More FAQs: Too Old for Exercise?

Functional Aging

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  1. More FAQs: Too Old for Exercise?

    Here are more questions we’re often asked about exercise after age 50. Let us know of any other questions you have! We are happy to answer them. Question: Older people don’t need to lift weights, right? Answer: Wrong! Resistance training is ESSENTIAL for everyone as we age, for many reasons that are indisputable. Humans start to lose […]

  2. Fitness Bands Are Small but Smart Workout Tools

      When it comes to home workout equipment, we tend to think big, expensive, and trendy. But don’t forget how powerful the small, simple, and inexpensive tools can be, too. Fitness bands are among the hottest items, with sales skyrocketing during the pandemic. Smart folks over 50 should keep the sales going strong. It’s easy […]

  3. Exercise can overcome genetics to fight obesity in mature women, study finds

    Here’s good news for mature women who think obesity is just part of their DNA. It turns out that exercise lowers their risk of obesity, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed data from 8,200 women of European ancestry in their 70s. They determined that genetic influences on obesity are strongest in inactive women – […]

  4. Gimme 5: Here’s What Can Happen When You Start Exercising

    Want to play a game of “What’s the Point?” It goes like this. Think of all the times you’ve said “What’s the Point” of doing the right thing for yourself, your family, and your community. Like this: What’s the point of exercising? What’s the point of dieting? What’s the point of registering to vote… or […]

  5. New evidence shows how exercise fits depression

    If you still think physical exercise is only good for the body, then check out this latest research that adds to the evidence about mental health. The Journal of American Medical Association’s Psychiatry journal just published an analysis of 15 studies involving 190,000 people to learn more about how exercise lowers depression. Here are some key findings: […]

  6. Adjusting Workouts Makes Them Personal – and Better

      Tony, a lifelong tennis player, is in his mid-50s now. When he started noticing his game wasn’t as sharp as it used to be, he thought gym workouts might help restore his power and relieve some pain. But the trainer he used ignored Tony’s personal needs and past injuries, even when Tony said he […]

  7. Strengthen Your Balance

    How much time do you spend on one foot? About 80 percent of the time when you’re walking! It’s a good fact to keep in mind when thinking about balance training and how important it is to help prevent falls later in life. About 36 million older adults fall ever year, resulting in more than […]

  8. Exercise Helps Fight Parkinson’s Symptoms

                  Sheri knew something was wrong. She’d always been active, particularly enjoying daily walks. But lately her balance and posture were off. Her knees jerked. Her hands trembled. So when her doctor diagnosed her with Parkinson’s disease last year, it was almost a relief. “At least now I knew,” […]

  9. Rowing Your Way to Strength and Stamina

    You know it’s important to get a good cardio workout regularly. Some people like the treadmill, stationary bikes, or elliptical machines, and that’s great. These are all excellent choices. But a dark horse is gaining popularity lately with active adults, and that’s the rowing machine. It’s easy to see why. Rowers are readily available in […]

  10. Want Stronger Bones? Exercise Regularly

    Breaking a bone ranks high on the list of fears people have after age 50 or so. Arthritis is increasingly common. And while osteoporosis is most common among older women, it can occur in anyone. Still, many people worried about bone health don’t realize that they can take steps to improve it. And one of […]

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