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  1. ‘The Happiest Demographic:’ Many Women Find Fulfillment after 50

      A common myth about aging says that after 50, people (especially women) face a dreary life of loneliness, physical difficulty, and despair. But the opposite is true for millions, who are finding that the “grandma years” are turning out to be the best time of their lives. Adults 65 to 79 say this is their […]

  2. STOP falling for these fat loss myths

    I’m here to warn you about 5 fat loss myths that most people fall for. This might come across as a soapbox rant, and for that, I apologize but trust me when I say that this is a message that needs to spread. Your fat loss depends on it. Don’t waste your time on these: […]

  3. American Heart Month and the Powerful Benefits of Exercise, Eating Right

    We usually think of February as the month of hearts for Valentine’s Day. But February is also American Heart Month, sponsored by the American Heart Association, to raise awareness and to help people lose weight, eat better, invigorate their exercise routines and more. 

  4. What’s Your Butt Got to Do with It?

    Sometimes, after a few weeks of working out together, a client might ask us, “Why do we do so many glutes exercises?” “Glutes” is the technical term for the rear end. So you might translate that question as, “What’s my butt got to do with it?” Here’s why the glutes are so important​

  5. Do THIS for Faster results

    Exercises that use complex movements will deliver better results than exercises that use only simple movements. Complex movements recruit multiple muscles, some to stabilize and others to perform the movement. This process keeps your heart rate higher than a simple exercise would, giving you a more intense workout.

  6. Safety, Power, and Confidence Come with Well-Rounded Exercise

    Are you afraid of falling? But you might not realize that you need a comprehensive fitness approach to improve balance. As we age, fitness programming is necessary that requires a focus on all the components of functional fitness, including mobility, muscular-skeletal, and cardio-respiratory.

  7. Simple Steps to Being Mindful during a Workout

    When working out, is it best to: Talk on the phone, worry about your “to do” list, and hold your breath while exerting yourself? Pay attention to your breathing and your body, avoid judging yourself and others, and be thankful for what you can do?

  8. How Snowbirds, and the Rest of Us, Can Stay Fit over the Winter

    Snowbirds have a lot to look forward to heading south for the winter. The milder weather. The sunshine and seeing old friends.

  9. 5 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at Work

    How can you squeeze in a little exercise when most of your hours are spent sitting at a desk, meeting in the conference room, and preparing for big presentations? Read on to find out when you can squeeze in exercise at work and how to do it.

  10. Your Holly Jolly Workout

    The holiday season is filled with good things, making it the holly-est, jolly-est time of year. And it's easy to get caught up in the tinsel, lights, eggnog, and chocolate and forget about workouts and exercise shoes. Beat the statistics and avoid holiday weight gain by fitting in exercise this year. Here’s how.

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