Building Spiritual Muscles

Functional Aging

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  1. Building Spiritual Muscles

    Chapters close and open in our lives, be it the end of a year, death of a loved, a health diagnosis or just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time.

  2. “Exercise is a Journey, Not a Destination. …”

    Exercise is a journey, not a destination. It must be continued for the rest of your life

  3. Whew, What a First Month of 2016!

    My desire in writing to you is to offer you my experience, strength and hope regarding physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Most all of my newsletters will look something like this

  4. YPB Visits The Cooper Institute

    My training studio has as one of its core values; Innovation. We strive to always be up-to-date with our business practices and training techniques by … “Reaching outside of our community for ‘cutting edge’ knowledge to facilitate our clients’ dramatic results”Just recently one of my staff, Juan Guerrero, and I had an amazing opportunity to […]

  5. New Year…New You!

    Ready to get started on the road to a new you this New Year? Keep reading to find out what you’ve got to do this year to make the new you happen!

  6. Why Corpus Christi for me …

    In April 2010, Corpus Christi was ranked the fattest city in America by Men’s Health. In this personal newsletters I want to share next with you why I choose to live in Corpus Christi, TX. I’m sitting here in my family room contemplating a conversation I had with a cycling friend one evening, over 4 years […]

  7. Reasons I like Training Older Adults

    I’ve been training almost 20 years and have worried that I wouldn’t have any clients an older adult trainer. But times are changing;

  8. How Hydration Affects Body Fat Readings

    Invasion of the Muscle Snatchers? While getting ready for the Get Fit-Get Paid program, we have been performing several body composition analysis on both our new and existing clients. Alarmingly, we discovered several of our clients had actually LOST muscle and gained fat over the holiday season!  We were at a quandary, wondering what the heck […]

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