How To Show Your Hip Flexors Some Love

Functional Aging

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  1. How To Show Your Hip Flexors Some Love

    Back pain is a problem for countless active adults. Did you know a frequent culprit is tight hip flexors? These muscles are crucial in just about all movement, from standing and squatting to walking and running. They start at the front top of your thighs and flex the hip to raise the knees toward the […]

  2. How Exercise Keeps Us Moving Right

    Moving with stability and control can become more challenging as we age. If you’ve noticed this, it might be time to start exercising to increase your mobility. For example, can you squat down and then get back up? Do your joints ache, like your wrists, hips, and knees? With poor mobility, we can lose the […]

  3. Stay Fit to Enjoy Your Grandkids All Year Round

    Why be fit after 50? For millions of people worldwide, their No. 1 reason is their grandchildren. Being an active grandparent requires physical ability – strength, endurance, and flexibility – that you can build in a gym or fitness studio. When the grandchild is an infant, you want to get down on the floor and […]

  4. Start Exercising Now: Busy Times Can Be the Best

    “I don’t have time.” “I’m too busy.” “Maybe later when there’s not so much going on.” We hear this throughout the year. “I don’t have time” is why people don’t exercise. Believe it or not, the holidays could be the PERFECT time to start working out for many of you. “It’s so easy to say […]

  5. Should I Run or Lift Weights? More Fitness-over-50 FAQs

    Question: Is it better at my age to run or lift weights? Answer: Fitness offers more than just those two choices. The goal is to find an exercise you enjoy that provides a cardiovascular workout and resistance training. Cardio includes running, using elliptical machines, biking, swimming, and lots more. Resistance training includes lifting weights, using our machines, […]

  6. Step 1 Fighting Belly Fat: Forget the Marketing Myths

    Nobody likes belly fat, but almost everybody struggles with it to some degree. Among all kinds of fat, belly fat is the one that gets the most attention. We frequently ask to help our training partners lose weight – and often, it’s specifically about the extended, round belly that tends to accumulate after 50 or […]

  7. Studies Show Link Between Exercise and Lower Risk of Dementia

      We love this subject and never get tired of sharing the good news: Scientific evidence shows the link between exercise and a lower risk of developing dementia. Two of the latest studies are among the most dramatic we’ve seen in a while. One paper published recently in Neurology looked at 38 studies that followed […]

  8. Exercise Helps Your Brain, Too

    Remember in school when the health teacher warned you about drinking? She probably said something like: Alcohol kills brain cells, and YOU NEVER GET NEW BRAIN CELLS. Scary stuff. Well, guess what? It’s not true about never getting new brain cells – although your life choices affect your brain health and your risk of developing […]

  9. Gym Workouts Will Help Your Rule the Pickleball Court

                Pickleball just keeps growing and growing – in popularity and in media attention. It’s beyond trendy now, with some 5 million people playing, many of them active agers over 50 – and beyond. So, it’s important to point out something that many folks might not realize: Gym workouts make […]

  10. 7 Lies You Tell Yourself to Avoid Getting Fit

    Was it Freud who said we can’t get through the day without telling ourselves seven little lies? Or was it a magazine quiz we read in the dentist’s office? Doesn’t matter! The point is: We all love to tell ourselves “harmless” fibs to avoid doing something we know we “should” do. It’s easier than confronting […]

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