; they make sure of my proper form and also gradually increase the amount of weight I am using”


      “I’m so grateful that my coaches can modify some of the exercises for me since I have restrictions and limitations with my ankle/foot. I ruptured my tibial tendon, and it has been a very long healing process!Plus, I’ve had bilateral total hip replacements. So medically, I’m at the point I need bilateral total knee replacements.But I’ve chosen to continue on the path of exercising and eating clean with YPB! This lifestyle of eating clean and with exercise has been what’s working for me!!”

    How inspiring is THAT?!
    Here’s exactly how she did it:

    • She followed our proven roadmap for success, step by step
    • She regularly checked in with her coach and participated in the community provided to her
    • Communicated by letting us know what worked (and what didn’t)
    • She did all the work and consistently showed up for herself!

    But do you want to know the MAIN thing that Jeanette attributes to her success?

    It’s, “She trusted the process” and reached out when she needed help.

    We are so happy for her and so grateful for the chance to be part of her journey.

    “Oh on a side note because of the clean eating, my husband Eli has been able to cut his cholesterol meds in half and take every other day….if this next lab work is still just as good
    they’ll take him off completely!” ~Jeanette

    You DESERVE to have these same results in your own life. If Jeanette can do it with all her obstacles, YOU can, too. It’s not magic; it’s 21 Days of Longevity and Strength to see if
    we are a fit for one another! 

    Learn more here: https://www.ypbstudio.com/21day

    George Clower
    Check out this YPB VIP Member’s amazing testimonial!!
    George Clower celebrated his 10 year Anniversary with Your Personal Best Training Studio this month!
    10 Years! 10 years is a long time to stay committed and disciplined! Well, George shares his secret on how he stays disciplined! A testimonial you won’t want to miss!
    Also, watch how George had to adjust from his in-studio workouts to ZOOM workout sessions ONLY! He always gives his best effort and full commitment.
    Real people getting REAL results! We are so happy for you, George!
                                                                                                                                                            https://www.facebook.com/ypbtrainingstudio/videos/320689013352732/                                                      https://youtu.be/WQQdA9sCBMA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
    Claire Lemons

    That moment when you run across a client’s Facebook post like this one ==> #proudcoach 🥳

    Claire Arredondo – Lemons Story! ⭐

    “Here’s to 2022! But, first, I want to give a big shout-out to my YPB family, my trainer Cody, my workout group, my fellow challengers, and YPB co-owners Lisa, and Juan; for supporting me, pushing me, and making this lifestyle change fun!

    My husband always supports me, and a BIG shout out to ME for taking action in January 2017 and deciding to change my health! Over the holidays this year, I dropped weight and have officially lost 31.8 lbs. over the last four years and have kept it off!!

    My advice to anyone ready to make a change:
    1. Make yourself important enough to workout 3 x weekly, so nothing gets scheduled on those days at those times.
    2. Join a gym that knows and cares if you don’t show up.
    3. Get around people that will love and support you where you are!
    4. Know that it’s not going to happen overnight. Keep going!
    5. Start changing your thinking.
    6. Or you could always join me in this month’s challenge!

    Please message me for details! Ok, that’s it. I’m just really proud of myself!!” 🤩🏅

    Absolutely incredible! Claire is truly an inspiration and we are so proud of her here at Your Personal Best! 💪🎉

    YOU TOO can start your health and fitness journey!

    Diane Pruett

    This week, we’d like to shine the spotlight on one of our clients. Diane Pruett is a 72-year-old retired businesswoman who started working out with us in April 2021. Diane had spent many years traveling extensively for business and knew she had neglected her health in the process. Like most people over the age of 50, she had balance issues and a few limitations.
    A couple of months after joining YPB, Diane had a serious setback: she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Many people would use a diagnosis such as this as an excuse to give up her newly-established exercise routine but, with motivation, advice, and support from YPB, Diane continued to train.
    Six months later, she has made it through the treatments, has lost weight, and has the strength to carry around her 20-pound grandbaby. When she joined YPB, Diane’s goal was to have the strength and stamina to keep up with her 8- and 13-year old granddaughters — and, now, her new 7-month old grandson. We’re here to tell you, that Diane is crushing her goals — and we are SO proud of her and her commitment to her health.
    When asked what advice she would give to anyone “on the fence” about working out with us, Diane said, “just try it!” In her experience, committing to a regular exercise program is worth it … and the more you do it, the easier it gets. Great advice, Diane!
    Watch the full video of Diane’s inspiring story here–> https://youtu.be/S_F61yEu5h4

    Gregg and Michele Howard

    This week, we want to give a SHOUTOUT and shine the spotlight on two of our clients. Gregg and Michele Howard have worked out with YPB for two and a half years, and during this time, they have been such an inspiration. They are the perfect example of wanting to age actively and continue doing the things they love to do now and for the rest of their lives.
    The Howards are just one of many of our favorite success journeys! Thanks for letting us be part of your journey, Gregg and Michele!
    Please watch the amazing video testimonial here –> https://youtu.be/OW3SWQzuuy8

    Lisa Morgan

    Check out our client Lisa Morgan’s amazing transformation!
    She always gives her all, whether it’s with her workout or her nutrition, and it has definitely paid off! Congrats!
    In less than 2 years with YPB, Lisa accomplished the following:
    * 20 lbs of weight loss
    * Lost 6.5” overall
    * Went off high blood pressure medications
    Real people getting REAL results!
    We are so happy for you, Lisa!
    Watch her full story here! -> 

    Gerry DeCesaro

    We couldn’t be more proud of Gerry DeCesaro! He is proof that consistency pays off … we’ve been working together for 5 years, and he has hit so many milestones along the way! Congrats, Gerry!


