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Functional Aging

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  1. Want Stronger Bones? Exercise Regularly

    Breaking a bone ranks high on the list of fears people have after age 50 or so. Arthritis is increasingly common. And while osteoporosis is most common among older women, it can occur in anyone. Still, many people worried about bone health don’t realize that they can take steps to improve it. And one of […]

  2. How Exercise Can Fight Neuropathy

    Karen Joseph had no idea what was happening years ago when the first symptoms on neuropathy began. She assumed the pain and numbness in her legs were from a spinal injury she suffered in a car crash. But after her diagnosis in 2014, Karen learned how debilitating neuropathy can be. And she had to make […]

  3. A Fighter Swims His Way to Health

    Some people are born fighters, and they don’t lose that spirit just because they reach a certain age. Take Herman Kelly, for example. His first name means soldier or warrior in German, and Herman started life by spending seven days in an incubator, fighting for life. He endured racism common in his childhood. He became […]

  4. Success Story: Fitness Helped Him Thrive after Back Surgery

    For Dr. Bruce Lockhart, it was finally back surgery that got him committed to regular exercise near retirement a decade ago. Over the years, he had treated enough patients with chronic back pain to know that he didn’t want to become one after the procedure. So he found the right trainer at the right gym […]

  5. How Do You Want to Change in 10 Years?

    What a difference a decade makes. Just ask Debbie Stevens. Or Terry Aguilar. Or any of the hundreds of thousands of people participating in Facebook’s #10YearChallenge – including countless people over 50 who have used the last decade to improve their lives through exercise, eating right, and other healthy habits. The challenge has provided more […]

  6. Stretch Yourself to Safe, Effective Exercise

    If you’re new to exercise or returning after a bit of time, remember to take this important step at the beginning: Stretch! As we age, our bodies might feel tight, for no obvious reason. If we’re inactive, we might have curious aches or feel slow to move. Stretching helps with all of this and more, […]

  7. 22 Reasons to Be Fit in ‘22

    Heading into a new year, so many of us are determined to take better care of ourselves – but then too often lose our steam by about the third week in January. It helps if you have good reasons to get fit – or, heck, even to stay fit, if you’re already active. Some of […]

  8. How to Build Healthy Habits in the New Year (and Beyond)

    Habits can be hard to form, particularly later in life when we might want to rely on familiar ways. But, armed with strong information and reliable tactics, you can adjust your tactics to succeed in 2022 and beyond. See, it turns out we’ve been thinking about forming habits all wrong. It’s not about willpower or the […]

  9. We’re Grateful for These 15 Facts about Fitness after 50

    It’s funny how events, and a little time, can enrich our perspective – like how much the pandemic has changed the way the world thinks about healthy living, especially for people over 50.   You could say we’re more aware than ever of the relationship between lifestyle habits and remaining safe from diseases. At least, […]

  10. Keep Those Shoulders Moving

    What is your body’s most mobile joint? It’s the shoulders. Just think about it. You can move your shoulders pretty freely (we hope) in all directions. What other joint can do that? Your shoulders are one of the body’s two ball-and-socket joints — the hips being the other. So, they’re built for a lot of […]

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