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  1. Get EXCITED About Aging

    Add 10 years to your life by planning for your future now.

    How many more good years do we need?

    As the years march on, many of us may find ourselves wondering how many years we might have left. We may try to avoid these thoughts, but who hasn’t – at some point – speculated about “what percent” of their life they’ve lived?

    The truth is there are no guarantees and we never really know how many years are still ahead. But what if we could shift the focus of those thoughts? Instead of focusing on how much time we hope to have, what if we put our energy into figuring out what kind of time we’d like to have left?

    Unlike the number of years, the quality of those years is something we have some control over. And the best part? It’s never too late to get started!

    Age is more than a number

    Consider Denise and her high school reunion. Looking at life from age 53, she resolved to take action when noticing changes she didn’t like. Denise was shocked when she attended her 35th high school reunion. The transformation of some of her classmates was hard to believe. She’d been watching their steady decline every five years, but this time, it was dramatic – many looked old beyond their years.

    Because she knew she had a choice, the first thing she did when she got home was make a list of all the things she still wanted to do and see in her life. She reached out to a personal trainer certified in functional fitness, which focuses on your physical health within the bigger picture.

    It was not just about looks for Denise anymore; she also wanted a fitness program with concern for how you move and feel for years to come. Her trainer created a training plan that targeted her specific needs from a holistic approach. Six months later, she was able to cross the first place off her bucket list when she returned from hiking the Grand Canyon.

    Planning for your future

    What about you? Have you done the math for your life, your family and your goals? How many more years do you need? What’s on your bucket list, and what will it take for you to be healthy, strong and fit enough to do it? The time to start planning for the future is now. To do this, it helps to consider your physical abilities in terms of what you need to do, like to do and want to do.

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