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  1. Cindy M. Success Story

    I chose Cindy Mathis to be our newest client success story because, like many of us, getting the nutrition “RIGHT” was the hardest part and the last piece of the puzzle for her!

    Cindy joined our studio in September of 2009 and has worked hard at her fitness goals with us. She put on all the muscle and lost over 5″ in the first 6 months which in turn “revved” up her metabolism. Her scale weight wasn’t moving but she was definitely getting results! Clients by nature will get discouraged when the scale weight doesn’t move.

    Determined to reach her fitness goals by her last BIG birthday, Cindy honed in on her nutrition and discovered the balance of calories in/calories out. Cindy has asked all the right questions and patiently approaches her fitness with fierce determination. By fully embracing Right Nutrition, Moderate Aerobic Exercise and a Concern for Muscle, Cindy is a walking testimony to not having to live with a muffin top and love handles!

    We believe Cindy walks her life with a sense of humor, just read her journey below. Congratulate her when you see her; she is truly an inspiration!

    We love you!

    ~ Lisa & Terry

    Name: Cynthia A. Mathis (Cindy)
    Age: 50
    Occupation: Stay at home grandma, bookkeeper for my husband’s business
    How long have you lived in Corpus Christi?: Since 1965 I was born here, moved away for a short time then got back here as soon as I could.
    Are you married?: Yes, to my wonderful husband James for the last 32 years.
    Do you have children?: Debbie, 29, her husband Travis, 30 and their two children, Joslynn, 5 and Jackson, 4, Crystal, 27 and my son Aaron, 23.

    PERSONAL TRAINER: Currently trains with Terry Cobb
    ORIGINAL FITNESS GOAL: Get rid of mushroom top and love handles


    • CINDY has lost just over 24 pounds of total scale weight reaching her goal of weighing 125.
    • Reduced her body composition by 9.39%
    • Gained over 8 pounds of muscle which in turn has helped her burn off the fat in her muffin top and love handles!
    • Lost just under 20 pounds of body fat!
    • Cindy lost 17.5 inches from all over her body completely changing her shape!
    • Her new body composition is considered “heart healthy” by the American Heart Association at almost 25%

    CURRENT HEALTH OR FITNESS GOAL: To maintain just under her 125 pound heart healthy goal to give her a little “wiggle room” for vacations, etc…

    Q&A with Cindy Mathis

    1. What is your fitness routine? Weight training twice a week, Pilates three days a week and yoga twice a week.
    2. Who is your role model? I guess my biggest role model is one of my team members on my bowling league, Alice. She is 79 years old, bowls 3 times a week and is one of the most active women I know. She has so much energy and is my grandson’s favorite playmate. I want to still be that active and healthy and diabetes free when I’m her age and beyond.
    3. Why do you exercise? Several family members have diabetes & cholesterol problems. I won’t give in to a very preventable condition if I can help it. I love to exercise, but never knew what exercises I should do to get the most out of it. Now I have the guidance I need.
    4. Who is your workout buddy? I wish I had one, most of my friends work, and I baby sit on weekdays, so I have no one to share my workouts with.
    5. How long have you exercised regularly? Off and on for about the last 20 years.
    6. What is your favorite health food? Cinnamon Almonds, it cures my sweet tooth without wrecking my entire day.
    7. What is your favorite indulgence? Butterfinger Blizzard, and once a month massages. What is your must-have piece of gear? I guess that would be my workout gloves, gotta keep the hands soft.
    8. What is your health and fitness advice? Find something you enjoy and stick with it. There are so many fun ways to stay in shape now there is no excuse not to. And remember that what you do today effects the rest of your life, and possibly your children’s, so do something positive and life changing for the better.
    9. What is your best health or fitness achievement? To get my BMI below 25, I think I’ve finally done it. Yeah me!
    10. What is your current health or fitness goal? To be able to maintain my weight and muscle mass. I would love to be able to say 10 years down the road that I’m still in the best shape I’ve ever been in.
    11. What is your biggest pet peeve at the gym? People who pay to have a personal trainer and then complain that they are sore because their trainer pushed them to hard. I love being pushed, that’s why I’m there.
    12. What sport would you like to try? Bicycling, I’m not a good swimmer but I’ve always loved to ride my bike.
    13. What is your favorite health or fitness book/cookbook? Eating For Life. I’m not much of a cook, but the recipes in this book are so simple you don’t have to do much.
    14. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to eating right or working out? My husband. He is my biggest set back. He can eat just about anything and stay relatively thin, so he does not understand that if I even look at something sweet I can gain 10 pounds, and if I don’t get to the gym I gain.
    15. How would you spend $100 earmarked for health and fitness? I would buy more training sessions. Or better yet give it to my daughter so she could join me at the gym.
    16. What is the most exotic locale where you have worked out? I have to say not very many places except the gym, but one of my trainers had me do my entire workout in the ditch across from the gym one beautiful sunny day, and I really enjoyed it.
    17. What music do you listen to while working out? I love country music but not to workout to. I’m not real picky about my workout music, I listen to just about everything.
    18. What is your most embarrassing workout moment? I really hate to say this one! One of my trainers was helping me do a pull up a while ago, and I basically farted in his face. I wanted to just crawl into a hole. But he took it in stride and just kept on pushing me. I told my daughter about this and she said, “Mother, how could you do that?” Like I could really control it.
    19. What has been your strangest workout experience? A yoga seminar with Bekir Algin. I learned a lot but he is a really strange man.
    20. What do you think is the best benefit of working out or eating right? To keep mind and body healthy. My father-in-law is 89 years old, and until about two year ago when he started showing signs of dementia was one of the healthiest and sharpest minded people I knew until he stopped being active. I do not want to let that happen to me. There are so many studies that prove that you can control how you age, that I believe your destiny is in your hands.

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