‘Functional’ Fitness to Enjoy Everyday Life

Functional Aging

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  1. ‘Functional’ Fitness to Enjoy Everyday Life

    You already know lots of reasons why you should exercise regularly. And maybe you shake your head and say, “Not for me.” Maybe you don’t want to look, feel, and move better; manage your blood pressure; prevent Type 2 diabetes, etc. But have you thought about being able to stand up from a chair or […]

  2. Look Forward and Keep Moving

    Can you look back on your life and see a moment when everything changed for you? When you suddenly had to decide which way to go, what to do… or even whether to proceed? A lot of us can, of course. It might’ve been long ago, or maybe it’s something more recent, like a doctor’s […]

  3. Success Story: Don’t Call Her ‘Sweetie’

    Barb DeAngelis, 76, sees the stereotypes against older people exercising to stay strong, and she shatters them every chance she gets. Not only does Barb love lifting weights and setting records, but she sees herself as a quality-of-life ambassador for other “little old ladies.” Barb crushes the “frail grandma” idea one deadlift at a time […]

  4. Celebrate September As Healthy Aging Month

    If you think January is the most important month for personal fitness, then think again. It’s actually September, especially for people over 50, since it’s annually promoted as Healthy Aging Month. And it’s easy to see why the first month of autumn is ideal. Think about. The weather is cooler, but we still have plenty of […]

  5. Dance, Martial Arts and More: The Healing Power of Movement

    We love sharing stories about people over 50 who find a new lease on life through exercise. And this one is special because the miracles of movement came as a surprise. Susan Palmer (above in the white shirt) wasn’t looking for relief from the chronic pain that plagued her for years after surgery to treat […]

  6. Everyone Can Pick up Exercise Tips from Olympic Competitors

    People all over the world tuned into the recent Summer Olympics in Tokyo to be amazed by the world’s best athletes — and to be inspired by them. We mere mortals of any age can pick up tips, apply them to our own movement and exercise patterns, and try to keep our performance as high […]

  7. The Skinny on Belly Fat: How to Fight It for Real

    Nobody likes belly fat, but almost everybody struggles with it to some degree. Among all kinds of fat, belly fat is the one that gets the most attention. We are frequently asked to help our training partners lose weight – and often, it’s specifically about the extended, round belly that tends to accumulate after 50 […]

  8. Stay Cool and Safe This Summer

    We hope you’re exercising this summer, of course. And we hope you’re staying hydrated, avoiding the heat, and taking seasonal safety precautions to nurture your wellbeing. Here are a few reminders: Drink plenty of water. It increases your metabolism to help you lose weight; makes us feel full faster; and – importantly now – keeps us […]

  9. 7 Top Reasons to Be Fit for the Rest of Your Life

    Why should you exercise? If you think it’s too late or you’re too old, well, you couldn’t be more wrong. But if  you want to enjoy life as much as possible after 50, then you have more reasons than ever to get and stay fit. And your reasons now are better than they might’ve been decades […]

  10. Pickleball Draws Folks Over 50 to a New Way to Stay Active

    If you think you can’t pick up a new sport later in life, then guess again. Millions of people over 50 continue to join the Pickleball craze, the fun mash-up of tennis, ping pong, and badminton played on a small court. Alex Godinez is one of them. The retired FedEx driver was a former lifelong […]

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