We’re Grateful for These 15 Facts about Fitness after 50

Functional Aging

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  1. We’re Grateful for These 15 Facts about Fitness after 50

    It’s funny how events, and a little time, can enrich our perspective – like how much the pandemic has changed the way the world thinks about healthy living, especially for people over 50.   You could say we’re more aware than ever of the relationship between lifestyle habits and remaining safe from diseases. At least, […]

  2. Keep Those Shoulders Moving

    What is your body’s most mobile joint? It’s the shoulders. Just think about it. You can move your shoulders pretty freely (we hope) in all directions. What other joint can do that? Your shoulders are one of the body’s two ball-and-socket joints — the hips being the other. So, they’re built for a lot of […]

  3. The Core Is More Than Your Abs

      You’ve heard how important it is to keep your core strong. But if you think that means tons of time on your back performing sit-ups and crunches, think again. The core involves so much more than your abs – and a more engaging set of exercises to keep it shipshape. It’s your entire midsection, […]

  4. Health and Strength Keep You, and Your Life, Balanced

     Throughout your life, you’ve probably had periods where you felt like everything was in balance. You were healthy. Your relationships were strong. Your career was going well… And, if you’re like most people, you’ve also had those moments when you felt unbalanced – like something wasn’t right, and it was dragging you down in other […]

  5. How Exercise Helps with Hip Replacements

    More people are getting hip replacements all the time. Some 400,000  will get one this year, and that’s expected to double by 2030. As we age, the main reasons tend to be arthritis and general wear and tear. Also, it’s an easier surgery than it was, say, 30 years ago – easier to perform and […]

  6. ‘Functional’ Fitness to Enjoy Everyday Life

    You already know lots of reasons why you should exercise regularly. And maybe you shake your head and say, “Not for me.” Maybe you don’t want to look, feel, and move better; manage your blood pressure; prevent Type 2 diabetes, etc. But have you thought about being able to stand up from a chair or […]

  7. Look Forward and Keep Moving

    Can you look back on your life and see a moment when everything changed for you? When you suddenly had to decide which way to go, what to do… or even whether to proceed? A lot of us can, of course. It might’ve been long ago, or maybe it’s something more recent, like a doctor’s […]

  8. Success Story: Don’t Call Her ‘Sweetie’

    Barb DeAngelis, 76, sees the stereotypes against older people exercising to stay strong, and she shatters them every chance she gets. Not only does Barb love lifting weights and setting records, but she sees herself as a quality-of-life ambassador for other “little old ladies.” Barb crushes the “frail grandma” idea one deadlift at a time […]

  9. Celebrate September As Healthy Aging Month

    If you think January is the most important month for personal fitness, then think again. It’s actually September, especially for people over 50, since it’s annually promoted as Healthy Aging Month. And it’s easy to see why the first month of autumn is ideal. Think about. The weather is cooler, but we still have plenty of […]

  10. Dance, Martial Arts and More: The Healing Power of Movement

    We love sharing stories about people over 50 who find a new lease on life through exercise. And this one is special because the miracles of movement came as a surprise. Susan Palmer (above in the white shirt) wasn’t looking for relief from the chronic pain that plagued her for years after surgery to treat […]

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