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Functional Aging

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  1. May 2020 Client of the Month

    Here’s your dose of motivation!

    Our Client of the Month for May is…

    Excellent job, Barbara Craig-Schniepp! One thing about Barb, she always brings a great attitude and a smile even when out of her comfort zone! We are proud of her!

    Barbara Craig-Schniepp, now 70, is a retired teacher of two years.

    In planning for her retirement n 2018, it was clear that she would need to replace not only some of the “people contact” of her job but also its physical activity.

    “Having watched my late husband grow very weak very quickly due to lack of movement, I’d already determined not to surrender my mobility easily. I also know myself well enough to acknowledge that I wouldn’t stick to any exercise program on my own.”

    “Initially, I began meeting weekly with a personal trainer at a large local gym. I was 68 ½ and starting to feel some of the aches and other deficits of aging. It turned out not to be enough regular exercise, and even the best of the young trainers weren’t able to satisfactorily adapt their workouts to both my “advanced” age and my decent physical condition at the same time.”

    “A friend (thank you, Claire!) had been going to YPB, so in early 2019 I joined. It has been invaluable.”

    One of Barb’s initial goals was to lose 10 pounds. During one of the YPB food challenges, she managed to shed 9 of them, and the challenge introduced her to a few new items, that she still uses regularly – spinach in smoothies, chia seeds, protein powder, & MCT oil.

    “All produce small but noticeable benefits in my digestion and energy level. And 4 of those lost pounds stayed off, thanks to YPB.”

    In Feb. 2020 Barbara received a diagnosis of arthritis in her lower spine.

    “YPB’s Certified Functional Aging Specialist, Juan Guerrero, CPT-FAS, generously met with me to demonstrate specific stretches to strengthen the nearby muscles and thus reduce my pain. My trainers have been quick to offer substitute exercises when my back begins to pinch during a group workout. Again, YPB to the rescue.”

    When COVID suspended in-person group training, Barb, along with many others, lost the detailed help, the camaraderie, and the discipline of having to leave their house (which always added positivity their days).

    “Training through Zoom provided numerous technical challenges for me. But I persisted. Plus, forced isolation returned me to cooking the bulk of my meals, resulting in healthier eating and the loss of 3 more stubborn pounds.”

    “At the same time, the stay-at-home orders took away most of my sources of emotional perspective.(I live alone, and my nearest family is 1500 miles away.)I became severely depressed.”

    “Then the April ‘Selfie’ Challenge pushed me outside and walking, two things that I know always help depression, but I’m not sure I could have made myself do it without the competition, even though I didn’t care about the prize.”

    “Again, YPB helped me stay sane.”

    If you’re new to YPB or new to regular exercise, here’s advice based on Barbara Craig-Schniepp’s personal experience:

    “Find and use whatever motivates you personally.”

    “Ask YPB staff for help when something isn’t working well for you.”

    “Focus on small successes instead of the failure to reach your Big Goal. For Example –“

    • “Today’s lunch was 100% healthy and tasty!”
    • “My hips didn’t ache at all today!”
    • “I just balanced on one foot for 15 seconds without wobbling!”
    • “I drank more than 48 ounces of water today!”
    • “I walked with my much taller (& consequently faster) neighbor and didn’t get winded!”

    “Be stubborn. Refuse to give up. Persist. It’s worth it.”

    Helping people achieve their goals is the reason we do what we do every day! Thanks for letting us be part of your journey, Barbara!

    Are you motivated by Barb’s story? I have a few opening next week to discuss your future YOU and how we might be a part of your journey as well. Here’s a link to 30 minute available appointment times by phone.

    Make it a fantastic day!

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