Lisa Shares her Wellbeing Diet with YOU!

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  1. Lisa Shares her Wellbeing Diet with YOU!

    Many of our clients are starting their summer diets right about now.

    I know I am! After being leaner and more fit last May, I find myself 5 pounds softer this year and not happy about it.

    As I’m dialing in my macros over the coming months, I’ll also follow my Summer Wellness Diet. It helps me focus on all aspects of healthy living, not just what I eat. And with this summer being our first (mostly) normal one since 2019, I want to make the most of it.

    Here’s my plan to stay well-nourished across the well-being components. Let me know if it spurs any ideas in you, your family, or your over-50-year-old friends.

    1. Physical. As I recently turned 61, I’m still determined to stay lean, strong, and agile — even if the mirror isn’t showing “lean” so much right now.

    I Will Do This More: 
    High-Intensity Interval Training. A combination of weights and cardio HIIT has delivered me before, so I will return to it now with a workout partner who holds me accountable.

    I Will Do This Less: Take cheat days. If I think about losing a pound or two of fat each week, I don’t want to risk blowing six days of progress on pizza, a glass of wine, or ice cream.

    2. Emotional. How well do I cope with the challenges of life? Am I trustworthy and respectful?

    I Will Do This More: Meditate. I will build this into my afternoons and not just my morning routine, rather than doing it here and there like I have been.

    I Will Do This Less: Consume news and social media. It can be overwhelming and depressing. However, I will stay informed and in touch without going down any dark rabbit holes.

    3. Intellectual. Engage in creative pursuits and things that stimulate my brain.

    I Will Do This More: Right brain activities. I just finished a class at Singer Sewing center, learning the intricacies of machine embroidery. This class led me to purchase a state-of-the-art embroidery machine, and I couldn’t be more excited! I am also creating fused glass hangings by spending time with artist Janet Walton Lee in her studio.  I like mixing up mediums like this.

    I Will Do This Less: Consume refined sugar. Too much of it raises our risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (my father passed from this disease) and other forms of dementia.

    4. Professional/Vocational. How can I improve my skills and grow my business?

    I Will Do This More: Go to professional conferences, which generally didn’t happen during Covid. I miss seeing people and soaking up energy and information. I am also reading “What the Heck is EOS” with my business partner, Juan Guerrero.

    I Will Do This Less: 
    Compare my insides (which include worries, fears, and secret failures) to others’ outsides (which always seem draped in effortless success).

    5. Social. I need time with family and friends. We all do; it helps keep us connected, lowering stress and depression.

    I Will Do This More: See family and friends more often by inviting them to visit us in our Wimberley home. John and I also have date night on Fridays and hang out with other couples weekly as we did before the pandemic.

    I Will Do This Less: Push friends and family members to do what I want them to do.

    6. Spiritual. Can I let my values guide me to meaning and purpose?

    I Will Do This More: Practice an attitude of gratitude in word and deed. That means daily prayer, journaling, and showing courtesy to others.

    I Will Do This Less: Give free rent-free space in my head to people who did me wrong.

    7. Environmental. Be aware of how different environments affect me and my effect on the environment.

    I Will Do This More: I’m going to the mountains of Colorado for some rigorous hiking in August and Scottland in October to tour with my husband. It’s important to broaden my horizon and narrow perspective of the world.

    I Will Do This Less: Work at home alone.

    Tip: Keep it simple. Remember, we are what we eat. But we’re also what we read, limiting beliefs, telling ourselves, doing with other people, and putting into the world.

    Living well is a banquet or a barbecue in the summer. Lighten it up!

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