Fitness after 50: Facts over Fiction

Functional Aging

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  1. Fitness after 50: Facts over Fiction

    After 50, people start getting frail and helpless, and it just gets worse every year. They don’t are about how they look. They hate to try new things. Right? Wrong! We’ve all heard these persistent, damaging falsehoods forever, and we love chipping away at them every day – just like the millions of active agers […]

  2. Success Story: He Started Running at 55 and Hasn’t Stopped Since

      Elmo Shropshire was already a champion horse trainer, longtime veterinarian, and singer of a “love it or hate it” Christmas hit when he started running at age 55. By 70, he finished the New York City Marathon ninth in his age division. He found even greater success in short distances. And he spent this […]

  3. Getting Older: Are We Having Fun Yet?

    It’s good news any time someone dispels a myth about getting older. So we’re happy to share this report of a survey that found widespread happiness about life after 65. Half of those in the survey of 2,000 people aged 65 to 84 said they feel younger than 50. They also: Stopped caring what people […]

  4. From High-Tech Scales to … Socks? Yep, and Lots More

      Did you know fitness-over-50 is one of the biggest trends in the exercise world? It’s true – has been for a few years now — with millions of people in the demographic, and more coming every year (Hello, Gen X-ers!) So, chances are good that you have some folks on your guest list who […]

  5. A Plate of Food = How Much Exercise?

    Here’s some information to help you plan a healthy holiday season. The Calorie Control Council says we can easily consume 4,500 at a big-day meal. Yikes! But if you’re trying to measure the pleasure against your hard-won exercise gains, here’s a handy guide to learn how much yumminess you’ve earned — or how hard you’ll have to […]

  6. Workouts and Diet Make Gains against Diabetes

    Lee Bacchi went on and off the exercise wagon for decades – not really training with a purpose, but going to the gym sometimes. That continued even after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes more than 20 years ago. But finally, this year, his growing belly was getting to be too much. Shirts were […]

  7. Being Grateful Is Good for Your Health

    Gratitude is important every day, not just on Thanksgiving. It’s good for our physical, mental, spiritual and social health – and it even has a relationship to exercise. “Studies suggest that making a habit of noticing what’s going well in your life could have health benefits,” the US National Institutes of Health says. Age can make us […]

  8. How His Fear Got Him Moving

    Fear can be a powerful motivator. Forget about the entertaining scares from ghosts, aliens and the supernatural. Think about how fear – blind TERROR – can cause us to take action. It’s the classic  “fight or flight” response that’s hard-wired into human behavior, right? For Rocky Eilerston, on the left in the photo, it was […]

  9. She’s Fighting to Lose the Pandemic Weight – and Loving It

    Mary Frances Benton, 59, knows it will take some time to lose 40 pounds. But she’s already down 15 since February, so her spirit is strong. She’s also done this before. About 10 years ago, Mary Frances noticed that she was gaining weight. There wasn’t the main reason she could cite, so she went to […]

  10. He’s a Running Source of Inspiration for Anyone

    Everyone has a bucket list, and for some people, “running a marathon” is on it. If it sounds impossible later in life, Brent Weigner is living proof that it’s not. And even if you don’t want to run to the curb, let alone a long race, we can all be inspired by his doggedness and […]

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