    Wanda Cline
    This week, we want to give a shoutout to one of our clients,
    Wanda Cline! We know you will want to hear her story and celebrate her remarkable progress.

    Wanda is 64 years old and came to us about 2 years ago with the goal of losing weight and becoming physically able to be a more active grandmother. In these two years, she has been very consistent about her workouts and has participated in several of our nutritional challenges.

    She found her “niche” when she tried the Ketogenic diet. With the introductory 3-week Keto challenge and continued coaching from Lisa, Wanda has lost 54 pounds of body fat and 22 inches. She is more physically active and experiences fewer digestive issues and better sleep.

    According to Wanda, following a Keto diet has not been difficult for her because she never was very keen on carbs like pasta, bread, and potatoes. She admits that the Keto way of life is challenging at times but she has adjusted to the restrictions and has realized that extra tools, like food journaling and ketone monitoring, have helped keep her on track for success.

    While she is not yet where she wants to be, she has found the tools that work for her and is well on her way to experiencing the best health of her life. We are so proud of her success and are grateful she chose us to be part of her journey.

    John Holmgreen
    I need to take a moment to congratulate John Holmgreen. He recently became insulin-free after 20+ years of injections … way to get it done with YPB’s help!

    “Laura and I raised our right hands and took the Oath of YPB nearly three months ago, signing up for functional fitness classes MWF, yoga every other Saturday, and the four-week Little Black Dress nutrition challenge.

    We enjoy the small and friendly group meeting in YPB’s open and well-equipped studio. Our flexibility, strength, and endurance have markedly increased after years of treadmill-only work.
    Although Lisa and Juan stress that the object of their functional longevity + nutrition program is not to focus on scale weight loss, weight is indeed coming off at a steady rate. Laura has dropped one dress size. My A1C blood sugar measure dropped from 6.3 to 5.3 and, after twenty-plus years of daily injections, I am insulin-free.

    At 77, I see a clear and sustainable improvement in my “whole” health picture.”


    Tammy Ashorn
    Check out our client Tammy Ashorn’s amazing transformation! She gives her all, working out or eating well and it has definitely paid off! Congrats!

    “I’m 55 and work in an office. I needed to find a way to lose the Covid 20 lbs. I had gained. After a 21-Day trial, I signed up longer-term.

    The name, ‘Your Personal Best’ caught my attention. I saw that it was for people over 50, which sealed it. I had joined box gyms before and wasn’t motivated.
    The YPB different is the personal workout in a small group setting. I reach my personal best on those days. Each workout is different so I get stronger, achieving more each time.
    I reached my first goal to lose 20 lbs., and signed up for more to lose another 10. Through their quarterly nutrition challenges I eat better and know how to put meals together. Right nutrition + exercise has made the difference.

    I feel great, have more energy, and the brain fog is gone! I am so glad I found YPB – there is no other training studio like it!

    Thanks for letting us be part of your journey, Tammy!

    If you’re interested in creating your own before & after story, give us a 21-Day try like Tammy did.

    Michele Howard

    🏆👍🏻Huge congratulations to our client Michele Howard, who has made incredible progress toward her goals! Not only has she made a physical transformation, but she’s helped inspire so many others. Check out her story…

    “I recently came across the photo on the left and thought – who was this person?! Unfortunately, I am in less than desirable physical shape in that photo.

    I was in a new city, working a new job, and out of my comfort zone for physical activity. I wasn’t comfortable walking on the busy city streets at times usually available to me or going into a gym with giant machines and young athletes who might not be familiar with training an over 50 body.

    Then, while scrolling through my Facebook app, I came across an ad for people over 50 years old to join a 21-day challenge. I clicked the link, gave them my email address, and that day was contacted by Your Personal Best Training Studio co-owner Juan Guerrero. So I signed on for the challenge, started going into the studio before work, and have never looked back.

    I joined the early morning group led by YPB co-owner Lisa Grace Wright who is just about six months younger. That was a good sign.

    Group size at the studio is 6-8, and usually less. Attention to detail for proper physical training, various training routines, and relationships with the trainers brought immediate accountability to my weekly sessions.

    To complement the physical training, Lisa and Juan initiate group challenges that last 3 to 5 weeks. The emphasis is on creating meals designed by a dietician and using organic, natural foods in the recipes. Weekly physical check-ins focus mainly on how the body changes in lean  fat tissue and less on weight loss.

    The challenges are significant because I have learned how to cook delicious, healthy meals and snacks designed to increase lean (muscle) tissue and strength. The challenges also provide for relationship building and group encouragement – we are all in this together.”

    When the quarterly Challenges are over, the physical training continues, and I have weeks of meal plans and recipes to continue my goals to stay healthy and strong.

    I am in better physical shape now (photo on the right) than at the image on the left. I can hike 3 miles in the mountains of Arizona. I can walk 2-3 miles with my dogs easily. I can swim with my grandchildren. I can hold a plank for almost 2 minutes. I can cook nutritious meals using fresh, natural ingredients.

