The NFL’s Original Strength Coach Keeps Working at 90

Functional Aging

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  1. The NFL’s Original Strength Coach Keeps Working at 90

    The cans of cement he lifted as a 110-pound 15-year old, the weights he hoisted over his head in the ‘52 Olympics, the world records in lifting — Clyde Emrich says it was all savings for his “health bank” for a rainy day. And now, it’s a rainy day. Clyde worked as a strength training […]

  2. Cher’s Fitness Turns Back Time at 75

    We’ve all been watching Cher for so many decades now that she seems ageless. From hippie singer to TV variety star to Oscar-winning actress and more, it seems there has always been Cher. And as she just turned 75, it’s worth a look at how she has turned back time (as one of her songs […]

  3. Even MS Can’t Keep Her Away from The Gym

    For Pat Harlow, the symptoms came occasionally at first. She couldn’t remember words. She had double vision, and numbness on one side. Eventually, after a particularly bad episode, Pat was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 48. She kept going to work for 15 years and “pretending that I’m normal,” she says. But after a […]

  4. Fitness after 50 Is a Sliding Scale That Moves Both Ways

    It’s easy to think of aging as a steady decline. But fitness proves it doesn’t have to be that simple and dreadful. If you exercise regularly, you’re more likely to maintain physical abilities. Period. So think of it as a sliding scale – with physical dependence at one end and being an elite athlete at […]

  5. ‘Plant-Based’ Eating Leaves Plenty of Healthy Room

    It used to be simple when discussing dietary lifestyle choices. You were a meat-eater or a vegetarian, right? Then came more extremes — “whole food” eating that eliminates processed food, and veganism that cuts out all animal products. But now, not everybody wants to limit their food identity to “strictly this” or “exclusively that.” We […]

  6. Working Out to Honor a Hero and Inspire Others

      A US Memorial Day tradition has sprung up in recent years, honoring a Navy Seal officer who was killed in the Afghanistan war. Thousands of people participate annually. And while the challenge is no doubt grueling, it draws participants who want to challenge their own limits while also honoring an American hero. This year, […]

  7. Physical Fitness Is ‘Just Beyond That Hill’

    David-Dorian Ross is a tai chi master, yet he’s also something of a storyteller, too. He recalls the King Arthur legend of “The Fisher King” and how it relates to fitness later in life. “At the end of the story, the hero — who has spent his entire life searching for the castle where the […]

  8. There’s No Reason to be Intimidated Here

    Bill is 70 now and has been working out in gyms for years. The former Marine is healthy, happy, and super-enthusiastic about exercise. But it wasn’t always so. The first time Bill walked into a gym, some 30 years ago, he felt intimidated by the people who looked stronger and seemed to know what they […]

  9. Why Everyone over 50 Should Be Lifting Weights – Including You

    If you’re over 50 or so, you might be gaining weight, developing high blood pressure, and becoming frailer and weaker by the day. It’s true. Sorry. Plus, if you’re like most people, you’re worried about falling and developing dementia. But what if we told you about a miracle drug that would help you lose weight, […]

  10. Don’t Ignore Your Ankle Joints

    You probably know how important your hips and knees are. But we need to pay attention to our ankles, too. They require mobility and stability, just like all joints. If an ankle lacks either, it could cause problems up the line – at the knee, hip, and back. Mobility If the ankles are stiff, you […]

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