Karen Gains Balance and Coordination!

Functional Aging

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  1. Karen Gains Balance and Coordination!

    It brings us great joy knowing that clients can come to us and experience success in as little as 6 weeks and trust us to help them get closer to their ultimate goals.  Obviously, we love for clients to stay longer than 6 weeks and if we can make a drastic difference in their life in a short period of time, then imagine what we could do in 7 or 12 months.

    Karen Haug started with YPB on one of our quarterly challenge offers;  Little Black Dress and has decided to stay with us on a longer term basis because of the changes we helped her achieve.  Not only has she had a boost in confidence, but she feels like she has taken control of her life again.

    “It has been a life changing experience because now I feel like my life is changing for the better.  I feel like I’ve got more stamina and I look better and feel better about myself.” – Karen H., 61

    View Karen’s Success Story Here – https://bit.ly/2llj4d3

    Karen has been an awesome addition to our YPB family because she is energetic, fun, and loves our culture.  We know that it is not easy joining a gym (for the over 50 crowd); you are not alone with us, we are always by your side along with a small group of your new best friends!  We know how to take care of our clients. Whether they’ve it’s their first day or if they have been with us for several years.

    “You feel welcome each and every time you walk in here.  When you don’t come for whatever reason, somebody’s calling you, asking if things are ok.  I especially like the fact that they ask you personally how you feel on any given day when you’re working out.”

    The great thing about being Functional Aging Specialists is that we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Our whole staff is fun, energetic, and really loves working with people over 50.  If you have a limitation or maybe you’re just afraid because of past experiences, come in for a free consultation. Let us answer any questions you might have.

    Everything we do here is geared towards the 50 and over crowd.  From our workouts to the way we interact with you and even the way we teach our exercises.  Karen is a great example of someone who came in with an open mind. She had really great results because she gave us a chance.34458493_10216953988307519_8396753959527645184_o.jpg

    “I would recommend this to anybody that wants the structure and the attention of a coach, but wants the camaraderie of a group.  YPB is definitely the place for you.”

    “Anybody who’s on the fence about signing up, I would tell them to just take a chance.  There are all kinds of easy ways to just dip your toe in the water here and see if it’s going to work for you.”

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