10 Ways to Move More Every Day

Functional Aging

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  1. 10 Ways to Move More Every Day

    You can still get plenty of intentional movement even when you can’t work out. Heck, it’s even more important on those days. If you think about how you can move more, even in little doses, throughout a typical day, it all adds up before you even realize it. Exercise is still important, but don’t overlook simply […]

  2. Merry Fitmas! 2022 Gift Guide

    Happy shopping! If you still have fitness-minded folks over 50 on your shopping list, we’re here with this 2022 Fitness Gift Guide. These represent a range of prices, goods, and services, all to help that special person exercise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. E-Bike. More than just a fad, e-bikes are here to stay. They […]

  3. Bust The Myths About Active Aging

    Ever heard someone say something like this? “Oh, he’s a very handsome man for his age.” What about: “I don’t like waiting on old people because they’re so tight with their money.” These are all part of the persistent myths attached to people over 50. But like many myths, they’re wrong for the millions and […]

  4. Being a Grandparent is WAY More Fun When You’re Fit

    The holidays are an excellent opportunity for “quality time” between grandparents and grandkids. And that includes physical activity. In fact, all year long, people over 50 say that being strong for their grandchildren is their No. 1 reason for staying fit – or for wanting to get fit in the first place. Being an active […]

  5. Healthy Holiday Hacks to Keep You on Track

    Not to be a total Grinch here, but… The holidays can screw everything up. Think about it. From sometime around Halloween (all that candy) through January 1 (the hangover), we’re encouraged to: Throw our routines and habits out the window Eat and drink too much Run around like crazy trying to shop and meet every […]

  6. 7 Fun Ideas for Outdoor Exercise Now

    Is that any reason to avoid going outside if we’re heading into cooler months? Absolutely not! We still benefit from fresh air and sunshine – and is it THAT cold outside? Here are a few ideas to encourage you to go outside and MOVE YOUR BODY for a few minutes, at least. Prep for a […]

  7. 5 Fast Facts about Lowering High Blood Pressure

    Everyone knows high blood pressure is a killer. It’s the No. 1 cause of heart attacks in the United States and the most critical risk factor for strokes. And we know it’s a bigger problem later in life, afflicting up to 65 percent of people 60 and over. But do you know the best ways […]

  8. Get Healthy for Holidays Starting Now

    Every fall in Anchorage, Alaska, folks know precisely when the long winter has begun. They wake up one morning to see the local mountaintops freshly capped in white. They call it termination dust and shift gears for the coming season. Well, for the rest of us, our version of termination dust comes the first time […]

  9. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s an excellent time to remember that some risk factors, like age, race, and family history, are beyond our control. But, as the National Breast Cancer Foundation points out, we can adjust some behaviors to lower other risk factors. Those include: Lack of Physical Activity:  A sedentary lifestyle with […]

  10. 7 Ways to Celebrate Healthy Aging Month

    September is Health Aging Month, a chance to celebrate all we can do with our bodies, minds, and spirits, no matter when we were born. There are countless ways to celebrate. Here are some categories to get you thinking about all that’s awesome about how we can practice healthy aging. Move your body every day. […]

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