How to ‘Roar’ into the Second Half of Your Life

Functional Aging

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  1. How to ‘Roar’ into the Second Half of Your Life

    In the second half of life, we’re often told to slow down and lower our expectations. After all, as the thinking goes, we can’t do what we use to do, so why try to be happy, productive or fulfilled? Well, you know we don’t believe that here. We’re all about helping everyone be fit and […]

  2. Still Running at 83: Our Health Is Our Responsibility

    Vince Obsitnik is an 83-year-old marathoner who didn’t let heart surgery keep him from running. And Vince, a former US Ambassador to his native Slovenia, has a message: You are the ultimate arbiter of your personal health. “It’s a mental frame of mind on how you want to live and how you believe in living,” […]

  3. Eat the Rainbow for 5 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables

    Here’s a fun way to make sure you’re getting the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Just eat the rainbow every day! Fruits and vegetables come in all colors, not just green. So make an effort to eat something of a different hue, from oranges to red apples. It’ll make shopping in the produce […]

  4. Determination Doesn’t Fade with Age

    Madonna Hanna does not know how to stop. She overcomes institutionalized racism as a child in Boston’s schools in the 1960s. She bounced back from a near-fatal car crash as an adult. And she persevered after an injury that could have ended her track and field aspirations later in life. Now, Madonna is 67 and […]

  5. Oldest Olympians Carry A Special Torch

    The Olympic Games are all about inspiration. And a pair of international competitors over 50 are showing this summer that age is no barrier to following athletic passion. And that goes for all of us, too – the passion to drive us to reach our goals, even if we won’t ever have a gold medal […]

  6. Tell the ‘Dad Bod’ His Days Are Numbered

    Have you seen something like this and wondered, What in the world? While not a common sight it is part of the tenacious “Dad Bod” idea, which was introduced a few years ago and just keeps hanging on. Some people like the idea of the dad bod because it’s a reflection of more realistic body […]

  7. She Hit the Gym to Be Strong Enough for an Organ Transplant

    Yvette Matthews hired a personal trainer after she started moving up the list for a liver transplant in 2011. At 57, she wanted to ensure she was fit — because any doubt that she could survive the rigors of a transplant could mean being denied. Yvette, the daughter of a Division I college football player, […]

  8. Author Shows a New Way to Start the Fitness Conversation after Age 50

    Alison Bechdel might not be your typical fitness author. But that’s part of what makes her so interesting. Bechdel is a prize-winning cartoonist whose lauded graphic novel “Fun Home” became a Tony-winning smash musical on Broadway. Now she’s back with a new book – which is a memoir in the comic-strip style of a graphic […]

  9. The NFL’s Original Strength Coach Keeps Working at 90

    The cans of cement he lifted as a 110-pound 15-year old, the weights he hoisted over his head in the ‘52 Olympics, the world records in lifting — Clyde Emrich says it was all savings for his “health bank” for a rainy day. And now, it’s a rainy day. Clyde worked as a strength training […]

  10. Cher’s Fitness Turns Back Time at 75

    We’ve all been watching Cher for so many decades now that she seems ageless. From hippie singer to TV variety star to Oscar-winning actress and more, it seems there has always been Cher. And as she just turned 75, it’s worth a look at how she has turned back time (as one of her songs […]

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