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  1. Why you can’t “walk-off” stress (and what to do about it)

    We’re heading into a busy time of year with new schedules, etc. and I know a lot of you are feeling some pressure. And, I also know a lot of you think you should toughen up and “push through it.” Spoiler alert: You can’t do it. That’s because stress isn’t all “in your mind.” It’s also in your body.

  2. 50 Fun Facts & Feelings about Fitness over 50

    We’re sharing a ton of short, useful tidbits about fitness over 50 – facts, quotes, bits of inspiration. When you look at it like this, the evidence is overwhelming. If you want to stay healthy, strong, and independent, you must move, move, move.

  3. The power of this moment

    Give your future (fictional) self a break and start making real, tangible progress towards your goal – right now, at this moment!

  4. Focused effort to lose weight

    Owner and Functional Aging Specialist Lisa Grace Wright has dedicated her career to helping people who are over 50 years of age, just like you, conquer their fear of exercise and clear up their confusion with healthy eating.

  5. How to get unstuck when you’re in a rut

    Have you ever felt like something is holding you back from reaching your goals? In this article, I’m going to talk about how you can get “unstuck.”

  6. Surprising Tips to Help You Sleep Better

    In this article, I’m going to give you some tips for improving your sleep, which you might not have tried before. These tips will make your bedroom more sleep-friendly.

  7. Need motivation? Open me!

    A dose of motivation will change your life almost overnight. The best part of my job is seeing our clients who are over 50-year-old achieve amazing results. Whether they begin to move better, feel betters, get off their blood pressure meds, or improve their health in any way, the excitement is always contagious.

  8. Has life ever done THIS to you?

    A young entrepreneur celebrated his success by buying himself a brand-new luxury car, which he proudly drove one afternoon down a neighborhood street. He loved the way the upholstery felt, the grip of the steering wheel, and even the sound system. Up ahead, he noticed a small boy darting out into the street from between parked cars, waving his hands.

  9. There is so much truth in this story…. 

    A man was driving his small sports car through a rural area when he went off the road and into a ditch. He went looking for someone to pull him out, and before long he came upon a farmer who was tending to his horse, which was named Buddy.

  10. Meet Beverly a Friend of Mine

    I am so excited to bring you the story of a woman who has spent weeks and months in our studio only just a decade ago, training others and receiving training as she prepared for a bodybuilding show at 56 years old. Beverly Williams-Hawkins is a Go-Giver and has taught me so much about being one as well.

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