Merry Fitmas! 2022 Gift Guide

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  1. Merry Fitmas! 2022 Gift Guide

    Happy shopping! If you still have fitness-minded folks over 50 on your shopping list, we’re here with this 2022 Fitness Gift Guide. These represent a range of prices, goods, and services, all to help that special person exercise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

    1. E-Bike. More than just a fad, e-bikes are here to stay. They give you a range of boosts to help you keep riding longer. Surveys show that you still get great exercise, and you’re more likely to use them more than regular bikes. Prices vary widely; this best-seller on Amazon is on sale for $1,000.
    2. Drink Coasters That Look Like Barbell Plates. These are whimsical and give a bit of friendly support to the lifter on your list. And now the cheapest item – just $12.99.
    3. Adjustable dumbbells. They’re handy around the house, garage, or home gym. These kinds of items also come in various prices, weights, and quality.
    4. A Theragun. These hand-held massage devices above made a big splash and have been showing up in gyms and studios everywhere. They offer deeper muscle treatment to soothe chronic and acute pain, release tension and soreness, and improve circulation, flexibility and sleep from $149.
    5. Resistance bands are low-tech but are also handy to have. They’re available from many rubber and fabric retailers, starting at around $10. They can provide a good workout at home and are super simple to toss in a suitcase for travel. Here’s just one example, Fit Simplify, available on
    6. A new mat. Maybe it’s time to get a new one, or it’ll be the first. Either way, it’s great to have a mat handy for home workouts or to take to yoga or Pilates class. Also affordable by countless retailers.
    7. Weighted blankets. Studies show that weighted blankets help us calm down, feel secure, and rest better. And rest is one of the essential elements of fitness.
    8. Skid-Proof Socks. Everybody loves getting new socks, especially when they have rubber on the bottom to keep you from slipping on floors at home or in yoga class. They’re low cost and high value.
    9. Bhu Bars are keto-friendly, low-sugar, organic, and vegan. The best thing is they’re insanely delicious in flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, and coconut. Hit your macros, whatever they might be, and fight hunger with these healthy snacks.
    10. Headspace App. Mindfulness and meditation can seem intimidating to newbies. But this friendly, fun, and effective smartphone app makes it easy to gain benefits. $70 a year.

    Of course, the best gift is your time and attention. So, go on a walk, bike ride with people you love, or whatever outdoor activity appeals to you. Treat them to a meal at their favorite healthy restaurant. Better yet, see us and start your 2023 fitness journey by trying our 21-Day Strength and Longevity Program,  the best year for everyone involved. Happy Holidays!

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