Surprising Tips to Help You Sleep Better

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  1. Surprising Tips to Help You Sleep Better


    This month we’re focusing a lot on sleep and recovery because it’s so essential to our health.

    In this article, I’m going to give you some tips for improving your sleep. These tips will make your bedroom more sleep-friendly.

    Now, if you want even more info about this, you can grab this ebook called Supercharge Your Sleep, and download it by following this link-

    The quality of your sleep is incredibly vital for your mood, body, and brain so, let’s dive in!

    Sleep Tips

    First, I want to talk about how important it is to make sure your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet. You’ve probably already heard this, but it really can make a HUGE difference.

    Keeping a cool room matters because your body’s temperature naturally drops when you sleep, and anything that interferes with that can make it hard to stay asleep.

    Anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees is the sweet spot. I sleep with the temperature at  73 because my husband gets cold at night. He sleeps under piles of covers, and I sleep without the blankets.

    Next, making sure your room is quiet is also essential. If you need help to drown out outside noises, try using a sound machine or a white noise app.

    You probably already have everything you need to create the perfect ambient sound for your room. There are dozens if not hundreds of sleep apps for your phone or tablet, and if you have any smart home devices, like those that use Alexa, they also can play white noise for you.

    You can even go crazy and try pink and brown noise too, because those are options, along with rain showers, the ocean, and forest sounds. This next tip can be a gamechanger if you sleep in the same bed with someone else. It’s pretty standard in European countries like Germany and Switzerland. It’s using two comforters on one bed, no top sheet needed. That’s right, you each get your own! Two comforters are an excellent idea for a couple of reasons.

    One, there’s no more fighting for the covers. And, if one of you is having a restless night or tossing or turning a lot, you are less apt to be woken up by someone moving the blanket around. Two, and this is a biggie, you both get to choose how heavy or light your coverage is. Having this choice can make a big difference if one of you likes to sleep at a colder temperature than the other. The only downside is washing your comforter cover more often since it works as both your sheet and your blanket. But it can be completely worth it.

    Unclutter Your Bedroom and More! 

    My next tip can make a surprising difference. Make sure your room is as uncluttered as possible. Even though your eyes close when you sleep, if clutter surrounds you in your bedroom, it can be tough to relax fully.  Close your closet and bathroom door, free your surfaces of clutter, and if at all possible, keep anything work-related out of your room — Reserve your bedroom for bedroom activities.

    The last tip – if you watch TV in your room, consider using a blue light filter, so the light doesn’t interfere with your sleep. The blue light emitted from your TV, phone, or another device can send signals to your brain that interfere with your body’s natural hormonal rhythms and make it hard to fall asleep. There are many filters and apps available to help you with this!

    I hope these tips help you get an excellent night of sleep tonight, and don’t forget to click the image above to grab my new Supercharge Your Sleep eBook.

    Have any other tips that you use to get a great night’s sleep?  Let me know in a comment below! Sleep well tonight 😉

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