Nora Cason: A Client Success Story

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  1. Nora Cason: A Client Success Story

    YPB Client Success: Nora Cason ~61

    We couldn’t be more proud of our client, Nora Cason! She is proof that consistency pays off. We’ve been working together since 2018, and she has overcome so many obstacles along the way! Congrats, Nora!

    Nora Cason is 61 years old, and two years before joining YPB, she broke a foot and was unable to use that foot or leg properly for three months. Physical therapy afterward helped, but she still found it challenging to squat and kneel when doing yard work.

    In her words-

    “I saw several ads and posts about YPB on Facebook and decided to try a 6-week New Year Challenge.  Upon completion, I felt an improved difference but was not ready to sign up for regular membership. After a few months, I found myself missing the structure and personal support that the YPB gym regimen offered and decided to sign up for monthly membership. I love the variety of the equipment and workouts, as well as the knowledge, help, and encouragement the trainers provide.” 

    “When the stay-at-home pandemic orders came in March, I knew very well that I would not be going back to the gym for a very long time. YPB gave us the option of working at home via Zoom, and I was so glad I accepted this new challenge. I have been genuinely amazed at how well the “at-home training” has worked for me!  I prefer this option over working at the gym because of the convenience.” 

    Nora trains, without fail, three times a week with Coach Cathy Hart, FAS, and has noticed the improved strength in her legs and upper body since March of this year.

    Her recommendation-

    “The online training experience has been a blessing amid this pandemic, and I would encourage anyone considering this option to give it a try.”

    Real people are getting REAL results! So happy for you, Nora Cason.

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