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  1. How One Client is Going to Stay Fit for the Holidays

    The holidays are upon us! It’s that time of year again when people tend to have the least amount of energy, overeat and gain the most body fat.

    Who is your support group to help you remove as many excuses as possible toward getting through the holiday healthily? We all need support, motivation and most of all, workouts that are effective and only 30min long!

    At 57, Carla Villarreal is committed to her fitness and loves working out in a small group of like-minded peers.

    “It’s so easy to talk yourself out of working out but it’s not easy to talk yourself out of working out thirty minutes.” – Carla V.
    Carla has a lot of energy, always positive, and has grown to love the people who exercise with her. The results she has gained since having found her exercise groove have been HUGE to her confidence as well.

    “I’ve noticed a lot of firming up, my energy level is higher, and I’m not running short of breath.”
    The truth is, you can get great results in just 30 min and have fun while doing it. We know that during the holidays it’s challenging to stay active and that getting in, getting it done is essential to you so that you can quickly go on about your day. It’s that simple!

    Hear Carla’s full testimonial here – http://bit.ly/2AUbBKy​

    The majority of the people like to wait until the start of the New Year to get started on a fitness program.  You should start now, and you know this is true.

    Didn’t you wait until after the holidays last year and now it’s already November? Just saying what you don’t want to hear because it’s the truth for many.

    Ask your most fit friend their opinion of when you should get started, and they will say, “The day you start!” You don’t have to take it from us, many of you reading this don’t live in our area anyway.

    Take it from Carla, a real-life person looking to move better, feel better and have more not less energy for the holidays.

    “It can help you physically, mentally, and I encourage all my friends and family to just at least give it a try because it will help you.”

    If you decide you might be interested in visiting with a functional aging specialist near you, then follow this link for more information. http://bit.ly/2OApmld​ 

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