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  1. A Personal Sharing…

    I woke up in a funk. Can’t even believe I’m just blurting this out to you.

    I prefer to stay positive, motivating and encouraging for you by writing inspiring fitness articles, giving you some great tips, recipes, and inspiring client testimonials. Today, I feel the need to be perfectly honest; it’s not always rosy inside my head.

    Also, I want to justify why I am feeling the way I feel as if somehow if I can define it, I will feel better even though I don’t even know what IT is! Maybe it’s because my husband just came home from being gone for several days and I LIKE the house to myself, maybe it’s because one of the dogs peed on my carpet while I was training early this morning or hormones because I just turned 58.

    I have no idea why I am feeling the way I am feeling, does this ever happen to you?

    The Artist’s Way

    I know this seems like a random switch of the subject and I promise to try and bring it all together at the end of this sharing.

    The Artist’s Way is a book I’ve been reading since last summer. It’s designed to be read in 12 weeks, somewhat as a workbook, and my inner child artist has just been too suppressed to read it that fast. So, I more or less take a bubble bath in it (soak it up) and let its lessons unfold in me before moving on to the next chapter.

    One exercise in the book is called Morning Pages.

    Every morning I write up to 3 pages of randomness in my journal. About half of the writing is ranting about whatever comes to mind, and when my mind runs dry a funny thing starts to happen, I seem to have nothing left to say.  I know, you’re laughing right now at the thought of me not having anything to say!

    So, I start fidgeting… it’s as if my brain cannot stand not having something to write down anymore. At this point, I take in a deep breath and turn my attention to my heart center resting there until the next thing I’m supposed to write wells up.

    And, well up it does, usually in the form of emotion. Julia Cameron, the author, calls this pay dirt. I’ve heard this expression before and still, had to look it up. Yes, “pay dirt” – something very valuable or very useful that’s found after searching or effort.

    I would even call it getting real! A place we may not tend to want to go because of the emotions it can evoke. It’s a healing place, and while I cannot make pay dirt happen, when it does happen I feel better afterward.


    …is another exercise in the Artist’s Way that invites weekly reflection on those moments in my life where perhaps a prayer, or a desire, was answered.  Synchronicity is what brings me to tie this all together for you.

    End of my story

    The day before yesterday a struggling, missing in action client sent me the following text, and we had quite the exchange with each other.

    C: I am ready to get at it again Lisa! I won’t let “this” (self-sabotage) happen again… I am so sorry!

    ME: Go easy on yourself! Maybe consider progress, not perfection. I have to do it this way, or I beat up on myself. Easy does it!

    C: Thanks, Lisa… I think the high BMI was a little discouraging and the “self-destructor response” took over and I let it… There was some “damage done” aka extra lbs, but I am ready to do the work.

    ME: You’re learning a different way, sometimes our bodies are just slow to respond. I’m glad you’re feeling better. How can I help you take the emphasis off weight loss and on to the so many other good things about regular exercise?

    C: Oh Lisa! Having always struggled with self-esteem/food addiction/weight issues losing weight has been the driving force to get me moving! I would not even know where to start! Any suggestions?

    ME:  1. Consistency and keep it simple whatever IT is.  2. Keep your mind focused on where your feet are. Mostly meaning stay in the moment instead of worrying about the past or the future.  3. Do the next right thing for yourself, whether that is taking a shower, eating healthy, going to bed at a decent hour, etc.  4. Keep your appointments whatever they are.  Do what’s necessary, in-the-moment one day at a time putting the outcome in God’s hands

    C: Yes!! Print & Save.

    ME: Lol! (heart emoji)

    Twenty-four hours later,  I was vamping BIG TIME regarding the funk I was having, and I wrote it down all over my morning pages. I remembered to ask my Higher Power to give me a different view of something that I was obsessing about, to change my attitude and give me a new perspective.

    I heard my phone knock (the sound it makes when someone sends me a text). I already told you how fidgety I can get after ranting, trying to be still so I can hear the pay dirt when it rises? The phone knocking won and I read another text from the same client the day before.

    C: Good morning Lisa!! I typed up your advice, and I am planning to read it before starting the day!

    ME: Wow! I always want to share what you put together in images and send to me. May I?

    C: Oh of course!!!Thank YOU for sharing your wisdom with me!!

    ME: You gave me straight back what I needed to hear this AM. I am sitting in my comfy chair in a funk. I asked the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ to give me a different view and a new perspective and BAM! Here came your text and the image saying back to me what I gave to you yesterday. It is truly in giving that we receive. My heart cracked open with joy and laughter! I love you, so grateful you are in my life!

    C: Omg Lisa! That YOU aka “Superwoman” said THAT to “me”??!!! Lol! It has to be God’s plan… but I can tell you, Lisa, YOU are an example to follow, and I am truly grateful for your life!! Big hug!

    This exchange was so many things all in one Divine moment. Because this was truly not of me but the synchronicity of turning it over to a Power greater than me that I felt the need to capture the moment and share it with others.

    Take what you liked and leave the rest!

    P.S. I did follow this text exchange with doing the next right thing. I made me a BIG ‘OLE Keto waffle with a fried egg in butter, slices of avocado and sea salt. Comfort food for someone who is a nut about health. The recipe is here – http://bit.ly/2FXbj9z​​​

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