Laura’s Fantastic Progress in 2 Months !

Functional Aging

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  1. Laura’s Fantastic Progress in 2 Months !

    Need a dose of motivation? Check out Laura’s fantastic progress. She started
    working with us in March 2021 and is killing it with her health and fitness goals!

    Meet Laura Holmgreen, 63, who works at an independent Wealth Management
    company and found our training studio through her husband John, who participates in a
    Rotary group with Lisa & Juan.

    “I considered myself to be relatively fit but had put on extra weight during the pandemic and was determined to get the pounds off before I had to go up a size in my clothing. Like most people, our activity levels dropped dramatically over the last year.

    Lisa explained the YPB program to John and me, so we decided to give them a try for 21 days, leading to a more significant commitment with their Little Black Dress Challenge for 28 days to tackle my nutrition concerns. I am fortunate to have a retired husband who is supportive of our entire fitness routine, from grocery shopping to cooking.

    I can’t count all the good that came from that challenge. John and I changed our eating habits, commitment to exercise, and are making great friends. Overall I lost fat and gained muscle pounds – all a big win, AND so much, so I also won first place in the challenge!

    I can fit in my clothes again, and some of my pants are even a bit baggy. I am more motivated to dress in outfits as opposed to my “Covid Comfy Casual”

    The last year has been challenging for me, and I feel like I have let myself down and let myself go, aware that my body fat had increased but not realizing that as I have aged how much my balance and muscle had declined. I’m ready to be excited again!”

    Laura’s best advice for someone who is just starting, "What have you got to lose? Try the program and commit to doing your best and see if it improves your life. I think you will like the results.”

    Amazing work! Who’s next? We’re always here to help and would love to be part of
    your “fit over 50” wellness journey. Want to try out 21 Days as John & Laura did? We still have a few openings left in May

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