    I will be 61 this week, and life is good because I am physically fit. Thank you, Your Personal Best Training Studio, for providing this much-needed service to the aging citizens of Corpus Christi!”

    🥇👍🏻There is nothing more motivating than results, and that’s what we specialize in here at YPB Training Studio with the over 50-year-old! Come see what we are all about.

    “Message us for details!” to set up a success session, or find out how to give us a try for 21-days.

    Elizabeth Torresson

    Awesome job, Elizabeth Torresson! One thing about “Liz”, she always brings a great attitude and a smile even during a hard workout! Proud of her!

    I am 75, live alone, and want to avoid falling. I am totally intimidated by large gyms and delighted to find both personal attention and a small group at YPB.

    In the beginning, I was short of breath. I wanted to learn the exercises by name and get the proper form. I am happy with my new routine, and start my day with exercise.

    Now, I am rarely short of breath and proud to do the rotation of exercises needing very little feedback.

    I find the sessions to be personal. Lisa knows me and helps me learn the correct positions. I am proud of the progress I have made.

    No one should think they are too old to start working out. If I can do it, you can too. If you are new to the exercises, the trainers describe, demonstrate, and give feedback. It feels wonderful to hear “good job”. I am happy with my decision.”

    Helping people achieve health is the reason we do what we do! Thanks for letting me be part of your journey, Liz!

    Carla Villarreal 

    Need a dose of motivation? Check out Carla’s commitment to her fitness over the past year. She started with us in Aug 2018 and is a YPB Rockstar!

    “My name is Carla-Rosa-Villarreal ~60, and a Proud Middle School Principal for CCISD!

    I hired the YPB Team with goals of strengthening my body, mind, and soul through a personalized workout plan designed for the 50+ year old body that big gyms don’t offer. I want to be as fit as possible without using age as an excuse for not being in shape.

    I am most proud of the determination and discipline to not miss one workout for over a year during the Pandemic. Whether on-line or in-person at the studio, I would NOT stop!

    Positivity during the crisis not dwelling on the negative is my emphasis in every way! I like to tell everyone if they will exercise it will help their mindset.

    A challenge is to juggle work time with workouts. My profession involves evening events, so I workout and come back to the event!

    My best advice is NOT to make excuses!”

    Amazing work! Who’s next? We’re always here to help and would love to be part of your healthy journey.

    Dan Baen

    We’re thrilled to share the success journey of one of our clients! Dan Baen has worked out with us for almost 4 years, and he is such an inspiration. Here’s how he does it!

    Dan is 69 years old and retired from being a public independent school district, regional and statewide educator.

    “I started going to YPB because I read a lot about health and aging and noticed I was declining and not in the shape I could be for my age. Things like if you’re on the floor and can’t get up without props, then your core strength is weak, and you’re not aging well. Or, inability to balance a certain length of time on one foot.”

    Through a referral, Dan found us and has lost 10% body weight, two inches in his waist /hips, and 30% body fat.

    “My pants are loose now and I get compliments. Because I am physically fit, I walk taller, feel better, and with a pep in my step. My endurance is better, I changed the way I eat and feel better about myself.

    I’ve developed close friendships with the people I work out with and the coaches. Everyone promotes each other while working out.

    YPB coaches give me a strenuous 30-minute workout 2 x weekly suitable for my age and ability. In a few initial weeks, I was able to get up with fewer props.”

    Mary Connors

    Need a dose of motivation? Check out Mary Connor’s fantastic progress. She started working with us three years ago and has been killing it ever since!

    Mary, a 68-year-old retired teacher had goals at the beginning of her fitness journey that was not very specific – “lose some weight and be able to walk and move more efficiently.”

    -Lost 65 pounds
    -Off blood pressure meds < a year.
    -Down from size 20W to size 6/8
    -Improved eating habits
    -Body fat down 20% points

    It took me nearly two years to lose this amount of weight and body fat, but I am very proud to have kept it off for over a year now.”

    Mary’s biggest challenge was her inability to do the exercises correctly. “Coach Cathy was fantastic at explaining exercises, changing as needed, and modifying as I improved. The small group I train with by their example, and constant encouragement help me to stay motivated.”

    Her advice:
    “… Doing the Little Black Dress Challenge soon after I started got me eating better. No more blizzards on the way home from workout!!”
    🏆👀Amazing work! Who’s next? We’re always here to help and would love to be part of your wellness journey.

    Learn more about our Little Black Dress Challenge that got Mary’s eating on track https://www.custream.com/little-black-dress-ypbtraining

    Dollie Hunt

    We couldn’t be more proud of Dollie Hunt! She is proof that consistency pays off … we’ve been working together for years, and she has hit so many milestones along the way! Congrats, Dollie!

    Dollie became acquainted with YPB when she saw an ad for Tai Chi classes at YPB on Facebook! She was looking for something different, and that sounded interesting!

    “I took Tai Chi with Cathy for ten months and learned the 24 moves! That was two years ago, and I still do Tai Chi three times a week on my patio!”

    Shortly after that, Dollie received an invitation to join YPB in a 21-day challenge! She wasn’t but said she would try one of our personal training group classes!

