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  1. Vicki J. Success Story

    I am pleased to name Vicki Jamison as the Your Personal Best Training Studio Client of the Year.  We selected Vicki as Client of the year because of her motivation as well as her results.  My sense of Vicki’s fitness success is that she is continuing the fight for life that her sister recently lost to cancer.  I wish all our clients could embrace this kind of motivation without the experience of tragedy. At Your Personal Best Training Studio ultimately I wish for everyone a sense of the Body, Mind & Spirit connection. We have a Wellness Coach as well as a Spiritual Director on staff and six of the most Elite and Professional Fitness Trainers in town.

    Congratulations, Vicki!
    ~Lisa Wright

    NAME: Vicki Jamison

    OCCUPATION: Quality Assurance Analyst

    AGE:  52

    PERSONAL TRAINER:Amanda Kocher

    “To get a waist and have more muscle.”

    In 1 year Vicki lost 33.5 pounds total scale weight. She put on over 5.5 pounds of muscle.  This muscle helps her to burn an additional 200 calories per day!  She lost over 38 pounds of FAT!  Vicki also lost 6″ on her waist and 19″ overall.  Her overall bodyfat percentage changed from 40% to 25%!

    To continue to remove the fat from my body. Pounds don’t matter anymore; it’s the visible fat that bothers me.

     Q & A with Vicki

    1. What is your best health or fitness achievement? I achieved 25.5% body fat and that was a great achievement for me.
    2. What is your fitness routine?   Monday and Wednesday 1 hr workout with Amanda – 30 min cardio afterward Tuesday tennis drills – 1.5 hour ; Thursday (during season, play a league tennis match); Friday 30 minute workout at home; Friday, Saturday and Sunday…cardio of some kind; I really try to burn at least 500 calories 6 out of 7 days a week.
    3. Why do you exercise? I exercise in order to stay healthy, stay fit, maintain weight, sleep better, have a better mental attitude, and I want to look great in the mirror. BUT, one of the biggest goals I have is to be as healthy as I can in case the big “C” ever gets me. I want to have every tool to fight the disease in that instance.
    4. What is your favorite health food? Cottage Cheese (especially with a Fat Free Cherry or Key Lime yogurt mixed in).
    5. What is your favorite indulgence? (food or spa) A romantic trip with my husband, but my “favorite” food indulgence is a Whataburger with cheese!!!!
    6. What is your must-have piece of gear? My heart monitor to keep up with the calories I burn when I workout.
    7. What is your health and fitness advice? Plan, Plan, and Plan ahead. Make sure you know each week your plan of action for eating and exercise. Make sure you have foods on hand that compliment and facilitate your eating and make sure that when you plan for your day, you figure out when you will get your exercise in.
    8. What sport would you like to try? I think it would be neat to run a marathon. I have never really believed I could run because I hear it’s so bad for knees, feet, etc., but after a year of working out, it seems like I would like to try it.
    9. What is your favorite health or fitness book/cookbook? Eating for Life
    10. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to eating right or working out? Portion control and mornings respectively. I can usually make good food choices, but I tend to eat too much…and if I can make time in the evening or during the day to workout it will usually get done, but, if I have to do it in the a.m. many times, my body won’t get out of bed in time. Oh yeah, and the other big challenge would be my wine… =)
    11. What music do you listen to while working out? Something with a latin or upbeat tune. I like diversity so it might change a lot.
    12. What do you think is the best benefit of working out or eating right? Well, good health is the best benefit, but it’s a nice bragging right too! People are always envious that you have made such drastic changes especially when you say it’s just exercise and diet.

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