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  1. Meet Maureen Charleston

    Age: 56

    Maureen Charleston, AHA, CPT – FAS
    YPB Certified Personal Trainer & Functional Aging Specialist

    Attended Del Mar College and Our Lady of the Lake University


    Montessori Educator Head of School @ MSCC for 31 years
    Doterra Wellness Advocate
    Wedding Officiate

    My Interests Are:

    As the Queen of Crafting, I create windchimes, fiber art, scrapbooks, wreaths, and ornaments. I love to do Art in Journals and create junk journals. I also love to read and belong to several book clubs.

    Maureen’s Strengths:

    • Intellection:  is introspective and appreciates intellectual discussions
    • Deliberative:  takes serious care in making decisions and choices; anticipates the obstacles
    • Strategic: Can create alternative ways to proceed. Quick to spot relevant patterns and issues.
    • Consistency:
    • Activator:

    My goals when I started with YPB were to lose weight and to get stronger. To help my 89-year-old mother around the house and to keep up with my three young grandsons.

    The main change I experienced since starting at YPB was that I found that I enjoyed working out. I have always been a walker but found weight training and cardio to be fun in a small group.

    As a teacher, I was always asking questions, which led to moving into becoming a Functional Aging Specialist. Moving into a position at YPB as a Coach was eye-opening to see what goes on behind the scenes and the passion that I see every day from the other coaches.

    I have two things in my life that I am super proud of. One is my son and the man he has become. The other is my long career in Montessori education. I love working day-to-day with the children in my classroom.

    My biggest challenge has always been believing in myself. I tend to self-sabotage and have a negative dialogue going on in my head. But working out with my YPB Coach and friends has helped me not do this as much as I used to.

    The best advice I can give to someone interested in beginning an exercise regime is to embrace the fear and start. Every day is a new day that we can accomplish new and hard things. The best reason to train with me is I have been there. I get it. I have struggled with my confidence my entire life.  But working out has made me stronger and more sure of myself.

    Away from YPB, I am the Head of School and a Montessori Educator @ a local Montessori Pre-School.  I travel several times a year to see my son, DIL, and three grandsons. I spend a lot of time with my mother who is my housemate. Outside of that, I spend time on my Doterra business, reading, and crafting. 

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