    A year later, after 3 x weekly training, she has developed friendships with the coaches who push her to have better balance, more muscle strength in my arms and legs, and more energy! “Thanks, YPB!” ~ Dollie Hunt

    Helping people achieve their goals is the reason we do what we do every day! Thanks for letting us be part of your journey, Dollie Hunt.

    Linda Shake

    “I became a member of YPB in 2000. Lisa has been nothing but wonderful to me in every way since then. She has patiently guided me with my fitness and nutrition over the years. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and takes extra effort to make sure her members feel a personal connection with her. There is no other gym I would even consider joining. Additionally, her staff members are all excellent. Each and everyone truly cares about their members by the personal attention they so freely provide.”

    Silvana Casas

    “Lisa Wright and her team of professionals at YPB are the most committed group of individuals I have ever encountered in the fitness field. Their experience and true care for each of the members is their secret weapon. At YPB I feel confident that the team has my back and with their guidance, I can be sure to keep moving toward my ultimate goal of aging gracefully.”

    Laura Hausman

    “I wanted to thank you for a great program.  I really enjoy the recipes and diet as a healthy lifestyle. When I look at other recipes I keep yours in mind and can often alter others to fit.  Being on the diet has caused me to plan and prepare for the week regarding food.  This is huge for us and it makes a difference in our day to day lives. As to the workouts I like the online versions and the way it switches things around.”

    Claire Arredondo-Lemons

    “Hi This is Claire Lemons and I love YPB!  I made a decision to participate in the Little Black Dress challenge January 2017!  I was ready for a change!  I had been exercising other places seemed like forever but my weight stayed the same! So I made a commitment to myself-signed up and it changed my life!  I lost weight and felt better but the reason I joined YPB  and the reason I stay is the personalized attention I get! When Im out – my trainer notices and Im missed!  I love my trainer and my small group that meets MWF! I get so many health benefits, great information, recipes and Im pushed and held accountable!  The support from the staff and other members is awesome!  AND we have fun!  If anyone is ready for a change and wants life changing results-you owe it to yourself to give YPB a shot!”

    Karen Haug

    “I’d been searching for a way to hit the reset button on my diet and lifestyle habits for some time and YPB was just the thing. None of this is magic – instead it is steady, sensible progress toward eating healthy and becoming active. I can feel that I am on the right track and I know that I have the support of YPB to help me.”

    Helen Peters

    “Howdy everyone, just finished the Little Black Dress Challenge. My favorite part was the Daily Check in messages – each new day gave us the opportunity to make healthy choices, and forgive ourselves if we slipped the day before. My favorite reminder was ,”You can’t out train a bad diet.” I had my yearly physical during the challenge and am happy to report that I got an “A” in all categories! My vitamin D levels, which had been low last year , were fine this year. Give Your Personal Best Training Studio a try – and see why we are all fans! It is a lifestyle change for the better.”

    Cheryle Flournoy

    “YPB has changed my life. Lisa and Juan are very caring and dedicated. It is quite obvious the entire staff are passionate about what they do. I just finished the Little Black Dress Challenge. Loved the daily affirmations and for the first time in my life did not feel alone in my journey or guilty if I slipped up. I had my physical last week and was able to stop taking one blood pressure medication and have the opportunity to get off of all medication if I continue on this path. If you are looking for excellent trainers and great workouts, give YPB a call!!”

    Dolores Gonzalez

    “Thanks for sharing, Lisa!  I can really relate to what you’re saying.  I keep asking myself why I’m having such an easy time doing this training and staying (mostly) on the meal plan.  I do believe that it has to do with God.  I do have a personal relationship with God, and when I was having so many problems with my feet and legs walking, I remember one day just praying that God would help me find a solution to this, one that would make sense for me and one that would make me want to be healthier and lose weight — and one that would help me walk normally again.  It was either that — or I was going to go to the doctor and ask for stronger medication!  I didn’t want to do that.

    A few days later I found YPB, and the rest is history.  I can’t tell you what a difference the training has made in my life.  I feel stronger, have more energy, clothes are starting to feel loose on me (or at least not tight).  It’s a slow process, but I know it’s a healthier process than the yo-yo dieting I’ve done all my life.  And God is helping me to stick to healthy eating.  I love most of the recipes — and I’ve never eaten too many vegetables.  Some recipes I probably won’t try again — like the chicken sausage was really bad.  My husband didn’t care for it either.  So, that one, not so much!  But, when I do veer from the meal plan, I stick to another recipe or do a smoothie or have some yogurt and fruit.  I ask myself why — and I know the answer.  It’s because I feel so good!  And I remember how after I had eaten something with a lot of salt or sugar in it, I would actually feel sick to my stomach, and I would feel bloated and swollen.  I have even not had any regular table salt since I started.  I just don’t want that feeling again!

    I can’t thank you and John and Juan enough!”

    John Keys

    “Just got back new cholesterol LDL HDL Triglycerides numbers and they are fantastic from September 2017 to today. Thanks to YPB.”

    Patti Stoldorf

    “In sept I had a not to good lab test that said I was pre diabetic  A1C of 7.5, high cholesterol well above 200, high ldl140 and low hdl 45.  I now have A1C of 5, cholesterol 150 ldl 100 hdl 60. He said keep up the diet and exercise because there is no other way for you to have achieved these great results and I’ll see you in 6 months. So while people are so interested in weight loss which is great, this is PROOF positive of the effects on the inside. Thank you and your team!”

