Who Wants to Have Some Fun?

Functional Aging

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  1. Who Wants to Have Some Fun?

    Are you ready to have a good time? To laugh, to move your body, to share a positive experience with others?

    Of course, you are! Everyone is.

    And, as we slowly return to more “normal” activities, keep in mind how important fun is. It’s true in everything, from work to relationships. If we enjoy what we’re doing, we’re more likely to keep doing it than something that’s drudgery.

    That applies to physical fitness, too.

    Do What You Want – But Do Something

    Are you looking around for new, safe exercise habits? Or to renew what you were doing previously?

    Come see us. We have a wide range of exercise options – on your own, with one of our staff, along with other members… a mix of working out at home and here … and a warm social vibe that is so important to making positive change.


    • There’s no “one size fits all” approach. So, if you hate to run, then guess what? Don’t run! If you love yoga, then start there.
    • Don’t compare yourself to others who seem to be stronger or more limber or better at something. You do you.
    • Guilt is a waste of time. Especially after what we’ve all endured, there’s no reason to feel bad if you’ve gained some weight. Focus on the here and now – and how much better you’ll look, feel, and move soon.
    • Involve a friend or build a connection with someone here.
    • Make sure you feel comfortable and confident about the safety of any activity and environment. We are so proud of the cleanliness of our facility that we can’t wait to show you everything and answer any questions you might have.
    • If you’re new to working out, talk to us about using one of our trainers, at least initially. It’s amazing how much it can improve your entire experience, not to mention your results.
    • Remember how awesome you are. Not only did you make it through 2020, but you have achieved so much in your life already that there’s no doubt you can get in shape or stay in shape now.

    ‘Fun’ Is Part of ‘Functional’ Fitness

    The phrase “functional fitness” provides a great approach. It’s how we “describe fitness as it relates to our body’s ability to function, performing the tasks we ask of it,” says the Functional Aging Institute. “And it’s so much more than what we traditionally think of when it comes to fitness.”

    Functional fitness includes balance, mobility, and emotional health, along with strength and endurance. And the goal is simple: To help you have fun doing what you want, for as long as possible.

    Try this handy self -assessment and FAI rate your ability to do such everyday tasks as:

    • Climb a flight of stairs without using a handrail for support
    • Go on a brisk 20-minute walk while talking with a friend
    • Pick up and carry a 20-pound toddler for five minutes
    • Play your favorite sport as well as you did five years ago
    • Get a good night’s sleep regularly

    When you progress on this list, you’re progressing to more fun – and functional – daily lifestyle.

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