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  1. Harvey’s Labor Day Gift


    LOOK what just came in the mail today!

    “Harvey’s Labor Day Gift” of Love event that was offered by Dianne Bailey​ from Denver, CO.

    Our team of Fitness Professionals are part of a national group of Functional Aging Specialist Masterminds from across the nation who come together several times a year to hone what we do for the 50+ year old clients in our care.

    Look what one of my peers, Dianne Bailey, owner of the Conditioning Classroom in Denver, CO did as Hurricane relief for our area.​​

    Here is the email she sent out to her Tai Chi mailing list on August 29th. The contribution exceeds $1000 and I’m headed to the church now to make the delivery.

    This is worth the read!



    It was just 4 weeks ago that I was in Texas doing self-defense seminars and introductory Tai Chi classes for Jackie Bachmeier in Houston and Lisa Grace Wright in Corpus Christi.

    I had the awesome experience of doing the Tai Chi short form in the All Saints Episcopal Church on their labyrinth floor. Here is a picture of that day

    Enter Harvey. No, not the invisible rabbit . . . but the devastating hurricane that hit southeast Texas like no other hurricane in the past.

    Fortunately, my friends’ homes and studios were spared, but I’m sure you have seen the incredible pictures of flooding and destruction that Harvey has caused.

    We all want to help. As Lisa and I talked on Monday, she expressed the feeling of helplessness that the storm leaves people with. I responded with an agreement, that we too, even outside of Harvey’s influence, feel helpless to respond. I told her, “I have beautiful, sunny skies here that I want to send to you . . . but I can’t.”

    But there is something we can do to help. The church in which I just completed a very important self-defense class, and was able to show you their beautiful labyrinth floor with the Tai Chi form, has created a fund to help their neighbors in South Texas move forward and rebuild after Harvey.

    100% of funds raised will go to the people in Texas who need it. These are “boots on the ground” neighbors who will be overseeing how the funds are distributed to make sure the families who need help will receive our help.

    We can help these people . . . using our Tai Chi. Here’s how it works:

    Commit to a 30 minute time slot to work on your Tai Chi form over the Labor Day weekend. It’s a Tai Chi Marathon of sorts. We will not have classes on Monday. But you can still practice your Tai Chi, and do some good for people who need you. People you may never meet. But they are people who will appreciate your dedication to Tai Chi because it will help them move forward in everyday life.

    With your registration, we will ask you to do 3 things: Practice your form for 30 minutes wherever you are. Contribute $10 for your participation. Find at least one sponsor for your 30 minute time slot at $30. $30 for your 30 minutes of Tai Chi.

    You see, we will do a “Tai Chi Marathon” and have a committed weekend with everyone doing the Tai Chi form in 30 minute time slots. Texas will feel our healing touch! Figure out your best time to do your practice and commit to it!

    Tai Chi is “movement meditation.” I want you to meditate about healing the South Texas region. I want you to spend your 30 minutes thinking about, praying about the region that Harvey decided to hit. And doing your Tai Chi form. It really is movement meditation!

    Join us for this fund raising event. Checks can be made out to All Saints Episcopal Church and sent to The Conditioning Classroom 9034 E. Easter Pl., #100, Centennial, CO 80112. We will make sure that all donations will go directly to those affected by this devastating storm.

    If you do not know Tai Chi and would like to contribute, please feel free to use 30 minutes of your time to meditate/pray for Texas and use your time to ask for contributions to our funds with the All Saints Episcopal Church. It is well worth our time over Labor Day weekend.

    Dianne Bailey, CSCS, FAS, CTCI
    Open the Door to Tai Chi

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