    David Kring

    ​”Lisa and the trainers at Your Personal Best, are supportive, motivational and push us beyond our capabilities within a reasonable framework based on our initial abilities.  As a group, we are able to go farther than we thought capable because of the accountability factor.  We do not want to let ourselves down, our classmates down and we strive to accomplish what our trainers see our potential to be.

    ​​They concentrate on a total body workout, strengthening core muscles for balance and longevity, stimulating growth cells in bones and muscles, increasing cardiovascular efficiency and they monitor our progress.  They also take into account any and all pre-existing conditions before designing a work out that best suits our goals.  As our capabilities increase, the intensity of our workouts increase.  Your Personal Best is the best training program that I have ever been associated with.  Absolutely.

    I have Had a series of physical checks at hospital and doctors over the past few days as you can imagine preparing for knee surgery…. since my annual physical in January….I have gone from 188.6 to 180.3, on the doctor office scale….my BP has changed from 186/84 to 136/76 and my total cholesterol has gone from 188 to 164.  Thanks to Your Personal Best and the 28 Day Challenge, morning mojo, eating plan, workout and mindset.  #livelongandprosper”   ~ David Kring, 58

    Sarah Pizer

    I began going to Lisa with YPB training Studio a year ago, struggling with a hip injury. I’ve gotten so much stronger physically and can see an overall improvement in my posture. Desiring also to lose 15 lbs that same year; however, I only lost 3.  I mentioned this to Lisa and asked if we could re-evaluate my goals.  She had  just returned from the World Fitness Convention in California, and offered me a new, 7 day Detox Plan to jumpstart my weight loss goal.

    The week of detox was rough but I told myself I could do anything for one week!  I’m glad I stuck it out because I lost 3 more pounds.  I’m now on the next phase called “Ignite” which will be 7 more weeks. At first glance, I was discouraged by the lack of bread and sugar I was so accustomed to consuming.  After my breakfast today, that included eggs, oatmeal, and a few craisins, I got on my bike and was surprised at how much energy I had!  I now see that adding back a few complex carbohydrates in this next “phase” is going to work. I’m motivated to stay the course.

     ~ Sarah Pitzer


    Jenny Sullivan

    Over a year ago we made changes to increase our Posture Class to 2 times a week plus a pool class (rain or shine, cold or hot)!!!!  Wow what an improvement it has made in the lives of our residents and their physical being.  Two weeks ago we had a “Posture Party” to recognize and celebrate all of the accomplishments our residents have reached!  Our trainer, Lisa Wright has been persistent and consistent with our community and believes strongly in our residents well-being and abilities!  I am so thrilled and inspired by our Residents dedication and new found strength!

    Miguel Valdez

    Before joining our studio, Miguel had a 44″ waist and was wearing XXXLarge size shirts. After hard work and dedication, he now has a 36″ waist and is wearing Large size shirts. He told us “I couldn’t have done it without you and everyone at YPB. I’m not done yet, my goal is a 30″ waist and a six pack…may take some time but it’s worth it.”


    Theresa Childress

    Lisa, today my husband and I walked into a store. The owner, gave a million details about their products, and she was the best sales person I’ve ever met in my life.

    We got on other topics, and fitness came up. She told us she was tired of battling weight, and was trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. My husband told her it would be a great idea to get a trainer because there is so much to know, and it’s too hard to just get up and start, when you don’t know what to do, how much, etc. Your name came to my mind immediately, and I recommended your studio, and wrote your name on a card for her. I told her how I met you, our ages (she said she’s in the same age range), and how you helped me so much in cycling, and in other things we’d talk about. 😮 I told her how I started getting fit at age 54, and was amazed that the body can adapt even then! I told her my personal experience, my “before and after” story, and I told her of your seriousness to fitness and your sincerity of character. She said your studio was 2 blocks from her house, and said she would call you today! I hope she does. She’s a friendly person, and said she really wants to get fit because it doesn’t make sense that she knows all about the importance of her product and how it affects your health…and then she doesn’t look fit. She wants to represent better her business.”

    Bea Hanson

    I had my annual physical examination yesterday and it is official, I have lost 25 pounds!! I weighed 149 last year and yesterday I weighed 124. My lab work was excellent, the doctor gave me an A+. I just want to thank you again Lisa for your encouragement. January 3rd will be one year since the day I met you for my initial evaluation. A lot can happen in one year with persistence and hard work.

    ~Bea Hanson



    Sandy Cupp

    Steve and I  rode with group group iQuack , this morning , Lisa was our leader what an awesome group leader she is I believe Gerry rode the lead too . She always made sure everyone was together and waited for any stragglers, made stops to refuel and encouraged us to constantly drink.  We so enjoyed the ride I have been looking for a group to ride with since I can not maintain the speed my husband and friends ride at so I often ride alone or not at all.  Just wanted to compliment Lisa on a fantastic job. So often in this crazy world people forget to recognize a job well done.

    ~Thank you , Sandy Cupp

    Brandy Parker

    Since I started here a month ago, I’ve already noticed a big difference as far as my energy level. I have a lot more energy than I had before.  Physically, I can do a lot more things than before without getting tired as easily.  It’s made the biggest difference and I’m lovin’ it!

