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  1. Success Story: She’s Living Proof about Fat Loss after 50


    Denise Wehrkamp is living proof that fat loss after 50 is possible – if you stick with the program of exercising and eating right. 

    Denise, 56, always struggled with her weight, trying to diet but frequently falling off the track. At age 50, she was 50 pounds overweight. Then, her son, CJ, opened a gym, and her doctor diagnosed her with arthritis. That was enough to make her change her ways, join CJ’s gym, and get her eating under control. Denise now manages that gym, a Fit Body Boot Camp that offers Functional Aging Institute-backed exercise programs for people over 55. She’s lost 40 pounds so far and says she’d like to lose another 20, but she knows not to focus on the weight as much as the body fat.“We have to program our brains to not worry about the number on the scale,” she says.

    Here are some other ways Denise is winning the fight against fat:

    • Realistic discipline: “I know I have to work out, even when I don’t want to. I’m continuing to work on being healthy.”
    • Modify exercises to meet individual needs and limitations: “Every exercise out there is modifiable so that anybody can do it.”
    • No time for excuses: “I have empathy, absolutely, but I don’t care much for excuses” about being too old to exercise.
    • Moderation in the kitchen: “I eat more protein. But I am a carb eater. I love pasta, and I love bread. I don’t buy it. And I plan my cheat meals. There’s nothing in the world you can’t eat” on occasion.

    The Functional Aging Training (FAT) model is now embraced globally with Your Personal Best Training Studio on the cutting edge of this research. We are the only entire team of Functional Aging Specialists in the Coastal Bend area of Texas. If you aren’t local, find a Certified FAS near you. http://bit.ly/2HDP4am

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