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    I am pleased to name Jim Clancy as Your Personal Best Training Studio’s Client of the Month. We selected Jim’s story this month because of his motivation and results. Some might call Jim hardcore! I would agree with this except that he isn’t a gym rat. What Jim has been able to do is make the nutrition work for him. I tell our clients that nutrition will be 70% of their success and Jim is HARDCORE with his nutrition. At YPB we guarantee results and will give you (ok, sell you) everything you need to reach your goals. If you trust what we give you then you; too, can be as successful as Mr. Clancy has been!

    Congratulations Jim!

    ~Lisa Wright, CFT – LCI

    Name: Jim Clancy
      Managing Partner, Branscomb Law Firm
    How long have you lived in Corpus Christi?
      Since 1996
    Are you married?
      Yes, for 25 years!
    Do you have children?
       Priscilla (21), Tess (17), Stephen (14)

    ORIGINAL FITNESS GOAL: To have a more stable core, less belly fat and a stronger upper body.


    • Jim  lost just over 40 pounds total scale weight.
    • He  lost 6.75″ on his waistline and over 17.5″ overall.
    • He reduced his body fat percentage from 32.6% to a much healthier 20.62%

    CURRENT HEALTH OR FITNESS GOAL: To have stronger arms and shoulders. To “minimize” postural problems that have cropped up over the years. To stay under 20% body fat.

    Q & A with Jim 

    1. What is your fitness routine?  My ideal week is 2 SEMIs (small group sessions) with Lisa on M and W, quick cardio on S, T, Th (30 min’s or less) and a weight training circuit at the gym on Saturday.
    2. Who is your role model?  The best me I can be.
    3. Why do you exercise?  To enjoy life more.
    4. Who is your workout buddy?  I always workout harder in a group and Omar and Erica really inspire me.  When they are not around, I have my trusty ipod.  Just find something that sounds so good that you can’t stand to sit still.
    5. How long have you exercised regularly? Two years.
    6. What is your favorite health food?   Myoplex shakes.
    7. What is your favorite indulgence? (food or spa)  White chocolate macadamia nut cookies
    8. What is your must-have piece of gear?  Dry-fit t-shirts.
    9. What is your health and fitness advice? You can only white knuckle it for so long and then you are going right back to the old ways.  Anyone can lose weight, but if your plan is to go back to the way you’ve always done it, you will have the same result.  Don’t deprive, replace or add with a better choice.
    10. What is your best health or fitness achievement?  When your ancestors survived the potato famine, your genes really know how to save every last French fry for use when times are bad.  I think we are genetically programmed to stay the same and to preserve the fat for the lean times.  Listening to my body, taking the long view, and trying different things till I found what made my body respond was key.  More meals, more protein, and no carbs after 3 pm. (even though Lisa didn’t necessarily agree with this) The achievement–permanent lifestyle change.
    11. What is your current health or fitness goal? More muscle, less fat.  I always enjoyed weight training; it just took me a little while to learn how just a little daily running (< 2 miles) could melt fat like butter. It’s not about speed.  When I started I used the monitor and stopped running and walked when I reached 80% of maximum heart rate, then when it dropped, started again.  No elliptical or stationary bike did the same thing.
    12. What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym?  People that sit on the bench between sets.
    13. What sport would you like to try?  Kite surfing.
    14. What is your favorite health or fitness book/cookbook?  Cooking?  I thought if you couldn’t find it on the ground or hunt it down with a bow and arrow and eat it raw; Lisa wouldn’t let you eat it? Very funny! Seriously, I had to avoid the foods that keep people from starving:  bread, tortillas, rice, and corn.
    15. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to eating right or working out?   Doing it with my crazy work and travel schedule.  Chicken nugget happy meals (seriously?) are a life saver (I love the apples) and you can always do an out and back cardio (run a certain time out, turn around and run back).
    16. How would you spend $100 earmarked for health and fitness?  More iTunes music.
    17. What is the most exotic locale where you have worked out?  Running through Central Park at Christmas.
    18. What music do you listen to while working out?  Music that makes you want to move!  Theme from Rocky, 8 mile, save a horse, Raise your glass…
    19. What is your most embarrassing workout moment? Forgetting my workout clothes… again!
    20. What has been your strangest workout experience?  A really good workout can give you so much energy the next day; it’s like a turbo boost.
    21. What do you think is the best benefit of working out or eating right?  I think when you take care of the most basic part of you, your health; you are better able to take care of your friends, your family, your partners and your clients.

