Reasons I like Training Older Adults

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  1. Reasons I like Training Older Adults


    I’ve been training almost 20 years and have worried that I wouldn’t have any clients an older adult trainer. But times are changing; for many reasons training older adults is becoming a “cool,” thing to do. Here are a few of my top reasons as to WHY I like training older adults.

    Makes a HUGE difference!

    The older we get the need for strength and power is critical! As a younger person, we don’t really notice the details of navigating our daily activities. AS we age, maintaining our physical health makes a huge difference in navigating some of the simplest demands of the activity of daily living.

    MUCH Better hours

    I like the hours better in which to train an older adult. They usually prefer mid to late morning and throughout the day but not late into the evening. I’ve been heading to work at 5:30am and getting off between 7:00 – 8:00pm for the better part of 20 years now.

    Less about their LOOKS

    Older adults are not into it for their looks so much anymore. They have more of a general view of fitness. For them it is more about health and function and less about vanity.

    Get to experience living history!

    I loved hearing from a client about their early experiences of skiing the slopes when I was getting ready to ski for my first time ever. He remembers slicing through the snow on skies without metal edges, only the edge of his wood skies. Or Dorothy, from her college cheerleading days, offering us her 80 year old rendition of “Hotty Toddy”, and helping me to understanding the Ole Miss Cheer, its history and significance.

    Feeling Connected

    Spending time with an aging community on a daily basis keeps me connected with the aging process and is a constant reminder about my own choices as I age.

    Rich Networking Opportunities

    Built in to the relationship, many retired consultants as my clients from all professions still love to engage, inspire, motivate and offer the wisdom of their years! They are eager to share their knowledge and utilize their skills to help me as I network with others.

    Appreciation factor

    Older adults simply appreciate the physical improvements they experience. It is not unusual for my clients to experience over 200% improvement in as little as 6 mos.

    Job Security

    I wouldn’t be honest without mentioning this. The 55 group controls three-fourths of America’s wealth. They have 3 times the net worth of younger generations. The 50+ group have 2.5 trillion in annual income and WANT to spend money on their health and fitness!

    I will continue to learn what I can about “Ageless Living”, not only in terms of fitness but in all the other dimensions of wellness. Becoming a Functional Aging Specialist is enhancing my career skills and opportunities.  I can continue to work in my passion for at least 20 more years!

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