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  1. Never Quit Playing!

    Remember when we were kids? We loved to play and have fun.

    And then, somewhere during adulthood, work and responsibilities took over. We had homes to manage, careers and children, fun was largely forgotten. As Oliver Wendell Holmes, the physician and author famously said,

    “We don’t quit playing because we grow older; we grow older because we quit playing.”

    He never met Sue Heaton, 69 (right), who retired from her flower shop and enjoys exercise so much she has become a part-time trainer herself.

    “I work out because it’s fun,” says Sue, of Chicago. “I planted flowers for a living because it was fun, but that was my business. In my personal life, exercising makes me feel good when I’m doing it and especially when I’m done. And it puts me with positive people.”

    Indeed, the social aspect is key to many mature Americans.

    You can find friendship and support among peers and coaches whether it’s at the country club, a running team, a yoga studio or a gym. You can increase the social interaction by lots of ways, like:

    • Going with a friend
    • Taking a group class
    • Using a trainer for solo or group sessions

    Many fitness centers offer group classes in everything from yoga to resistance training, salsa dancing to aerobics.

    At YPB (for example) we offer group classes in Tai Chi, and restorative Yoga every other Saturday. As Functional Aging Specialists and to promote functional independence we personal train small groups of 4-8 or solo.

    We love each others company so much; we have monthly get-togethers for play, community service and so much more!

    Find a place to play soon; you can call it “exercising” if you want to 😉

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