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  1. Retiring Where You Can Be Active

    It used to be conventional wisdom that everybody wanted to retire to Florida or another sunny spot, find a comfortable place to sit, and… wait for life to wind down. Today’s active agers aren’t settling for that. Sure, some people want a slow pace and lots of sunshine. But we’re also looking at other criteria for our […]

  2. Walking Can Prevent Back Pain, Study Finds

    A new study finds that walking regularly after a flareup of back pain can prevent another occurrence for twice as long. “Walking is a low-cost, widely accessible, and simple exercise that almost anyone can engage in, regardless of geographic location, age, or socio-economic status,” said a researcher from Sydney, Australia, where the study was conducted. It followed […]

  3. How Exercise Can Fight Neuropathy

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  4. Is Water Enough to Stay Hydrated?

    Drinking plenty of water is one of the simplest and most important things you can do for your health. We talk about this a lot because staying properly hydrated is key to maintaining body temperature, helping you feel full, and maintaining good skin. But with a wide range of “sports drinks” available, you might wonder if you […]

  5. Fitness Facts: The 3 Planes of Movement

    Here’s a common exercise question, followed by a helpful explanation. “Why do you sometimes have us twist our bodies while we’re also moving forward? Or lift our arms in front while lunging to the side?” You see, fitness isn’t just about doing one thing at a time, like lifting a weight now and then running […]

  6. Want to Prevent Falls? Exercise!

    Falling is a major fear about growing older – and it’s a leading cause of injury and death among mature adults. It’s also a common problem for people who don’t consider themselves “old.” But it is not inevitable.  The US Preventive Services Task Force couldn’t be clearer: Exercise is the best defense against falling. Merely […]

  7. BMI: What’s In a Number?

    Have you heard about Body Mass Index (BMI) and wondered what it means? Maybe you used an online calculator to learn your BMI and were shocked that it defined you as obese. You’re not alone! Action star Sylvester Stallone is still famously buff in his 70s, but according to his BMI, he’s obese.  It’s a […]

  8. 5 Great Reasons to Stretch

    For some reason, we’ve noticed resistance among some people to stretching before and after working out. We’re not sure why, but let’s review just a few of the main benefits of stretching.   Generally, there are two types of stretches around workouts. It increases power, sprinting, jumping, and performance. This is ideal for warming up before […]

  9. This Classic Still Gives Great Workouts

    If it seems like everybody wants the newest device or trendy workout, here’s a reminder to try a classic exercise device that delivers on all fronts: the rowing machine. Take a moment to learn proper form. Rowing is simple, but you want to be sure you’re doing it right. You can watch a YouTube video […]

  10. Train for Pickleball Power

    Everybody loves pickleball, it seems. But did you know that working out can give you a huge advantage on the court? It’s true. If you want more endurance on the (smaller than tennis) court, more power in your swing, and more ability to make those shots – always smiling – then you must come in here […]

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