Top 10 Tips to Enjoy Fitness

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  1. Top 10 Tips to Enjoy Fitness

    Let’s talk about a few things that are boring. Just for a minute.

    There’s a long, pointless lecture about an obscure subject, right?

    And, say, an endless game of Monopoly no one can seem to win.

    But do you know what’s NOT boring? Taking care of yourself through regular exercise and eating right as an active ager! Staying fit isn’t boring if you’re doing it right, and it lets you enjoy more aspects of your life, whatever they might be. People are more likely to keep doing something if it’s fun and fresh, right? So, that’s the trick for overcoming this “boring” idea. Here, then, are our Top 10 Tips for Keeping Exercise Fun.

    1. Remember being a kid. You loved to play, right? Your folks had to yell to get you to stop. As Oliver Wendell Holmes, the physician and author, famously said, “We don’t quit playing because we grow older; we grow older because we quit playing.”
    2. Pick something you like. If you hate to run, then lift weights. If you’re bored lifting weights, then try yoga. We love all these activities, and many more, but to get you started, we recommend picking something that’s enjoyable and pleasant. Then you can mix it up later if you like.
    3. Get outside sometimes. Even if you’re coming to the gym regularly, you’ll enjoy fresh air and sunshine by riding a bike, taking the dog for a walk, or tossing a frisbee.
    4. Schedule your exercise right. When is it easiest for you to go to the gym? Which location is convenient? You’re more likely to stick with it if it’s a part of your bigger day.
    5. Involve a friend. Bring someone or make a new buddy here with us. The social connection is vital for everyone, but especially active agers, who can be self-isolated, and especially in these crazy times.
    6. Smile and laugh. Be friendly to others. Laugh frequently while exercising, even if you’re forcing it. Studies show that laughter really is good medicine, even if we’re faking it!
    7. Prepare a uniform. OK, not really a uniform, per se. But some people find it helps them get in the habit and maintain excitement if they have something special to wear, or a little ritual involving preparation.
    8. Enjoy sports and hobbies. As you can see from this list, exercise doesn’t have to happen in a gym or studio. In fact, you’ll enjoy it more when you connect it to improved performance and comfort in things like golf, tennis, and gardening.
    9. Start a tip jar for yourself. Drop a $1 bill into it every time you purposefully move, and splurge on a treat once in a while. Wear a tracker to keep a tally of how many steps you’re taking and calories you’re burning. It adds up!
    10. Listen while you move. Podcasts, playlists and audiobooks are great ways to make the most of your time exercising. Some people even enjoy watching a favorite show on their phone while on the treadmill or other machine.

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