    Liz Yzaguirre

    WOW!  What an eye opening experience it was to sit down with you and discuss the results of my body assessment.  I knew in the back of my mind that I needed some work, but the assessment  confirmed my suspicions and boy was I mad.  Especially about the part that I needed to exercise 7 days a week for the REST of my life if I was to improve my body and extend my life!   I appreciate your honesty and the book recommendation – “Younger Next Year”  – I rushed out to buy it that same day and it confirmed what you told me.  The part about my body “rotting” if I did not get up and exercise really hit home with me.    Today, I am 2 weeks into incorporating exercise into my daily routine and I am beginning to feel the positive effects of doing so.  I am so thankful  for the Angel that sent me your way.

    Sandra Allison

    Marcia is such a great fresh of breath air that she allows you to step back and reassess your situation. She has a great way of helping you reflect on your goals and figure structure into your life. I really feel like she is a “life coach” and I think her background lends itself that I would ask for her advice with other decision making situations.

    Gary Kuusisto

    Marcia helped me by coaching me to eat more (6) and smaller meals. Rethinking the meals and snacks I eat on the road, which are a lot.

    Kimberly Matzke

    Marcia and I met this past Saturday, had a wonderful meeting. She is such a nice person, and I felt really comfortable talking with her. She already has my goals lined out that we discussed and I am starting work on that this week!

    Moving along and feeling great.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    Kip Kyperos

    “Lisa Wright, owner and trainer at Your Personal Best training studio, helped me meet my physical goals which in turn allowed me to set new ones. I went to Lisa and asked for help to train down and reduce my size and increase my overall fitness. I had spent some of my earlier life as a want-to-be body builder (aka – Frank Zane-ish) but changed my mind to adopt the mantra thin is in and smaller is better. The problem was that I did not know how to do this and needed help. I have always been active but large, Lisa helped me learn to re-learn how to eat and how to not fear muscle building. I went from very poor eating habits and few meals to eating at least 5 times per day (most days 6 meals) and exercising with weights again. I set two goals that Lisa was not fully aware of and met both in a very short period of time.

    At 5’-9” and 198, I did not have anyone say I looked fat, quite the opposite. However, I did not feel good and did not like the weight, it adversely affected one of my favorite sports – rock climbing. Climbers are, by build, not body builders – polar opposite is more accurate. With Lisa’s guidance and encouragement I am climbing again and gaining “leaner” muscle mass. My BF (caliper measurements) changed from 18% to 13%, and my chin up count increased by 100% – 9 to 18 (the 20 count evades me – these are not kipping type-i keep trying). I reduced my weight by 30 lbs and have reduced shirt size from large to medium. In addition, I have dropped my waist from 34- 33 to 33-32 (this measurement required that I buy new jeans).

    I continue to talk to Lisa and have set new performance goals and using the information that I gained from Lisa and Your Personal Best I am confident that I will bat .750 (one goal is proving really difficult – but I have put it out there – sub 20 min 5k – 3 – 6:40 miles !!).

    Thanks Lisa.

    your friend always


    Cris Wright

    No matter how hard you exercise or how conscious you are about eating healthy, if you don’t eat enough and often, you see results like I did. Increase in fat and a loss in muscle.

    Thank you so much for this experience.

    Margie Garza

    My experience of taking part in this exercise program was very motivating. I have learned new techniques that will help me exercise appropriately. I have gain new knowledge in paying more attention to my body. I learned that it’s not all about the “scale”. It’s about the body fat and muscle gain. What is very important to our health; is very important to me.

    I have met new friends and felt very comfortable exercising with each and every one of them. Not in any way I felt embarrassed about exercising or asking questions.

    I am very honored in meeting the ladies that work at Your Personal Best Training Studio.


    Mel Rea

    I have been stressed out the past few days with my work life and home life. At least being on a normal routine of exercising regularly has decreased my hot flashes dramatically. I have gone from being drenched in the middle of the night to maybe a slight hot flash during the day. Changing my eating habits and exercising regularly has improved my mental state and makes me feel good and happy. I know if I can continue at YPB it will all fall into place.

    Julie Balderson

    Your Personal Best Training Studio helped me get my “Rocket of the Ground” with the help of the book “Eating for Life” by Bill Phillips. The recipes helped me to understand the importance of adding more protein to the diet and what proteins were; like cottage cheese for example.

    The (GPT) group personal training was “my effort” but the group camaraderie helped to boost my confidence. I especially hit it off with a couple of the girls and except for the trip across town I would like to continue.

    Vicki Jamison

    “Your Personal Best Training Studio and Lisa Wright have changed my life. I learned a holistic approach to changing my fitness, my physique and my attitude about my health. Lisa brings a professionalism and business like approach to the health and fitness industry. She demands and retains knowledgeable and high integrity personnel in her organization. On a personal level, Lisa’s spiritual approach to her business, her clients and their health, results in happy fit clients that are prepared to “go it alone” if necessary.”

    “Awarded Client of the Year I have played tennis for 11 years and I had noticed that my inability to successfully pull through in the 3rd set of a match was becoming increasingly noticeable. I had gained too much extra weight and just turned 50. I knew the time was now or never to change my life with regard to diet and exercise.

    I selected Your Personal Best Studio for personal training because Lisa presented a more holistic package, offering solid advice not only working out in the gym with the personal trainers, but with regard to nutrition as well.

