Healthy Recipe- Roasted Whole Peppers with White Beans

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  1. Healthy Recipe- Roasted Whole Peppers with White Beans

    With their meaty texture and robust flavor, fresh bell peppers can make a healthy and filling stand-in for meat if served whole. In this rustic vegetarian dish, adapted from the New York Times, the peppers are roasted until the skins are caramelized, then served atop well-seasoned white beans and greens. A crumble of feta — […]

  2. Healthy Recipe- Spiced Fish with Fennel, Tahini, and Pine Nuts

    Tahini, that sesame seed paste best known as a component of hummus, is full of anti-inflammatory mono-unsaturated fats and essential nutrients. And its light, nutty flavor lends itself to a multitude of dishes beyond the popular chickpea dip. By blending it with ice water and a squeeze of citrus, it becomes a creamy, dairy-free sauce […]

  3. Healthy Recipe- Salt and Vinegar Roasted Potatoes

    It’s easy to scarf down a bagful of salt and vinegar potato chips in a sitting. This recipe, adapted from one in The New York Times, captures that irresistible taste in a side dish that’s all-natural, filling, nutrient-rich, and a great energy source. Soft, flaky sea salt adds a subtle crunch and clean, bright flavor […]

  4. Healthy Recipe- Fish in Crazy Water

    Fish in Crazy Water is a classic Neapolitan dish in which fish is poached in liquid infused with tomatoes, olive oil, and other flavorings. This version, adapted from a recipe in “Italy on a Plate: Travels, Memories, Menus,” is fast, easy and delicious. The silky texture of the sauce created in the pan is due […]

  5. Healthy Recipe- Pork Meatballs with Lemon, Anchovies, and Herbs

    Even if you’re inclined to pick the anchovies off a pizza or Caesar salad before biting in, you shouldn’t discount the value of keeping a tin or jar of the tiny, briny fish within easy reach in your cabinet or fridge. When finely minced and blended with the right ingredients to balance their funkiness, they […]

  6. Healthy Recipe- Vegan Cacao Chile Smoothie

    We all know cocoa for the chocolatey goodness it brings to brownies and other treats. Cacao products — which include unsweetened cocoa powder, nibs, and dark chocolate — are rich in iron and other nutrients. Those labeled “cacao” and sometimes “vegan chocolate” are made from raw beans and are minimally processed. To reap its maximum […]

  7. Healthy Recipe- Pasta with Scallops, Burst Tomatoes, Crispy Garlic, and Herbs

    Scallops, often thought of as a luxury product, are now readily accessible in most freezer cases and a lightning-fast way to boost the protein of a simple pasta meal without the need for cheese. This recipe, inspired by one from the Martha Stewart website, calls for either the thimble-size bay scallops, or the larger sea […]

  8. Healthy Recipe- Strawberry Caprese Salad

    Here’s a company-worthy dish that’s healthy, delicious, and makes a stunning presentation anywhere you serve it. Best of all, it requires no cooking and takes only minutes to throw together. It’s a variation on Caprese, the ubiquitous Italian salad of fresh mozzarella, sun-ripened tomatoes, and fresh basil. Here, strawberries are the star, complemented by sweet […]

  9. Healthy Recipe- Black-Eyed Pea Power Bowls

    Black-eyed peas and sweet potatoes are frequent sidekicks to fried chicken and gravy-laden meats. This recipe, slightly adapted from one in Jocelyn Delk Adams’ “Everyday Grand” (Potter, $32.50), gives these two nutritional powerhouses top billing in a flavor-packed one-bowl meal. Each component can be prepared ahead and refrigerated separately, so you can quickly assemble it […]

  10. Healthy Recipe- Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

    This fresh take on chicken soup, adapted from one in the third volume of Joanna Gaines’ “Magnolia Table” cookbook series (Morrow, $40), is a riff on the Greek classic, Avgolemono. A few egg yolks add body, nutrients, and a velvety texture — no heavy cream is required! Along with lemon juice and orzo pasta, this […]

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