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  1. Meet Judith Cutright

    The YPB Team and I are excited to introduce to you the latest Certified Functional Aging Specialist, Judith Cutright, who joined us in 2019. We’ve asked Judith to tell you about herself because you will be seeing her frequenting the studio in her new role at YPB.

    “I’m Judith Cutright and excited to join “Your Personal Best” fantastic team. (I also answer to Judy or JC.)  I was born and reared in Indiana.  After residing in the northeast for several years, I finally had the good sense to make my way to Texas twenty years ago.  The endearing Texas charm of my husband, William, quickly converted me into a full-fledged Texan. Sadly William passed six years ago.

    In 1996, I founded Cutright Communications, a media production, advertising, and PR consulting firm. While my professional career in media communications and broadcasting has taken several twists and turns, exercise and healthy nutrition have always been an integral part of my life.  I have tried to instill in my three extraordinary children, now grown with their own families, the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and caring for their innate God-given gifts.  While my children were young, I taught exercise and dancercise classes to help others stay healthy and fit.  When I first moved to Corpus Christi, I produced a nutrition and exercise video series for the Hispanic market. 

    At this point in my career, I can devote more time to help others continue to age well and enjoy life to the fullest.  Being of service to others, and helping individuals continue to lead a functional, active life is my reward.

    As a baby boomer myself, I realize the physical, mental, and emotional changes that come with getting older.  Though I know we can’t stop the aging process; we can slow it down if we are conscientious and diligent about taking good care of ourselves.  As I’m sure all members of “Your Personal Best Family” realize, together we motivate each other to stay on track toward our personal goals.  The more I study the functional aging process, the more I realize that well-designed exercise techniques that focus on strength, endurance, balance, and agility, will enable each of us to enjoy life to the fullest as we age.

    My friend, Ann Carver, a member of YPB Training Studio, invited me to attend a session a few months ago.  I was impressed by YPB’s knowledgeable trainers and their focus on each individual, customizing moves to fit each member’s needs and capabilities.  I felt this program would be a good fit for me and satisfy my passion for helping others stay fit and agile the best and safest way possible.  However, I realized there is much to learn to be an effective guide and instructor of this special group, especially if you want to help others attain their personal fitness goals. So I committed to studying these specialized strategies to slow down the aging process and help others achieve their objectives.

    I most look forward to a great place to make new friends who also are motivated to be their personal best.  I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie and the opportunity to be of help to my new friends in achieving their goals.  We are fortunate to have Lisa and her skilled and dedicated team of trainers here in Corpus Christi, and I feel blessed to be a part of this inspiring organization.

    My greatest hope is that each person, who is under my guidance, will feel comfortable in sharing their needs, concerns, and limitations with me so I can be of help to them in aging actively and gracefully.  I look forward to sharing my expertise with each of you and having great fun each time we have the opportunity to be together.” 

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