Functional Aging

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  1. How Exercise Is Key to Overall Wellness (and Quality of Life)

    You know that exercise is the key to physical fitness, especially later in life. But did you also know that fitness is, in turn, the key to wellness, or our overall wellbeing, as we age?

  2. Why Runners over 50 Need to Lift Weights, Too

    Like a lot of lifelong runners, Grady Cash was so passionate about his sport that he never had much interest in lifting weights. But that changed a few years ago after he finished last in a short-distance race and noticed the guys who beat him had a different build.

  3. Try these stretches for a great night of sleep tonight…

    If you do these stretches before bed regularly as part of your nighttime routine, not only will they help you unwind, but they can become cues for your body that it’s bedtime.

  4. Here’s How the Gym Can Help

    Some people go to the gym because they like to work out. But for many, it helps them keep doing something else they love for more and more Baby Boomers, that includes golf.

  5. 9 Tips to Boost Your Workout Recovery

    Do you know when the magic from your workouts happens?  That is, when your body CHANGES as a result of your workout? If you said AFTER, then be sure to read this full article.

  6. Large Survey Proves Exercise Improves Health, No Matter When You Begin

    We like to say it’s never too late to start exercising to enjoy the health benefits it brings, like reducing disease and even improving your life span.

  7. A Good Attitude Can Mean Life or Death

    Want to live longer, but you’re always complaining about getting older? Then change how you feel about aging.

  8. Postcards from the National Senior Games: Inspiration Everywhere You Look

    Our friends at Prime Fit Content have sent inspirational reports from the National Senior Games in Albuquerque. More than 15,000 athletes over 50 competed in track and field events, plus softball, tennis, pickleball, swimming and more.

  9. With Exercise, Vanity Can Be a Good Thing

    Vanity gets a bum rap sometimes. Sure, obsessing about your appearance can cause problems of its own. But caring about your looks and taking steps to maintain them? That can help motivate us to exercise regularly, to eat well, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  10. Once overweight, always overweight?

    Does this mean that once overweight, we are all doomed to stay overweight? Participants in the study were told to eat less and move more, a method that failed to deliver long-term results. This sound bite advice wasn’t enough.

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