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  1. Has life ever done THIS to you?

    A young entrepreneur celebrated his success by buying himself a brand-new luxury car, which he proudly drove one afternoon down a neighborhood street.

    He loved the way the upholstery felt, the grip of the steering wheel, and even the sound system.

    Up ahead, he noticed a small boy darting out into the street from between parked cars, waving his hands. The businessman was annoyed, and he slowed down a bit to avoid hitting the boy, but didn’t stop.

    Then he heard a brick smash into his car door. He slammed on the brakes and backed up to the spot from which the brick had been thrown. He jumped out of his car.

    “Why did you do that to my car? Why did you throw that brick?” he yelled at the boy.

    The boy had tears rolling down his face. “I am sorry, sir, but I didn’t know what else to do. No one would stop.”

    “It’s my brother,” he said, pointing between the parked cars. “He rolled off the curb and fell out of his wheelchair, and he’s hurt. I can’t lift him up by myself.”

    The man immediately felt taken aback, and hurried to the spot where the injured boy lay.

    He carefully picked up the boy and put him back in his wheelchair and made sure both boys were OK.  He stood there watching as the little boy pushed his brother’s wheelchair down the sidewalk as they made their way home.

    When he got back to his car, he looked at the dent in his door. It was long ride home, as he couldn’t get the encounter out of his mind.

    He never bothered to get the dent repaired, to remind himself of the message he took away from the encounter:

    “Do not go through life so fast that someone (or something) has to throw a brick at you to get your attention.”

    Has life ever thrown bricks at you, when you weren’t paying attention?

    This story is a good reminder to slow down and notice the people, relationships and things in your life that deserve your focus and attention!

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