    I have always hated gyms and how inferior I feel when I go there. YPB provides a very intimate and secure environment for those of us with gym-phobias. I feel completely comfortable to train with any one of the trainers there, but I have trained with Amanda since the end of Oct. ’06 and she has been extremely instrumental in my continuation of the program. Amanda pushes just the right amount with a heaping big serving of encouragement. She’s GREAT!

    To date, I have lost 15 lbs. and 3 inches overall in a six-week period. Most importantly, my tennis pro remarked to me the other day that my fitness level has completely changed. She told me that my tennis had improved greatly, getting to more balls, moving better, stronger strokes. So, it does work.

    The personal attention, friendliness and professionalism of the staff makes it all so much more palatable. I am very excited and happy with the results.

    David Coover’s Testimonial to the Benefit of Doing Burpees

    About 6 weeks ago one of my coworkers told me she was doing a Burpee Challenge with her fitness group. 100 burpees a day for 40 consecutive days was the challenge. The 100 could be done in any number of sets or sessions during the day.

    I’ve learned that I have to do my one hour session of exercise in the morning or it doesn’t get done. I was training 4 mornings a week at Your Personal Best Training Studio (YPB) and resolved to work my burpees into those sessions and do the other 3 days at home.

    On the first day it was apparent that I would need to work up to the 100/day, particularly on YPB days when Lisa or Terry had other work for me to do. It took about 2 weeks and I hit a 100 and then was able to string together 3 more days.

    On Super Bowl Sunday my knees and hips said “no mas” so my string was broken. I realized that 100/40 was unrealistic at my age. My 66th birthday was the next weekend so I recalibrated and decided that “burpee-ing” my age at least 5 days a week was doable. When I’m 75 it will be tough but that’s the point.

    A Burpee is a full body strength and cardio exercise that requires no equipment or space. Look it up in Wikipedia. Lots of variations to keep you challenged.

    Josephine Miller

    Josephine Miller is a current YPB client who has been participating in a cardio resistance program with her trainer, Marcia Keener at North Shore Country Club in Portland.

    Trainer: Marcia Keener’s  comments:  “ Josephine Miller’s workout has been changed up recently by adding more forced cardio into a cardio resistance program.  At Josephine’s visit to her cardiologist prior to the most recent one, she was given instructions on what to do and told to return in 6 months.  At her six month checkup, recently, she said her Dr. was very pleased and told her to return in a year.  His only instruction was to give her trainer (Marcia Keener) a really great Christmas present and sent his compliments on what we were doing with her.

    Josephine’s comments:  “The new addition of the cardio to the weight training made the difference in my check-up.  I had been to this Doctor before, when I was doing the regular work outs (with strength only) and he still wanted me back in 6 months.  When he did the stress test this time, he said come back in a year. (Due to excellent test results)  For your non exercisers like myself, getting on the elliptical and moving made the difference.  I rarely exercise outside of my training sessions.  I know I should and I still do not do it.  Getting me moving when you have me in your space made the difference.   If that information motivates great, all I can say is Marcia made me do it, and thank goodness she did.”  Yours, Josephine

    Beverly Randolph

    Over the last two years I have been practicing Syaroopa and swimming.  I have benefited greatly from them, but I have felt the need and desire to “up” my physical activity, in time and intensity.   Although some of my practices in physical activity have been different, I feel that they have not been opposing practices.  They benefit both mind and body.

    My plan is to do the best I can and continue on my present path—combining whatever  seems necessary to combine. I also plan to continue walking for the overall cardio benefits and calorie burning, as you suggested.

    The past two years have been an intensifying of my journey, and I have had to make constant “tweaks” to my schedule and activities—changing times, days, and activities as I’ve seen opportunities open up.

    Loving myself is my greatest challenge at this point. I’m pretty sure I’m “worth” all this effort I’m putting into myself. It’s hard and I’m grateful for the love and support I receive from you.   I’ve apparently worked deeper than I’ve realized because I’ve had things bubbling to the surface that I wasn’t anticipating. I think it’s because I’m working on myself on a variety of levels.

    So I will keep on keeping on, working on myself with all the tools I have at my disposal.

    I am so grateful for what you are doing with and for me.  Thank you! I love you dearly!

    ~ Bev

    Veronica Pinion

    “I am 34 yrs old and diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in January 2008. Since my diagnosis, I have gone from leading a very active lifestyle (running, exercise, tennis) to being very limited in my physical abilities, due to constant flares.  I am still in the pursuit of finding the right medication combination that will help me with this aggressive auto-immune disease.

    I decided to become more pro-active in my pursuit of conquering this condition. I have made nutritional changes in my diet and most recently decided to return to the world of physical exercise. I began training with Melanie at Your Personal Best Training Studio just this past month. In this short time, I have begun to feel a difference in my energy level (previously non-existent). I have also surprised myself at the workout activities I have been able to do. With the expertise of my trainer, exercises are modified as needed. Melanie has been a great motivator and challenges me continue my quest to not give up. As I have been told, “It’s not where you are when you start…the important thing is that you start.”

    Fred Ramirez, STARRS President

    Freddy joined our Group Personal Training sessions (6 – 10 people) in February 2011 and strength trained through June at least 1 x weekly.


    I am now a true believer in strength training.  As I told you, I “skipped” my strength training each week for all my other races in the past four years since I did not believe 30 to 40 minutes of strength training on Thursday’s would matter much to me.

