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  1. Speed & Power


    Speed + Power = Better Function

    Today I want to talk about speed. No, I don’t mean how fast you drive, I mean how fast you train. Did you know that speed and power are two of the most reliable indicators of longevity and long-term health? The definition of power is Force x Velocity, so when we talk about power, we’re talking about how much resistance (weight: dumbbells and kettle balls) you train with and how fast you go (like how many squats you can do in 30 seconds).

    More power equals better performance (also known as “function”), so when you train for power, you train for function.  As Functional Aging Specialists, the YPB Team, designs your workouts to help you train for power and speed. When we encourage you to do a particular exercise “as fast as possible,” we are trying to help you increase velocity. When your trainers encourage you to increase the resistance (get heavier weights than you used the last time you did that exercise), we are encouraging you to increase force. Remember, force times velocity equals power, so put it all together, and we’re working to increase power in all areas of your body. Increasing power means improving your functionality.

    You don’t have to want to run a marathon or enter the Senior Games to need to train for power. Sure, if you play tennis or golf, you probably know that you can improve your game by increasing your power. But, for most of us, it’s the everyday things that are more important. If you want to be able to rise from a seated position (whether it’s the dining room table or the toilet seat) without holding onto something to pull yourself up, you need power. You need the power to play with the grandkids, go for a hike, swim, ride a bike, whatever you like to do. Training for speed and power also can help you prevent falls or spills because you not only strengthen your muscles, you improve your reaction time.

    It’s been painfully clear over the last few months that we don’t “have power” over COVID-19, but we do have power over how we react to the stresses of dealing with it, and one of the best ways is to continue with your regular workouts and let the YPB team help you improve your health, and strengthen your immune system, and lung function. There are plenty of things you can do with little or no equipment to help improve your power, and – whether you’re joining us in the studio or from your living room – we’ve got you covered!

    Submitted by Coach Cathy Hart, CPT-FAS

    When you see Cathy, be sure to let her know you like the newsletter for YPB Members only. She’s the primary author, and I cannot take all the credit! Excellent teamwork, Cathy. You make us look good!

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