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  1. Reflect with Me!

    Here are a few fun 2017 wrap up things I want to share with you today​:

    YPB Video of the Year: Our mentor and coach Dr. Dan Ritchie with the Functional Aging Institute endorses our team of Functional Aging Specialists including myself, Juan, Marcia, Jon, Sarah and Michelle (while Michelle is not a specialist, we can’t do what we do without her help)!

    THIS VIDEO​ ​ might just be the “lead in” to that life change you’ve been waiting for, the help you’ve been looking for, that New Year’s resolution still unresolved and right here in your very own Corpus Christi, TX 


    Top Reads: 2017 Year End List:  So often I get asked about my favorite books, the ones that inspire me and keep me moving forward. While I swear by my own Your Personal Best – The Expert Guide on Functional Fitness this collection of my die-hard favorites are bound to inspire you too.

    The Language of Letting Go, Melody Beattie
    The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy
    The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins
    Get Over Your Damn Self, Romi Neustadt
    The Go-Giver, Bob Burg, John David Mann
    True Self, False Self, Richard Rohr
    The Coaching Habit, Michael Bungay Stanier
    Healing Trauma, Peter A Levine, PH.D.
    The ONE Thing, Gary Keller
    Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects, Sara S. and Todd W.
    Everything Belongs, Richard Rohr
    Super Soul Sunday, Oprah​

    This YPB Post Blew Up in 2017:  
    A fitness professional friend of mine said this would be a “fun” share to drive engagement to my YPB Facebook business page … but first I had to figure the answer out. It went crazy! I kept giving people the answer and they weren’t even paying attention, lasted for days. They were even private messaging me.

    What do you think the answer is?


    The Most Popular YPB FB Photograph of 2017:  Of all the photos I’ve paid a professional to take for me, Michelle snapped this picture after a workout one day and it was just “Juan”derful! Juan is our Director of Operations in the studio and a beloved trainer with the over 50 crowd! Featured Clients (left to right): Trey, Janice, Gerry, Joe, Vicky and Amy ​​


    Top Three Most Popular 2017 Newsletters 

    #1 –​ Before the Hurricane …
    #2 – A personal sharing … on loss 
    #3 2017 Client of the Year​ … New Client (over 50) LOSES 15 pounds of FAT!

    ​I am so proud to present to you Claire Lemons, 53 – who participated in our Little Black Dress 6 week project we held just after the first of the year 2017. Claire received amazing results with us by losing over 15 pounds of body fat, gaining muscle and losing inches all over her body!


    Thank you for taking the time to reflect on 2017 with me.

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