    My coach, Allan Bessilink always encouraged me to do strength training as part of my Tri training but since he only asked for 30 to 40 minutes a week, I figured it could not be of much value to me in my races.  I now realize that strength training is needed even if you are training for an Ironman.”

    Pam Teel

    “I have to admit to being a little frightened of the group training experience. I wasn’t sure I could keep up and I was afraid that I would be embarrassed. Instead what I have found is that we don’t have time to be critical of anyone else’s workout. In fact, we inspire and challenge each other to reach our personal best. And it’s a great workout! The YPBTS team is awesome.”

    Gene Ward

    “I came to YPB after two years of nursing a shoulder that was still sore after “routine” surgery a year earlier. I had not exercised for a year before surgery, and despite physical therapy, it hurt even when I jogged and I wouldn’t even consider strength training. I chalked strength training up to another casualty of my forties. When I joined YPB, Lisa sat down with me to discuss my injury and my goals. She then set up a comprehensive program designed to enhance my overall physcial condition while carefully rebuilding my shoulder strength. The results were amazing. I am stronger and my shoulder is pain-free. I attribute these results to YPB’s careful and personalized plan for each client. An unexpected additional benefit emerged later, when I had a near-fatal allergic reaction which put me into the emergency room and ultimately into a coma. I learned afterwards that the allergic reaction and the extreme measures necessary to revive me placed a tremendous strain on my heart, which thankfully was strong enough to endure the trauma. I have no doubt that my survival and recovery was due in part to my strength and conditioning work at YPB.”

    Jennifer Kellen

    “I love the confidence I have gained since I started training at YPB. I can do things I have never been able to do. Also, I am a personal Chef, and I have been able to incorperate what I have learned about proper weight loss nutrition cooking for clients who are concerned about losing weight.”

    Bob and Karin Fancher

    “After a wake-up call with bone density tests that revealed osteopenia and osteoporosis, we began our fitness program with Your Personal Best Training Studio.

    Having a personal trainer design and coach an individual program has been a blessing and guide for body strength, balance & endurance.  Our bone density tests have improved, the exercise and good nutrition habits have resulted in stronger bodies, greater endurance, overall fitness as well as weight loss.

    We highly recommend YPB for their skilled trainers, excellent equipment and their personal concern for overall health.”

    Bibiana Dykema

    “I have always been active and in reasonable shape, but as middle age began to loom, I could tell that I didn’t have the stamina, tone or strength I wanted.  Since training at YPB, I feel great, sleep well and get compliments daily.  I have also encouraged dozens of other women to treat themselves to looking and feeling their best through weight training and cardio.

    Thanks for everything!  I’m the envy of myself.”

    Christy Barwise

    “At age 40, after giving birth to my second child, I felt that I needed guidance to help me improve my health and change my lifestyle.  Lisa and the staff at YPB has helped me accomplish this change with great results.  I feel I am stronger and have a more “toned” body than I have had in 20 years!  I have also learned the importance of good nutrition which has helped me to lose fat an gain muscle.

    I feel that one of the most important factors that Lisa and the trainers at YPB have contributed to my success is keeping the workouts fun and interesting and keeping me motivated!”

    Laura Rodda

    “After years of neglecting my health by overeating and not exercising, I was introduced to Lisa Wright and her fitness studio, Your Personal Best.  At Your Personal Best, they carefully and kindly counseled me on the right nutrition and healthy eating habits to lose weight.  I lost over 100 pounds in 18 months.  I could not have consistently lost weight and stayed motivated without the help of my personal trainer.  I highly recommend Lisa Wright and her staff – They are the Best!”

    Melinda Barrow

    “Dear Lisa,

    Thank you so much for providing the workout for Brenda and I. Today we started : > Yeah! We gingerly accomplished two sets of each exercise (about 40 minutes with abdominal work).

    I want to share with you two things:

    This girl can “jump” up on the bosu ball and step off!

    I can jump up on an upside down bosu, do my squats and side step off!

    The fear is gone. Why? I visualized you standing there confident in my ability to do the task. Its the little fears that add up, creating limits in my activities. You helped me overcome two limitations. My work out will be an adventure from this point forward. Gee! What will my trainer have in store for me in 4 or 6 months? I am so happy to have met you. Bless your day!  Gratitude.

    Lisa Carr

    “In traveling back and forth from Corpus Christi to San Antonio and the hill country, I’ve had the opportunity to work out with many trainers and at various gyms/studios. However, none have ever compared to Your Personal Best Training Studio. It is the “best of the best” hands down. The expertise and knowledge you and your staff have is far above most training studios in the area. I always look forward to returning to my workouts at YPB even though I live over an hour away. The long drive is worth it to achieve the results I get when working out there. You and your staff pay special attention to your clients needs and are educated in all aspects of personal  training and nutrition. If a sports injury or something else requires special care, I feel safe and at ease knowing you and your staff can come up with a specific exercise program to fit my needs. Your studio is always clean, has the most up to date equipment and everyone is friendly yet professional. It’s a breath of fresh air to work out in such a positive environment with a team of knowledgeable and professional trainers.

    Your Personal Best Training Stuidio offers the complete package to all my fitness needs. I know I can count on accomplishing all of my personal goals when training with you”.

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