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  1. Gifting Yourself Balance – A YPB Client Sharing

    One of the most important aspects of moving better, feeling better and aging actively is BALANCE!

    Like most things in life, balance is something we need to practice on a regular basis. In order to see improvement or consistency, we should practice it daily.  Once we are above the age of 50, balance is especially something that a lot of people don’t think about it until it is severely diminished.

    As Functional Aging Specialists, our mission is to help people achieve the best possible health and quality of life through innovative and evidence-based functional fitness programs that are safe, effective, enjoyable and purposeful.

    Balance is a huge part of the complexity of the body’s ability to move and groove.

    YPB client Dan Baen, 66, has experienced significant improvement with his balance since he invested in his health and fitness.

    “In 10 months I have lost a few pounds of fat, an inch and a half off my waist, gained muscle, improved my balance and can now get off the ground easily which I could not do in the beginning.”

    “This has been a life changing experience and I intend on continuing for the lengthy future.” ~ Dan 

    As a result of his hard work and dedication, he feels younger, stronger, and continues to plan on investing in his health and fitness.

    The YPB Culture…

    One of the many great things about Your Personal Best Training Studio is the sense of community. The trainers you work with provide community as well as the small group of people who are working out with you.   There is accountability in numbers, your peers will wonder where you are and the trainers care that you’re missing.

    “Immediately, you get to be a part of a new family and there’s great energy in the groups.  We enjoy each other’s company and I look forward to seeing each of the participants and the trainers.” ~D.B.

    Watch this video and hear how Dan is reaping the benefits of our functional fitness training program.

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