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  1. Workout Of The Day   Monday 5th June 2023

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FA WARM-UP: Level 1/2 or Level 3/4

TIMER: 30/15 (unless otherwise indicated)


TIMER is 30/30 break only as indicated for 3 rounds

1A) Jumping Jack

1B) Push-ups (OK from Knees)

1C) Plank (OPT: Plank to Push-up)

1D) Break



TRAINING NOTES: 2A – 2F is a giant circuit. Try to set up the circuit to flow and/or number the exercises. Instruct clients “who” they are following and stay in order.

WEIGHT/REPS: (AHAP for at least 12-13 reps for 3 - 4 rounds unless otherwise indicated)

TIMER: 30/20 Perform 2 full rounds Break then Repeat

 2A) DB Alt. Lunges (Trainer’s Choice)

2B) Chest Flyes with Bands (OPT: Forward Alt. Step)

2C) DB BO Row (OPT: Suspension or Cable Row)

2D) DB Squat, Hip Width Stance

2E) DB Alt. Biceps Curls

2F) Suspension OH Triceps Extension (OPT:  DB)

CARDIO EXTRA: 30/30 for 3 - 4 rounds

Push-Ups from the Knees

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