Fall Hiking: Accept the Invitation to Move

Functional Aging

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  1. Fall Hiking: Accept the Invitation to Move

    Do you hear Mother Nature calling?  How can you resist the temptation to get out and enjoy the cooler temps and the mesmerizing transformation of fall foliage? Even if it means a short drive to reach the perfect spot, the rewards of nature are worth it. But there’s more to this than just a visual treat. With […]

  2. Stretching for Health, Fun, and Fall Prevention 

    Balance and flexibility are key facets of physical fitness. Like endurance and strength, they diminish with age unless we work on them. Working on balance and flexibility helps prevent falls, which can be disastrous. And just like it’s never too late to start working on them, it’s also never too soon. Anyone engaged in fitness should […]

  3. Exercise Tops Drugs, Therapy for Mental Health, Study Finds

    A huge review of more than 1,000 studies has found that physical activity is more helpful in treating mental illness than therapy and drugs. Researchers at the University of South Australia crunched data from studies involving more than 128,000 people and reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine:  The World Health Organization says mental health […]

  4. Answering the Call of Adventure

    Will you be ready if adventure beckons? For Rich and Liz Clapp, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” Their journey to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa wasn’t just a testament to their physical fitness, but also to the commitment they share to embracing life’s opportunities, no matter their age. The couple, 66 years old, have been dedicated […]

  5. ‘Gymtimidation’ Is Real: Here’s How to Beat It

    Does this sound familiar? You’d like to join a gym, but you don’t think you’re fit enough yet.  You’re worried that everyone else there is already in great shape, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Well, the good news is: You’re not alone. Lots of people feel that way, no matter what age. Gym owners […]

  6. Make Fitness A Part Of Your Legacy

    How do you want to be remembered? What legacy are you trying to leave for your children and grandchildren or your friends or community? It’s a critical question facing many people later in life, and it can motivate us to take positive action. That’s what happened with Gary Stewart about 15 years ago. From One […]

  7. Why It’s All about ‘Healthspan’ over ‘Lifespan’

    Think for a moment before answering this question: Do you want to live as long as possible? Or … Do you want to live WELL for as long as possible? There’s a big difference. And the difference is getting a lot of attention in the medical, healthcare, and fitness communities. It’s the distinction between “lifespan” […]

  8. Functional Fitness- In Shape for Everyday Life

    Why should you work out regularly? For big muscles? To lose weight? To beat your brother-in-law at golf? Sure, all of those are good reasons for some people. But what about working out so you are better prepared for the activities of everyday life, like carrying in groceries and putting them up? Like having the […]

  9. Stay Cool and Safe in the Heat

    As fun as summer can be, it can also pose potential health risks, like heatstroke and dehydration. And this summer has proven to be a doozy in many parts of the US and the world. But you can still have a fun, safe summer outside. Be sure to take no-nonsense precautions and respect Mother Nature […]

  10. Take Control of Your Own Health and Fitness

    Here’s a “good news, bad news” situation. The good news: More people over 65 are exercising than ever before. The bad news: The percentage of mature adults who are physically active remains low – so low, in fact, that the US government calls it a “public health concern.” We couldn’t agree more. We’re doing everything […]

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