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  1. Husband gets RESULTS!

    It is no secret that people look for all sorts of reasons not to workout or not to come into the studio and give us a try but the time is now.  Do not wait until tomorrow or until you come back from vacation or else something will just get in the way like always.

    Lisa’s husband John, finally decided to commit to a program and stick to it and the results have been AMAZING!  They have been married for 13 years and John finally decided to change his diet and commit to working out and what a change he has made.

    “My last weigh-in, I weighted 178.  I haven’t weighed that since college.” – John W., 67

    He’s lost 5.7 percent body fat, gained 2 pounds of muscle, lost 12 pounds of fat, and lost another 3.75 inches of his waist!  His results have been amazing and it goes to show that if you work hard and are dedicated then you too can have amazing results.

    “I never thought I’d break 180.  I could see myself losing ten pounds, but I couldn’t see myself going below 180.”

    Not only has his commitment changed him physically but mentally as well!  He has more confidence in himself and more energy throughout the day. He’s even had to get new clothes because his old ones fit him lose now.

    Watch John’s Testimonial Here – ​​

    The YPB Family!

    John would agree that he wouldn’t have done it without the support of Lisa and the YPB community.  The community doesn’t just involve his wife and trainers, it involves his workout partners too, who are pretty much family now.

    “The small groups are great and it’s really fun to workout now.  It’s a great place to exercise.” 

    Our job as Functional Aging Specialists isn’t to just give you a workout and take care of you. It is also our job to give you an AMAZING experience.  We get you to move better, feel better and age actively. This is all while having a fun and energetic atmosphere at the same time.

    As John would say…

    “If you’re thinking about it, Go ahead and try it.  It’s really a good thing for your life.” 

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