Decision brought Client AMAZING Results … in ONLY 7 Weeks!

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  1. Decision brought Client AMAZING Results … in ONLY 7 Weeks!

    I just love telling my readers about our clients who do really committed things and receive amazing results!

    On October 19th, YPB hosted a 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge inviting only new clients to participate. The contest took place over Thanksgiving week so I even threw in a BONUS 7th week to help offset the holiday temptations.

    Amy Seward was one of 18 clients who signed up for the challenge. In the end, with AMAZING results, she won over $500 worth of health and fitness related prizes.

    Amy’s Story

    Amy and her family are active. For their 30th wedding anniversary last year, they went to Puerto Rico with both grown children and their families. They spent this vacation on the beach, fishing, hiking in the rain forest and zip lining.

    Referred to YPB by her brother, Amy has been a subscriber to my weekly newsletters for several months and her interest was piqued when the 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge was offered.

    “Jerry had been telling me about your studio and the transformation seemed like the perfect amount of time to give it a try (not to mention the 30 minute workouts were very luring)”

    Challenges before YPB

    “There was a time when the children were younger that it seemed like it was all work and home and no time for ‘me’. Workouts were definitely placed on the back burner, trying to keep everything else balanced.”

    “Gravity and eyesight are the first and foremost challenges of aging for me. Then, it’d be the ease with which various tasks are accomplished.”

    Results with YPB

    “Regular exercise seems to make me feel better both on the inside and outside. Feeling better, makes me watch what I eat which then causes my waist to react in a positive way. The input of good nutrition makes me workout that much better and the cycle continues for positive results.”

    Amy’s 6(7) week routine consisted of the following:

    • 3 x 30 minute workouts at YPB in a small group of 6 people
    • Cardio 6 to 7 times per week for normally 45 minutes at home
    • Diet/nutrition as per guidelines using a Meal and Activity Planner initially set up at YPB – staying within the ‘black’ parameters for protein, carbs and fat about 95% of the time during the transformation period.

    Check out her amazing RESULTS in ONLY 7 weeks …

    • 25.5 scale weight reduction
    • 3.25″ waist loss
    • 7.8% body composition reduction
    • 24.12 lbs fat loss

    Amy is committed and has made another DECISION to a year with YPB, training 5 early mornings per week with determination to completely reach her desired body composition.

    “By far, the effectiveness of the 30 minute training sessions at YPB is top on my list. It amazes me how 3 little exercises for 30 seconds each x 3 sets with cardio in between can have such massive results.”

    “Though we have a nice little gym and cardio equipment at our house, the group workouts and trainers help give the extra push the home workout cannot replicate. The variety of the exercises also help the workouts stay fresh.”

    BE Motivated, MAKE a Decision

    Imagine getting a great workout in only 30 minutes 3 x per week with professionals, another 45 min of moderate cardio in the comfort of your own home and a MAP System for designing your own diet?

    Imagine even half the results, Amy received, in just 21 days using the special in the back of my new book for only $97. I want to be your health and fitness “go-to” facility. Give me a call TODAY 361-549-4604.

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