Tommie Zuniga Needed Better Balance

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  1. Tommie Zuniga Needed Better Balance

    Please help us celebrate Tommie Zuniga’s success! We’ve been working together for two months, and she has made fantastic progress.

    Check out her story!

    At 64 years old, Tommie suffered a few falls, which caused her to have been diagnosed with needing a total right knee replacement.

    She also came to us with a diagnosis of severe arthritis in both knees and a person with type 2 diabetes on medication and Insulin. She told her doctor that she had no plans on having surgery.

    When Tommie started training with us, her primary need was to get into an exercise regimen for balance. Two years earlier,  her Dr said, no kneeling, squatting, lunges, climbing steps, ladders, stairs of any type, running or jogging.   I was having trouble climbing stairs both up and down.

    “I was so fearful after that diagnosis, and then in September, I stumbled and fell in my office,” she said.

    This recent fall was the last straw for her, and she enrolled in YPB’s Longevity and Strength small group training program.

    “That was the best thing I could ever do.
    By week three, my husband noticed I was moving around a little easier when climbing steps or getting up from a sitting position. In a few more weeks, I stepped up on a small concrete bench, able to balance myself without even thinking or worrying whether I could or not.
    The programming regimen at YPB is the best. Perfect for anyone my age. I will be snowmobiling in Aspen this December.  I am super excited and can’t wait!”

    There is nothing more motivating than results, and that’s what we specialize in here at Your Personal Best Training Studio! Visit and see what we are all about.

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