    My Fitness Journey by Jim Clancy

    Two and a half years ago I had had enough.  At 44, I was in the middle of another Little League season,  I was working like crazy and once again, my pants were getting tight.  I always put off the fitness improvement, until after the season or after the big trial, or after the holidays.  I decided the perfect time would never come.  I started then.  Joined a gym again, three times the first week, twice the second, once the third, something was always getting in the way.  The pattern was repeating itself.  I needed

    My body was starting to give me warning signals: pain, headaches, loss of energy.  I would drench in sweat starting the lawn mower, my heart rate was up, my blood pressure was border-line, and I was on medication to control my cholesterol.  My weight, which was 175 when I left the Army at 29, had ballooned to 235.

    I knew the time was then.  So, I started with Your Personal Best Training Studio.  I needed an appointment that I HAD to keep that was for me.  Having the trainer waiting made all the difference when there were always 10 other things that had to be done.  Logging everything I ate was eye opening.  Nine good choices could be ruined by 1 bad choice.  Reading labels showed that some things I didn’t really even like were killing me.  (Look at the label on a fast food salad dressing packet—might as well have the cheeseburger).

    It took a little longer than I had planned.  For years, my nutrition was caffeine for breakfast, big lunch; starve in the afternoon unless there was a cookie in sight, and big dinner.  However, when I turned 35, eating the way I had always eaten started making me fat.  When meals came, I was hungry, really hungry.  I started with smaller meals with a target of 300 calories per meal.  This required some adjustments:  Just the chicken sandwich, no fries; Open face sandwiches; Salad but avoid lots of dressing, cheese, and croutons and add the grilled chicken.  The first 15 pounds were easy, just like they were waiting to come off, but then I hit a plateau.

    My fitness routine was a good start, working out twice a week, and a round of golf on the weekend, but I needed a little more work on my own to get to the next level.  Cardio was the key.  I started daily runs when I wasn’t working out.  Not far, not fast, but it made a huge difference and I started to look forward to it.  Cardio got me to the next level and the next 15.

    For me, it was helpful to get a body fat scale and measure every day.  It helped me understand how my body was reacting to training and nutrition.  When I stuck to the program, I continued to lose fat.  If I cheated and took more than one day off a week, I stopped losing.  My waistline was the ultimate regulator.  Lose till I fit in the next pair of pants, then maintain.  It feels great to fit into a new pair of pants.  Sending the old ones to Goodwill is the key.  You can’t keep your fat pants hanging in the closet and hope to make a permanent adjustment.  There is no better reminder to go easy on your choice of lunch than a waist band that is getting too tight.    When I started my suit jacket was a 46 and my waist a 40.  The last suit I bought was a 40 with a 34 waist.  Wardrobe adjustments are a huge motivator, you look better and everyone else notices.

    Lisa is a huge resource.  She has a lot of knowledge and is always willing to share it, customize it, and find out what works for you.  When I started I knew personal training would cost a little more, but the tipping point for me was asking what would I pay for a pill that gave me a new body and a new way of life?  I would have paid more.

    There will always be set-backs.  I’ve had shoulder surgery, torn muscles, long business trips, going a little overboard with the Christmas cookies… but I keep coming back to my friends, my group, and my trainer at YPB.  The community makes it fun and makes it permanent.  My ultimate goal is to change my lifestyle forever and I think I’m well on my way.

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