Top Mistakes We Make When Grocery Shopping

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  1. Top Mistakes We Make When Grocery Shopping

    665728_448226461879674_1327986522_oMistake #1: You go to the grocery store following a workout.

    Most of us have heard the old adage about not grocery shopping when we’re already hungry, right?  But what about after a workout?  Oftentimes we are ravenous after working out.  By the time you have cooled down and got your shopping cart, guess what?  Hunger can strike.  Pretty soon, we are loading our carts up with “quick fixes” knowing we need to replace that lost glycogen!  The quick fix may not be a “healthy” quick fix.

    Plan:  Try to eat directly after your workout or carry a small post-workout snack.  Also remember to plan exactly what you are going to buy and stick to that list.

    Mistake #2: You buy a food simply because it’s organic.

    Just because a food is “organic” doesn’t mean it’s healthy or that it’s good for you. Organic chocolate or organic desserts are still “chocolate” or a “dessert”.  They still contain calories and fat.

    Plan: Read the nutrition label, as you would any other food label.  How much fat, sodium and sugar does it contain?  What are the serving amounts, etc.

    Mistake #3: Purchasing various products because they are “made with real fruit.”

    Just because a product shows fruit on its label, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made with fruit.  Oftentimes dyes and artificial sweeteners are used to give it a “fruity” flavor.

    Plan:  Try to eat whole pieces of fruit.  If the product you are eating doesn’t contain “real” pieces of fruit, do not buy it.

    Mistake #4: You avoid frozen produce and assume it’s not as nutritious as fresh.

    Despite good intentions we find that we have several items in our crisper that are now wilted because we did not have the chance to use them this week.

    The Plan: Stock up on frozen produce—it stays good for up to a year.   Frozen food can still be nutritious and they taste great.  We don’t have to worry about looking for produce that is “in” season.  We can enjoy it year round.  Farm fresh produce, on the other hand, may have travelled for several weeks, been exposed to light, heat and many handlers before reaching your table.

    Mistake #5:  Buying Anything from the Checkout Lane Aisles

    The items conveniently located at the checkout lanes are designed for impulsive shoppers.  They are things like, wrapped snacks, little gadgets, soft drinks and convenience type items.  The items here have a higher markup than most items.

    Plan:  Most items have a generic version that can be found in another section of the store-which will be far cheaper. So avoid the last minute impulsive purchases!

    So the next time you are in the grocery store, remember to try to put your family’s money toward purchases that will not only satisfy their appetites and nourish their health but that will save you a whole lot of money and prevent excess waste.

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