Physical Fitness Is ‘Just Beyond That Hill’

Functional Aging

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  1. Physical Fitness Is ‘Just Beyond That Hill’

    David-Dorian Ross is a tai chi master, yet he’s also something of a storyteller, too. He recalls the King Arthur legend of “The Fisher King” and how it relates to fitness later in life. “At the end of the story, the hero — who has spent his entire life searching for the castle where the […]

  2. There’s No Reason to be Intimidated Here

    Bill is 70 now and has been working out in gyms for years. The former Marine is healthy, happy, and super-enthusiastic about exercise. But it wasn’t always so. The first time Bill walked into a gym, some 30 years ago, he felt intimidated by the people who looked stronger and seemed to know what they […]

  3. Why Everyone over 50 Should Be Lifting Weights – Including You

    If you’re over 50 or so, you might be gaining weight, developing high blood pressure, and becoming frailer and weaker by the day. It’s true. Sorry. Plus, if you’re like most people, you’re worried about falling and developing dementia. But what if we told you about a miracle drug that would help you lose weight, […]

  4. Don’t Ignore Your Ankle Joints

    You probably know how important your hips and knees are. But we need to pay attention to our ankles, too. They require mobility and stability, just like all joints. If an ankle lacks either, it could cause problems up the line – at the knee, hip, and back. Mobility If the ankles are stiff, you […]

  5. Your Diet Is More Than What You Eat

    When someone asks about your diet, you naturally think about food, right? But what if we expand our ideas about the word “diet” to include everything we consume in other aspects of healthy living? What would your exercise “diet” be? Your emotional diet, your spiritual diet, etc.? It’s more than just an interesting way to […]

  6. Here’s A Special Way to Celebrate Another Birthday

    What sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your 75th birthday? For Jerry Mathis, it wasn’t about cake or resting by the pool. Jerry ran his first Spartan race, instead. It was a 5k course with 20 obstacles like climbing over walls, shimmying up ropes, and trekking through swampy land. Sound like fun to you? “I loved […]

  7. Why We Need to Hold onto Our Muscle Mass: ‘Use It or Lose It’

    A year ago, Pam was vibrant, an active member of a fitness studio, and celebrating her 83rd birthday. But after the Covid-19 pandemic kept her mostly housebound, she grew frail and hunched over, concerning her children and sending her back to the fitness studio she had loved so much. “It was shocking to me to see […]

  8. Fitness Can Help Tackle Your Bucket List

    What’s on your “bucket list” of things you want to do at least once in life? Do you want to see your grandkids get married? Do you want to wear a dress you wore years ago but have outgrown? Maybe you want to climb a local hill – or Mount Kilimanjaro. We all have a […]

  9. Ah, Chocolate… Why Do We Love You So?

    We love chocolate – but why do we associate it so much with love, especially around Valentine’s Day? A few reasons, according to conventional wisdom and some (not entirely conclusive) scientific research. Chocolate has two components, phenethylamine, and tryptophan, that are relevant to brain function and love. “The former is a stimulant that is released […]

  10. How Many Steps to Fitness?

    Would you like to join the “get your steps” craze, but you’re intimidated by the big 10,000 number? You know – the common idea that we’re all supposed to get 10,000 steps a day. Seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out that figure is more than twice as high as it needs […]

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