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  1. Jeanette Zamzow’s Success Story

    Hi, I’m Jeanette Zamzow, 71 years old, a retired CPA.  I began working out at YPB because I wanted to improve my bone density and osteoporosis in my hips.  This disease pressed me to call several gyms, including Your Personal Best. I decided that their program for the over-50 population was the one for me.  Lisa gave me diet recommendations designed to help with bone density.

    Within a short time, I started feeling stronger, and I noticed that the cellulite on my thighs was disappearing.  Also, before joining YPB, I had a cartilage problem in my left knee that had caused me pain when I made specific lateral movements or during jumping jacks.

    Within a few months, that knee was healthy and pain-free.  My balance has improved, and sometimes I even catch myself picking up small items off the floor by using the single-leg deadlift position.  Besides the physical benefits, I have thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of those in my class.  The trainers are encouraging, light-hearted, and joke a lot.

    Setbacks and obstacles

    On January 16, 2020, my husband had a stroke which caused him cognitive impairment, the inability to use his left shoulder, arm, and leg, and the inability to swallow correctly.  He has had complete respiratory failure, pneumonia (twice), emergency gallbladder surgery, and a staph infection since the stroke.

    A day or two after the stroke, I called Lisa asking whether I could take off from exercise class for a while so that I could concentrate on my husband and his healthcare needs.  Lisa was very kind and understanding, but she strongly urged me to continue classes because self-care is so essential at a time like this.  I took her advice to resume my exercise with YPB on a flexible schedule that worked for me.

    The classes gave me a nice break from the hospital environment and helped me to stay healthy.  I have also done my best to eat sensibly during this trying time. The trainers and those that I exercise with have blessed me with their prayers and encouragement and friendship.

    My advice to new clients is to be persistent and consistent with your YPB exercise and nutrition.  I have had accidents that have sidelined me two times since starting at YPB, and each time I went back and was able to resume exercising.  The trainers did an excellent job of figuring out alternate exercises as needed.

    My favorite book is the Bible, and my favorite quote is John 3:16.

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