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  1. Gerry D. Success Story

    Gerry DeCesaro, February Client Success Story

    I am so excited to offer my cycling friend; Gerry Decesaro’s success story. Gerry allowed me to do his stats on Memorial Day of 2011 and to give him some nutritional advice. All these months later, Gerry has dropped over 43 pounds and many inches. He can “pull” me again when we cycle and our whole cycling community is so proud of him.  Gerry is continuing his journey by participating in our Fitness at Home program .

    Gerry’s Fitness Questionnaire

    1.Name: Gerry DeCesaro

    Age: 64

    Occupation:  Process Engineer/Project Manager

    How long have you lived in Corpus Christi? 24 yrs

    Are you married? Yes

    Do you have children?   Joe 33 and Matt 31

    2. Before your transformation, please describe (in detail) your typical day’s eating: Taco or sweet roll for breakfast.  If doughnuts etc. are brought to work, I would have one in addition to breakfast.  I went out to lunch and had hamburger with fries or barbecue plate or a three enchilada plate.  Dinner would be meat, potatoes or rice and maybe vegetables.  I would frequently have seconds followed by a dessert.  I also usually had some chips/Cheetos in evening

    3. Please describe how you eat now

    • Breakfast at 6 AM – Egg with toast or a Jimmy Dean egg sandwich.
    • Morning mid meal at 9 AM – Cheese and apple
    • Lunch at 11:30 AM – Sandwich with a lunch meat and cheese
    • Afternoon mid meal at 3 PM – Protein bar or drink
    • Dinner at 6 PM – Meat, potato or rice and vegetable or small salad with smaller portions.
    • Evening at 9 PM – Apple or orange and cottage cheese.

    4. What is your favorite healthy meal? Either of the typical breakfasts or a green chicken enchilada meal from Eating for Life

    5. What is your favorite “free day” food? I have not done many free days but it is a Mexican lunch or barbeque plate.

    6. Toughest eating obstacle to overcome? Avoiding the desserts that the family usually has around.  Sometimes avoiding the doughnuts, etc at work is tough but with the six small meals I do not feel hungry very often which makes it easier to resist them.

    7. Current exercise routine. Bicycle riding 4 times per week and walking the dogs 5-7 nights a week.  During winter the bicycling is 2-3 times per week.  Have started doing some sit ups and push ups 2-3 times per week.

    8. Favorite benefit of this healthier lifestyle. Having more energy and not getting tired as easily

    9. Why do you exercise? I wanted to lose weight.  In 1984 and I did lose a lot of weight.  I tried to start running for exercise but did not like it so I bought a bike.  I discovered I enjoyed cycling a lot and have used it to try to control weight.  I also have a family history of heart disease and hoped the exercise would reduce the risk of heart disease.

    10. Who is your workout buddy? I did not have one until 4-5 years ago when I hooked up with Janet’s cycling group.

    11. How long have you exercised regularly? 27-28 years

    12. What is your must-have piece of gear? Bicycle

    13. What is your health and fitness advice? Find an exercise that is fun for you, so you will stick with it.  Hopefully, exercising and eating right will keep you healthy so you can enjoy strenuous activities as you age.

    14. What is your best health or fitness achievement? Losing the 43 pounds

    15. What is your current health or fitness goal? To keep exercising and eating right so that I can maintain my health and not regain the weight I lost.

    16. What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym or otherwise exercising? I do not go to a gym.  I used to go, but found it boring

    17. What sport would you like to try? None that I want to start now.  I sometimes wish I could play basketball again as I enjoyed it.  It is to rough on my body now.

    18. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to eating right or exercising? It is not a challenge to exercise as I am doing something I enjoy.  Eating right is not too difficult with the six small meals a day.  Sometimes I would like to eat more desserts/sweets.

    19. How would you spend $100 earmarked for health and fitness? Upgrading my pedals and riding shoes.  Need more money than $100 to do that.

    20. What is your most embarrassing exercising moment? Probably the couple of times that I have fallen with my bike when I was standing still.  I did this one time in the Furniture Row parking lot and the whole group saw it.

    21. What do you think is the best benefit of exercising and/or eating right? Feeling more energetic and better about the way I look.

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