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  1. Diary of a Successful Client!

    Valerie is one of our extraordinary clients because of her mind set, determination and discipline. I honestly could not let another month go by without sharing some of her Facebook posts with you.

    In her mid-50’s with physical complications that had caused considerable weight gain, she had had enough and took us up on a special offer to give us a try.

    Valerie gave me permission to share her private posts with you from a couple of our Facebook​ challenge groups in hopes that it will motivate you or someone you love.

    New Year’s 6-Week Transformation Challenge 

    1/25- “Getting my walk on at La Palmera Mall!”

    1/28 – “Stuck to the diet exactly and drank over 100 Oz. of water daily! Food was totally amazing! I’m feeling great! Bring on week 2!!!!”

    2/7- “I don’t have an outfit to fit into as I have been big for years but I DO have clothes that are getting too big for me so that’s just as good. I do think it would be good to get something I really like in the size I would like to be and work towards it.

    Oh, and those clothes I can’t wear anymore I’m getting rid of. Why keep them? I’m not looking back.”

    2/8- “I love the Olympics! I am keeping my water by my side and going to bring some hand weights in the living room to work out with while watching.”

    2/9- “Well, week three weigh in was interesting. My weight was the exact same as last week but I did lose 1.7 lbs. of body fat which was encouraging … I am OK with the results. Bring on week four!”

    2/11- (to another struggling client in her challenge group) “… I trust you are feeling better. There will always be setbacks but we just gotta get up and get back headed the right direction. You got this!”

    “Well, week three ends tonight. My win was I lost body fat.  I stuck by the book on eating and work outs. I walk three other days of the week but going to try and find time this next week to work out on the three days that I walk as well.  Bring on week 4!”

    2/28- “Was expecting better results for myself but I have two more weeks to get something done. Congrats to everyone! Keep working hard and keep your chin up. I plan on it!”

    2/23- “A pictures worth a thousand words!”

    “My weekly win was I was able to get into a dress one size smaller! Whoop! Whoop!”

    2/26 “This big guy motivates me every time I walk by him on my walks at the mall. Lol!”

    2/28- “Doing my best and trusting God for the rest!”

    3/2- “Wasn’t going to post a win for the week cause I didn’t feel I had one. Missed one workout because of some tests on my kidneys. Missed three meals as well because of it.

    Gained weight and fat as well but I changed my mind. I just finished mowing the front lawn at a fast non-stop pace and am not winded in the least. Yay me!”

    “Seriously though, everyone who participated is a winner. Took a lot of discipline and a lot of effort to get out there and go the extra mile and plan all those delicious meals. So cheers to you all! See you at the next challenge!”

    YPB Little Black Dress Project (Now in Progress)

    4/8- “My goals for this next challenge are …

    #1 to lose body fat. This is one of the areas I was not at all successful with at the last challenge and I’m not too sure how measurable or smart of this kind of loss would be but let’s say 3-5 lbs.

    #2 I want to lose weight but in a way that is healthy I think ten pounds is attainable with a lot of hard work put into it.

    #3 I would like to see some inches off my waist upper arms and thighs. I’m not sure what a reasonable or realistic goal would be for me on this one but an inch would be nice …

    I would also like to see some much needed strength in my arms to where I can do more than two or three push-ups. It’s important to see progress of any kind honestly. It’s a motivating factor to me knowing that I can achieve just about anything with some hard work. I am sticking by the book and going to work extra hard to reach these goals.”

    Her Exercise Routine

    Valerie walks four miles on three days of the week (often at La Palmera Mall)

    When she’s not doing functional fitness workouts at our studio you might find her doing some personal 30 day challenges at home that she’s added to her routine besides walking.

    “I know I will feel much better when these six weeks are up and be motivated to do more. Any great work takes time and I’m just one of the works in progress.

    Thank You Lisa for all your time and investment in us.”

    P.S. 4/12- “Lying on the couch watching my hubby eat a bowl of chocolate peanut butter cookie dough ice cream (chocolate and peanut butter being two of my favorites) and he finally looks up at me walks over and gets a spoon full of ice cream as to give it to me and I’m like no thank you I’m fine. He says are you sure and I’m like I sure am.  Go me!

    Oh, by the way I didn’t buy the ice cream. I was sick at home and didn’t make it to church but he went to the store and got it himself. Lol! He did get me a couple of apples. ;)”

    P.S.S. “It’s all about the journey and the friends you make along the way. That’s why I love these challenges.”

    ~ Valerie​

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