Who’s Ready for Summer Sports and Fun?

Functional Aging

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  1. Who’s Ready for Summer Sports and Fun?

    Has there ever been a happier spring to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and the company of other people? After more than a year of pandemic restrictions, we are increasingly able to enjoy our favorite activities. And just in time for summer! What’s your summer sport or outdoor activity? Tennis? Golf? Running? […]

  2. ‘Just Walking’ Is Just the First Step

    We’re often asked if just walking isn’t “good enough” for people over 50. The short answer is: Nope. Sorry, but it’s not. Walking IS a great first step – pun intended. So, if you’re thinking of starting an exercise program, then yes – get up and go for a walk. Or, if you’ve been walking […]

  3. Who Wants to Have Some Fun?

    Are you ready to have a good time? To laugh, to move your body, to share a positive experience with others? Of course, you are! Everyone is. And, as we slowly return to more “normal” activities, keep in mind how important fun is. It’s true in everything, from work to relationships. If we enjoy what […]

  4. Sometimes It’s Best to Slow Things Down

    In today’s society, we want everything fast. Food. Weight loss. Tax returns! So, it might be natural that we also think “fast” must mean “best” when it comes to exercise. And sometimes, for some people, it might be. But should you be cranking up the reps and speed as much as possible? Not so fast! […]

  5. Success Story: Meet 2 ‘Older”; Superwomen Who Prove the Power of Fitness

        In the world of older women taking control of their health, Vera Teachout, 65, and Cheri Hunt, 73, are myth-busting superstars. They work out several times a week doing functional exercise with body weight, free weights, and cardio to stay healthy and flexible in their retirement. They are remarkable for doing so well […]

  6. Sharon’s Goal: Hiking in the Big Bend, TX

    Sharon Trott Started YPB workouts in December 2019 Age: 65 Occupation:  Retired in August 2018 Please help us celebrate Sharon Trott’s success! We’ve been working together for nearly a year, and she has made fantastic progress toward her goals. Check out her story! When I retired in 2018, I had more time for exercising, so […]

  7. Let’s Share Some Good News about Aging Well

    Are you longing for some good news? We all are. 2020 is one of the most trying years in recent memory, with the pandemic leading the way. It’s enough to make some of us want to hibernate until things get better. But guess what? We’re not bears. And we don’t have to be. We’re going […]

  8. Q: What’s the Biggest Muscle in Your Body?

    Quick question: What’s the biggest muscle in your body? Chest? Biceps? Brain? Nope. It’s the gluteus maximum, also known as the glutes, also known as Your Butt. If you think you’re stuck with the tush you have, then you’re not only mistaken – you’re also asking for all kinds of mobility issues. Exercising the glutes […]

  9. What’s Stopping You from Improving Your Life?

    What’s Stopping You from Improving Your Life? Facts are: You have the time, money, and motivation. What kills time, eats money, withers motivation? The same thing that’s more dangerous than almost any exercise: doing nothing.

  10. Clients Put Their Fitness to the Travel Test

    Why Don’t We Talk More about Fitness as Disease Prevention? It seems like we’ve talked more about avoiding sickness this year than ever. We have all heard many times that we’re supposed to wash hands frequently. That we’re to stay at a safe distance from other people, and wear masks in public. We’re told not […]

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