Gift Guide: Keep Your Sweetie Sweating

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  1. Gift Guide: Keep Your Sweetie Sweating


    Regarding Valentine’s Day gifts, anybody can come with a box of chocolates and red wine.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with either one! But… wouldn’t you be showing a more supportive love with a fitness-related gift to keep your sweetie encouraged?

    Here are a few ideas to get you thinking in the right direction!

    1. The Etsy artisans have many clever, unique gifts, and you can personalize many. Enter the rabbit hole here.
    2. Put together a gift basket of healthy snacks and supplements that match your beloved’s diet or lifestyle. This could be a ton of fun to put together.
    3. A water bottle that also stores phones, keys, wallets, etc.
    4. A couples massage – or massage oil to use at home.
    5. Sexy nightwear. From silky lingerie to plain white boxers, the options are endless.
    6. An upgrade at the gym. Get your S.O. a session, or several, with a trainer, for example.
    7. Order a big bunch of healthy fruit, starting with Edible Arrangements. They have some beautiful Valentine’s Day packages.
    8. Standbys, like leggings, socks, or a new yoga mat.

    And finally, a gift that costs nothing: Your support and encouragement. Nothing says “I love you” more than “Let’s stay healthy for each other.” If your partner is fit or trying to get started, offer support.

    If you and your significant partner want to join a gym filled with like-minded peers who will offer extra support in your health and fitness journey, try our 21-Day Strength and Longevity Program, and one of our functional aging experts will assist you in reaching your fitness goals.


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