Functional Aging

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  1. Stay Fit After 50

    Being in good physical shape – with strength, endurance and flexibility – helps us remain independent and enjoy living as we please.

  2. Good News Can Keep Us Positive

    Keeping a positive mindset is vital to overall wellbeing, even in tough times -- maybe especially in tough times.

  3. Taking Time Off Exercising?

    ‘You Can’t Afford to Take Two Months Off’. Dan spoke recently with us and a group of fitness professionals from around the country. Here are some thoughts he shared about how fitness for “older” people is shaping up during and after Covid-19.

  4. Poles, Can Boosts Your Workout

    Walking is a terrific, popular form of relaxation and exercise, of course. But what if you could jazz it up with a couple of poles?

  5. Tips on Maintaining Wellness

    Fitness is so important after 50, especially now when we’ve all been spending more time at home. That’s why we’ve been doing everything we can to help you stay physically active during this time.

  6. Reading Is Fundamental in Life

    “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” — Dr. Seuss

  7. Success Story: Overcoming Technology to Train Online

    Helen Harris, 74, has no computer and hates her smartphone, using it as little as possible. But she refuses to let her dislike of technology prevent her from staying in shape via online training sessions.

  8. Success Story: Online Training

    Luckily, my city has miles of paths and plenty of beautiful parks right outside my door. And a friend in the fitness industry showed me how easy and effective at-home workouts can be.

  9. Protect Your Immune System

    A strong immunity system is essential to staying healthy. A healthy diet can help maintain it. Basic steps include exercising regularly; limiting our alcohol; avoiding too much sun; losing extra weight; and not smoking.

  10. 5 Reasons to Garden

    You don’t have to look any farther than the back yard to find a reason to be fit after 50.

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