Sharon’s Goal: Hiking in the Big Bend, TX

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  1. Sharon’s Goal: Hiking in the Big Bend, TX

    Sharon Trott

    Started YPB workouts in December 2019

    Age: 65

    Occupation:  Retired in August 2018

    Please help us celebrate Sharon Trott’s success! We’ve been working together for nearly a year, and she has made fantastic progress toward her goals. Check out her story!

    When I retired in 2018, I had more time for exercising, so I started working out in the living room to walking videos on YouTube.  The videos worked well – I still do them today for a good cardio workout – but I soon realized I needed more strength training.  I am generally in good health but knew that, as I aged, I would need to be stronger and develop better balance.  I was acquainted with Lisa through Executive Women International and had heard a lot about YPB and its focus on aging.  I also knew a number of people who worked out there with great results.  So, with encouragement from Lisa, I signed up!

    When I started, one of my goals was to get stronger in anticipation of hiking on a planned visit to the Big Bend in April 2020.  Covid-19 came along, and this trip was canceled after the national park and its lodge closed.  While we were disappointed, the upside was that I had a few more months to train.

    In October, the park lodge opened up 14 rooms unexpectedly, and ours was one of them, so off we went.  We hiked two moderately difficult trails plus some shorter, easier ones.  I could tell my workouts were paying off.  I felt stronger scrambling over rocks, going uphill, and just maintaining my balance as we negotiated the trails.  My recovery afterward was quick, without residual muscle pain or soreness! On the other hand, I also realized that I could benefit from additional training.  My goal now is to continue working out and getting stronger because we have two trips planned to the Big Bend next year, God willing!

    I have always done some kind of exercise — usually videos at home, walking on the treadmill, or in the park, but I find it hard to stay motivated to do the more strenuous strength training.  YPB workouts do this for me, and I like that they are targeted to the needs of those of us who are older — that they are not some fast and furious program to make you sweat a lot.  For those just starting, my advice is not to try to do too much so that you get bored or tired and no longer look forward to working out.  Slow and steady wins the race!

    My inspirational quote currently is, “Be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9.”  This quote began popping up in my life in various ways, starting in early 2019.  Over and over, I see this quote on Facebook, on wall hangings, even on the backs of t-shirts.  I think it prepared me for this pandemic, but it has been a useful reminder for all those times when I feel hesitant, unsure, afraid, or just tired.  So, if you’re starting to work out or just thinking about joining YPB, be courageous and jump in – you’ll find your strength.

    Helping people achieve their goals is the reason we do what we do every day! Thanks for letting YPB be part of your journey, Sharon.

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