Greg is aging backward at 70!

Functional Aging

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  1. Greg is aging backward at 70!

    We are still in January, and yet some of you have already fallen off the wagon and given up on your New Years resolutions. Well, guess what, you’re not alone. That is why it is important to be working with a Functional Aging Specialist.

    Not only does a Functional Aging Specialist give you the motivation you need but they also hold you accountable and give you the safest but most effective workouts possible. Greg Kiel at 71, has been working with a Functional Aging Specialist for almost three years and has noticed a huge change in his life.

    “I’ve benefited training with a functional aging specialist at YPB by feeling a lot more fit. By exercising, I have more energy, and I feel like I’m starting a new era in my life now that I’m in my 70s.”   – Greg K. 71

    Hear Greg’s full testimonial here –

    Getting Back Up

    The hardest part about starting a fitness journey is trying to get your fitness rocket off the ground and going again.

    As we mentioned in Tuesday’s newsletter, food cravings are all around us making it difficult to stay with our resolutions, but if you’ve fallen, you can get back up. The best way to get back on track and stay on track is by surrounding yourself with people who have the same mindset toward eating well and active aging as you do.

    Create a strong negative association with unhealthy habits and a strong positive association with healthy habits for you to fight off those urges and stay on track.

    You can still make this year YOUR year! It is never too early to start exercising and its also never too late to start either. Greg has always been active, but he has new motivation and energy to keep going that is priceless.

    “The trainers are very adept to understanding your physical ailments, if you have any, and working around them to help you feel fit and better.” – Greg

    What will you do to get on and stay on your fitness wagon in 2019? Might a functional aging specialist be able to help you with this for 7 or say 11+ months?

    I bet we can find a spot for you for less than $7.50 per day. Exercise is a good habit that could replace a daily pack of cigarettes, alcoholic beverage or fast food and save your $100’s of dollars in sickness over the long haul. You know what I’m saying is true!

    Call us today to learn to play and have fun again. Call it “recess” if you hate to exercise. 😉

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