Coping with Having Overeaten

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  1. Coping with Having Overeaten

    Ok, you know how the saying goes “Stuff Happens” now, get over it and this is where I can help.

    First, go ahead and cut yourself a little more slack because tomorrow, Friday, November 24th, you can join me for a “28 Day Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge” between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve set up this holiday BLUEPRINT for our success and made it available for my loyal clients, non-members or-out-of-town friends and family. Details are here

    Now That You’ve Overeaten (a few steps that you can take)

    1. Avoid beating yourself up.Once a “food coma” has happened, it has happened and it’s a case of coping with the result. Follow the remaining steps here to ease yourself through being so stuffed that you feel ill or exhausted.

    2. Loosen your pants and clothing.You might even need to change into something less constricting. Just allow your stomach and breathing muscles the freedom to move and gurgle. Your stomach digestion will improve with loosened garments around this region.

    3. Avoid lying down.Instead, try to go for an easy walk or stroll. Lying down can bring on reflux (heartburn) and make things even worse. However, if you do feel you really need to lie down, do so by heaping up pillows, to prevent you from lying flat.

    4. Have an after-dinner cordial or liqueur to aid digestion.Drink it slowly and don’t have more than one. This drink may help to relax your stomach muscles needed for digestion.

    • Alternatively (and my preferred choice), have peppermint, ginger or chamomile tea if you’d rather avoid alcohol.

    5. Keep moving.As I said earlier, go for a stroll, walk or some other form of physical movement to help your digestive system work better. Here’s a great workout that I sent in this morning’s email that you can even do with the family at your neighborhood park. View the video here

    Finally, whether you are one of my loyal clients, a non-member or-out-of-town, sign up TODAY for my “28 Day Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge” that starts MONDAY, November 27th – Christmas Eve. It’s so affordable even doing 50% of this challenge could maintain you! Details are here

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